World of Warships – Shokaku 0.6.3 with New Controls

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0.6.3 will introduce a alternative control scheme for Aircraft Carriers, it is similar to playing a RTS. Left click will allow for box dragging and minimap controls, Right click controls the squadrons and there isn’t any overlap on the controls. I prefer a RTS controls scheme and I check it out on Trap with the . The UI seems to be a sluggish however and I’m hoping it gets fixed before the patch goes live. Hope you enjoy the video and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Shokaku Replay


  1. The UI is still buggy, slow, and annoying to use. If this is the so called carrier overhaul, then it’s time to stay sending horse heads to beds.

  2. I thought the taking out of manual drop from tier 4/5 was due to people keeping their 19 point captains there and just seal clubbing.

  3. As far as the non-manual drops i think that it’s more a coping mechanism for lack of aa than anything

  4. The removal of manual drops on low tiers is not a fix for the problem that they described. Instead they should fix MM.

  5. Notser how are the controls responding? I found they were very clunky before not updating to rapid course corrections etc.

  6. Strike CVs need buffed health on their planes. It’s insane how easy it is to defeat them.

  7. I have Lex and Essex and I stopped using them because the select controls are so bad. There’s no way to lasso select or group planes other than shift/click/click and half the time you select them and your selection changes back to your ship and you accidently set a course to send your ship to the front lines while your planes sit and do circles over their des moines until they vaporize and you can’t select them back. It is the worst control system I have ever seen in any game going back to the 90’s. If you want to control the spread of your manual torpedoes you can pretty much forget it because by the time you set that up (even if you can) your planes have overshot the target and were all splashed. Why would any torpedo plane have such wide and unpredictable torpedo spreads in the first place? Answer, they wouldn’t and they didn’t. You should be able to pick between 3 torpedo spread presets, wide, narrow and individual like the Fiji so your planes can do multiple passes without going all the way back and rearming. If they wanted to stop seal clubbing they should cap the skills a captain can have on a tier 6 or below to something like 10 or 11 instead of 19.. There are enough stat whores in the game already bragging about their 60% win rate while playing 19 skill capt’s in tier 3 ships all day long…

  8. ill sub cuz there is 2 many of your vids in my recommended

  9. I understand that low tier players have difficulty countering carriers but how are they going to get better if carriers get hamstrung? Also carrier xp is fucked and you can only progress at a reasonable speed by dealing a fuckload of damage so if you can’t manual drop the grind is going to be real.

  10. I got the Lexington last week and I don’t really get why the US CVs are often said to be so inferior to Japanese CVs. I often enough do very well agianst the enemy CVs even when he is Japanese and competent (I use the 1 1 1 loadout.) and even shooting down more aircraft than the enemy CV with AS loadout. (I’m also no CV god or something, I’m at best very competent, but no unicum.)
    Sure, US CVs should really get more options than completely giving up fighters or torpedo bombers, but they are not unplayable.

    I can send you a replay, if you want one, Notser. But then I have to first enable replays and get such a game; so I can’t provide one immediately.

  11. Nothing has improved. The UI is still sluggish as hell. Not only that, try to actually get a drop on DDs with Autodrop, it’s freaking hard because your Planes won’t lock onto the Target. I tested it on the PTS. What a horrible Patch

  12. has anyone dealt with a cv glitch when your planes will only take one command and then you cant do anything else except for recall them

  13. when are they going to fix the damn AA?
    when ever i play against an atlanta, i loose entire squads of planes in seconds with in at least a 5km kill zone

  14. Eh, I kinda like the bouys for cap circles

  15. LoL, Alright so BB is even now more stronger? They never nerf BB AA only buffed them and haha , BB player got everything they want now, from nerf cv to decrease stealth fire, maybe sometime soon yamato is gonna ask for super heal again? GK wanna improve its dispersion? Montana want hydro also? THis is called balance ?HAHA FUCK

  16. It’s going to pass

    WG doesn’t care about the players anymore. They passed RPF, they’re going to pass the no manual drop thing for T4 and T5.

  17. Russell Bousfield

    The last kill, that last single torpedo, flood. LOL. Thanks for the heads up on controls


    I’ve not been feeling the aircraft carriers out of all classes of ships… yes, cue the ironic music given what I cover on my channel. I’ve tried them but the UI is really a pain and unless you can ace the manual drops (agree it is crazy to remove from the lower tiers) you are useless to your team. FYI: +Notser sent a biz e-mail recently in case it got lost… but know your are a busy man.

  19. finally, i can play as CV again in an RTS control!

  20. 14:50 you did start a fire, he just put it out.

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