World of Warships – Shokaku Assassins

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on Hotspot moves out with the intent to try and be as accurate as I can with my torpedoes. We get some good hits and help the team from the enemy . A couple enemy destroyers break through to try and assassinate me, I get help from a friendly Hipper. Hope this is entertaining and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Carrier Shokaku Replay


  1. Notser when is the stream today?

  2. Notser how much more XP till you get the Taiho?

  3. One thing that you need to do a lot more is strafe

  4. nice job captain hipper ?

  5. Always nice to see the game from another perspective.

  6. They threw away their destroyers .

  7. There is always a destroyer that attempts to ask a carrier out for a date.

  8. Use MANUAL fighter attack plz

  9. Hey notser what should I buy kaga or sipan which one

  10. Why concealment on captin skill?

  11. Jake van der Veen

    Man, the Mahan was really salty about you killing him

  12. just bought a t5 cv, i have barely played any of em before cause they were underpowered, but now that theyve taken out the fucking manual aim they r plain retarded

  13. do you play cv with the new method? (i mean mouse)

  14. Great job, Hipper! You’re a hero now lol

  15. need a reward for ships that assist a cv

  16. Tons of detonation these days …. :3

  17. If the lexi would have used strafe he could have killed so much more planes 😮

  18. That Hipper, I want those kinda teammates when im in trouble in a CV…

  19. hope that i have cv skill like you ?

  20. They really should add an escort reward of sorts. Escorting should be encouraged so the CV can focus on the main battle.

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