World of Warships Shiptage | Yodo Edition

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I’m Yodo, the only ship of the Yodo-class light cruisers. I was designed to lead torpedo squadrons into battle but I never saw any actual combat. As a special prototype ship, there are many things that I am still unfamiliar with so I will put my trust in you Commander.

00:00 Rushing Is Too Scary
02:22 Dodge This You Filthy Casual
03:56 My Disappointment Is Immeasurable, And My Day Is Ruined
05:58 Look At Me, I’m The Destroyer Now
10:15 Danke Danke

Quick Review of Yodo:
She will be the closest thing to ever playing the Kitakami.


Used art in thumbnail

Hitori Gotoh


Used art in transition

Azur Lane – Start Building! (The Real Thing)


Used BGM

Muji-Muji Chaos!


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  1. oh my the legend is back!

  2. Oh captain, we missed you.
    Late happy New year o/

  3. Torp cruiser is so much fun

  4. Welcome back CAPTAIN 🧑‍✈️⚓

  5. It’s always nice to see you uploading ^^

  6. Good to see Sera back!

  7. Nice! Looking forward to more vids!

  8. Bocchi. I love Bocchi. Bocchi is my life.

  9. Welcome back. Seems like Bocchi is the new waifu this time around

  10. Ah yes, Bocchi🙂……………….. and again a great video.

  11. Top tier editing

  12. Welcome back legend!

  13. isn’t the YODO branch supposed to have no AP damage, only HE damage?

    • It has bad DPM, but it has pretty decent AP alpha potential if you get to within ~6 km of paper ships like Smolensk and Mino. You’re probably better off using HE in every other circumstance

  14. The release of Bocchi was good for AniMemes, that’s for sure.

  15. Sera is back 😀 ….looking forward to more videos and montages

  16. Nuka World Overboss

    Die arme Yamato
    Muste wieder durch Torpedos ihr Leben lassen 😔


  18. The Legend returned when we needed hik the most

  19. Thank you for your lovely and fun videos! It’s good to see you back!

  20. Wunderschön ! Ich freue mich das du zurück bist !

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