World of Warships – Shocking

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In todays video we have a compilation of events too disgusting, too revolting, too downright shocking to be seen by the viewing public. Until now!

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  1. John Asbjørn Innvær

    Hi I wish I got my Jingles captain

  2. Well only 1 400 000 subs left,hopefully it wont take another 6 years to get there.

    • Kuba Zetek if we all set up 3 more Oooooo-tube accounts each we can promote the Gallant Rear Admiral to……. er……. Captain?!

  3. A Man of Culture

    My body is ready, take me daddy

    Dear god please let this comment be lost to the archives.

  4. The tog platoon of world of warships, 3 lyons

  5. We can’t repel firepower of that magnitude!

  6. Darkness Nighthingale

    Triple LYON? No Jingles. Triple YAMATO division.

    • Triple Yamato, everyone with the aiming module and legendary upgrade. Think about it the Yamato is already one of the most accurate battleships in WoWS, now buff the dispersion. 27 18-inch shells hitting the same target at the same time from 20+ km away.

    • Anyone being the target of 27 18 inch shells will probably not only be sunk in that game, but in the next two matches as well.

    • The last part was just hilarious, glorious and shameful at the same time xD

    • Done it , but it was before the recent patch.

    • Oh boy. The problem is though, the Des Moines is not that durable.

      Though, I suppose the enemy can’t kill you if they’re dead.

  7. 10:37 say it with me folks

  8. >No signals
    >No camo
    >Stock consumables
    Complains about weekend ._.

  9. I was shitting bricks watching those Lyons, literally I’m in the loo.

  10. The Jingles gloating creepy laughing during the Lyon abuse of the opposing team… is JUST soooooo Jingles… Please never change!!

  11. Next Shimekaze coordinated torpedo attacks.

    Oh the nightmare of facing 45 torp wall of skill.

  12. That Triple Lyon division was disgusting, almost as bad as a Triple Tog II platoon.

  13. 10:39 Maximum paddlin’ achieved.

  14. Damn it Jingles, You tell those Pecker Head Russians that I’ll pay $50 for a Jingles Capt.

    • Sensibly Named Person Of The Internet

      John Parrish tell them you’d pay ¢5 for each of their first born children and you’ll be able to open up an orphanage

  15. Me thinks we are being played, jingles was never going to win because he was already slated as the first rear admiral.
    If not, from the depths of the salt mines, we riot.

  16. How can anything be disgusting when it makes the mighty Gnome overlord laugh so much.

  17. As someone currently grinding through mid-tier RU ships I’d like to say thanks, Jingles. Thanks a bloody bunch. Your “don’t blame me” doesn’t cut any raspberries here, me laddio. I don’t care that you’re missing out on the captain competition, the last thing every RN ship I sink will hear is a cry of, “take that, Captain Bloody Jingles!”

    Although I do care because I was really looking forward to Captain Jingles McJingleberry. Can we start a petition to have WG add you in anyway? Internet petitions are always so successful after all …

  18. Holy mother of mercy George….

    The French might be a problem again

    • Good luck

    • Gareth Fairclough already done, chek flambass channel, it s pretty disgusting ^^

    • Gareth Fairclough How about Conqueror? But it would make more sense to coordinate the fire in a different way with the Conq. You have to fire 10 seconds apart from each other, that way every 10 seconds there is a volley coming in, guaranteeing to have the enemy at 3 or 4 permanent fires pretty quickly.

    • triple shima div? assload of torpedoes anyone? pretty sure it’s been done, but i haven’t seen it yet XD

    • oldfrend flambass did it with 20 km torps ?

  19. TheWuerstchenwasser

    Uh this reminds me of one game I played in my Yamato. The enemy team had a 3 tripple Bismarck division that came around an island 7km away from my ship, I could only see one of them first and stood my ground, noticed that he was in a div a minute later when his mates came around the corner aswell.

    Tripple divisions can be a very horrible experience if you cross their path.

    • Where they all secondary builds?

    • TheWuerstchenwasser

      Probably, I can say for sure that at least 2 of them had a 100% secondary build, because I saw them focus their secondary at one of our DDs that had been about 9,5km to 10km away when he tried to support me.

    • Got the tirpitz with 3/4 sec build. When in tier ten games when all of my tier 10 BB’s where hugging the back I went brawling. Was dead in 5 minutes but distracted their BB’s and took two thirds of the t9 ijn BB’s health.

      Stupid, I admit but at that very time effectively taking the fire fore 4 or 5 tier 10 ships

    • The story I join the clan I am in now: I was driving around in my Roon, wanting to outflank the enemy, just to run into not one, not two, but three Yamatos, all of them with the same clan tag, in the same division. Sunk one of them with flooding (just a flesh wound) and joined their clan a few games later.

  20. vv Flambass triple Lyon down the middle on two brothers…. make it so

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