World of Warships SHOKAKU Tier 8 Carrier Suicide Squad!

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  1. สนุกมากครับ form Thailand

  2. Hey BaronVonGamez could you sometime play in the lower tiers because i want
    to play with you :D

  3. Baron BTW u press left alt and u can drop them manually with a tighter



  5. Sean Henry (WoTRush781)

    I can’t seem to be able to figure out the manu

  6. British stronk tanks are coming, prepare your anus

  7. And is Bismark tier x

  8. Paula Marie Ruiz

    Mid way class!

  9. Pls Bismark

  10. Is it just me or did they nerf XP payouts a bit with OBT compared to CBT?


    Tip: Ctrl + A selects all aircraft airborne so you don’t need to keep
    clicking each squadron when you plan to send them all to the same place
    anyway… like to the protection of your cruisers when you run like a
    screaming child from all the enemy’s fighters… Never happened to me, of
    course, but I’ve read about it. ;)

  12. M8….use SHIFT key to select more squads at once. And realy try Manual
    torps drops…lil practice and you’ll get it ;)

  13. Mega Baby Derp Zis-30!

  14. i think the essex carrier

  15. Great vid but you need to enable the team lists

  16. Yo Baron, nice vid. Just now I’ve been wondering, what are ur PC specs?
    Would this game be playable in an entry level gaming PC?

  17. hijms yamato musashi

    Maybe wargaming shall install kamikazes on high tier jap CVs(OHKAs on

    • +hijms yamato musashi For a million time, Wargaming will not add kamikaze
      options in the game, it offended Japanese players.

  18. Baron the way i avoid torpedo bombers is by throwing my ship into a
    defensive turning circle and the torpedo bombers keep having to reposition

  19. Thedancingshrimp

    1. Brings enemy planes over friendly destroyers = they get spotted and risk
    getting sunk
    2. Drops torps on ships that die before the torps get to the target
    3. Doesn’t bring a single interceptor?

  20. Thanks for the video <3

  21. Cant wait for next big update British tanks hell yeah 

  22. i know its a starter but could you take out the south caroliner?


  24. You should do heroes and generals tomorrow 

  25. 6:20 OOOOH Marbakka is getting a little bit angry at you Baron! lol
    “Dumbass” xD

  26. Hey baron, squad up with your friends! Those videos are more fun in my
    opinion :)


  28. Baron the British are coming! (British tanks)

  29. still no Phoenix!

  30. Baron with all the torpedo bombers u suicided u ran ur hanger dry of planes

  31. To me, I really don’t care what carrier I had, And what tier it is. Because
    to me, it’s all the same.

    I’d send my dive bombers first as cover for the Torpedo planes

  32. robsheffield1980

    Hey Baron, love the channel. Always good for a laugh 🙂

    Regards manual drops on torps, firstly you dont wanna really be going after
    a DD, they can easily out-turn your torps. What you want to aim for in the
    IJN CVs (and to some extent the later US CVs) is to ‘bracket’ the ships,
    one set of torps either side so that they cannot possibly avoid them.

    As someone else has mentioned, you can shift click to select groups, or you
    can click and drag all in one area, saves all the button mashing you were

  33. Baron you won’t see any bismarks of Tirpitz which are pretty much the same
    ships being controlled by players they are only AI and I think Bismark is a
    tier 7 and Tirpitz is a tier 8.

    • +scullslicer99 I was going by what I saw in a article on the world of
      warships website, I miss read the article and I know for fact that some
      ships the AI use in CO-OP battles are not all available for players to use.
      It seems odd that both the Bismark and Tirpitz are in the same teir how are
      they going to implement that into the eventually tech tree do you get to a
      battleship where you have the choice to research the Bismark or the Tirpitz
      I would believe that one would be highier than the other as the Tirpitz
      wasn’t sunk until 1944 while the Bismark was sunk in 1941 there may be
      upgrades for the Tirpitz that the Bismark wasn’t around to receive. I do
      not follow every post made on World of Warships so that does not make me
      stupid as you stated in your comment and I don’t much care for that
      attitude besides if you are one of the few that gets to test it and choose
      CO-OP battles more than likely the AI equal will be a Bismark or Tirpitz so
      my statement wasn’t complete BS. There where only two Bismark class
      battleships and I believe their Montana or Yamamoto equal will be the H
      Class as the Third Reich abandoned its naval buildup after the start of ww2
      and most development of ships at that time let alone U-Boats and destroyers.

    • +02091992able Alright i can see your not the brightest of people. The
      Bismark and Tirpitz have been added to the game for super testers for
      TESTING. Both the Bismark and the Tirpitz are tier 8 ships, considering
      they are the SAME class of ship.

  34. The best way to combat manually dropped torps is to shoot the planes down
    before they can drop them.

  35. Can’t wait until the Bismarck is out 

  36. baron,ichase gaming do some tutorial on carrier torpedo..
    maybe it will help you?


  38. Lol I’m a boss and your bombs didn’t get to me at the end my AA shot them
    out the sky haha.

  39. Play rust with argiyl

  40. HMS hood needs to be in if Bismarck is in.

    • +Darren How Then she would need to be at the lower tiers since she was
      ordered in 1916 and entered service in 1920.
      Bismarck was ordered in 1935 and entered service in 1940 so kind of
      mid-high tier

  41. turn towards the planes, always work (for cruisers, probably BBs can’t
    outmaneuver planes though..)

  42. Lmao can’t believe I’m in this video good play Baron

  43. Sternenruferin Patchouli

    it costs 30 bucks! but ill buy BISMARCK

  44. Sternenruferin Patchouli

    do you germans if they come?? BISMARCK???? its coming next patch for paying

  45. Flying TorpeduZ

  46. Baron don’t forget that you can press Ctrl+A to select all of your planes
    at once! It makes moving your deathball of planes much easier. ;)

  47. God wish Carrier players would fucking stop luring enemy planes to friendly
    destroyers in hopes of AA cover THE DD’s ARE TRYING TO STAY HIDDEN! Don’t
    bring the fucking planes to spot them!

  48. i want to get into carriers but the whole RTS thing is intimidating lol

  49. Tristen Toulouse

    Pensacola please attempt 8…..

  50. how do you manually drop the torps

  51. first

  52. Manual aiming the torps really isn’t that hard, and you can do a lot of
    damage with it.

    What i do if i want to evade the torp bombers if i’m playing let’s say a
    cruiser, i just keep steering towards them. They won’t drop because they
    want to hit your side, and if they still drop, you can easily go through

    For a BB this is of course a lot harder, especially if you have a slow one.
    If you play the carrier, go for BB’s which are busy in a fight or
    manouvring between islands.

  53. I wonder if they’ll add like legit kamikazes o-o

  54. War spite please!! Give the UK some time in the spotlight 

  55. Looks like a lot of time and effort was wasted trying to get the last shots
    and the kill on boats that were already doomed to die at the hands of

  56. How do you fight the torpedo bombers? You don’t… just pray that the
    carrier will get dc xD

    • +Nanael OverLock​ When you got into a random match, asking them for help,
      but don’t expect them to help you. If they help, then that’s good. But if
      they ignore, or outright refuse, then begin planning your move as if you
      are a last person alive on your team.

      In battleship, always be aware of your surrounding ( or at least keep your
      eye on the mini map, and turn your ship away or into those bomber if they
      begin to move toward you. If you just got a new battleship ( Which mean
      stock), check the stat to prioritise which upgrade is needed most ( Usually
      hull, as they give you better AA). Don’t go into a narrow path with your
      battleship, as they give little room for you to dogde torpedo.

      And if you are in battleship and encounter enemy submarine… sorry, I mean
      destroyer, there are two scenario:
      1. If you are not alone and have cruiser or destroyer (US one is better),
      hang back and provide fire support.
      2. If you are all alone, turn your ship around and… run, full speed. Well
      it may sound cowardie, but if you don’t want that sub to torp you, that’s
      the best option. 🙂

    • +Reece Wouters Yeah, i know, but with random teams, usually ppl just don’t
      give a fuck about getting in formation or strategy, they just rush and
      suicide ( at least on tiers 4~7 )

    • +Nanael OverLock Cruisers often have the best AA Guns, So try to stick
      close to them and a Carrier captain might think twice before sending his
      bombers into a group of cruisers 😉

    • +Nanael OverLock Or travel in group, it cant guarantee you will not be a
      target, but at least it gave the carrier a second thought before attacking
      your ship. ( I’m playing mainly battleship, but I’m not worry much about
      the carrier, I’m more worry about the enemy sub… eh… destroyer more. 🙂

  57. Around 6:30, “Stop leading his planes over me, dumbass”. lol

  58. Do the USS Langley, tier IV american carrier please. 

  59. Is this game on Steam?
    Also you should do more Mount & Blade War Band!
    Love the videos keep it up!

  60. Hey Baron, I love your videos, but lately the channel seems lacking. A few
    short months ago you had a large variety of games on this channel as well
    played with other youtubers like Bob, Wade, etc. You’re channel was growing
    and was getting better! And I visited it every day to see what you played
    next with who. Now it seems you’ve downgraded back to your basics. And on
    average I’ll visit your channel about once or twice a week now. Its your
    channel, run it how you’d like, but I’ve been trying to think why I don’t
    have the same enthusiasm lately when visiting your channel as I once had.

    • +JTelli786 ive noticed but just figured its because hes down in the keys,
      and from experience the last thing u want to be doing while down there is
      sitting inside

    • +BaronVonGamez Thanks for the reply Baron! I wanted to state that because
      as I said, I really would like to see this channel grow!

    • Agreed, a variety is indeed what any channel needs

    • +BaronVonGamez And btw you can group your squadrons by holding shift while
      selecting them dont have to individually order each of them.. made me cring

    • +JTelli786 Yeah its more channel pushing now, He’ll yammer on & on to like
      subscribe. And then get shot UP* and whiffing all his shots. Less
      self-promotion, and more accuracy PLZ.

  61. Which ship should I take out next? We hit 4,000 followers on Instagram
    yesterday guys…awww hell yea (that
    Messerschmitt Shark 😀 )

  62. A tip for you: to group several squads – hold shift when pressing their
    respective numbers.

  63. Glad you’re learning CV : )

  64. hey baron just a heads up in case you didn’t know but shortcut keys are a
    life savor. Holding down Shift while selecting units lets you select more
    than one unit at a time. Also if you want a ship to return to ship just
    select it and press F. Happy Hunting!

  65. lol idk why ur teammate was so salty about u leading fighters over his
    ship, i guess he doesnt know they cant hurt him

    • Thedancingshrimp

      +Kana D. getting spotted maybe…

    • So I wasn’t the only one who noticed that whiner

    • +Kana D. because he’s in a destroyer. it kind of leads to him being
      detected by planes, and it’s something you should try to avoid doing to
      friendly DDs. cruisers and BBs on the other hand…fair game.

      in an unopposed carrier match, all i do is trail DDs with my fighters.
      usually leads to them being killed or rendered pretty much innefective
      being constantly spotted.

    • +Kana D. The whinny little asshole is worried about being detected. Baron
      was the one under fire so it’s just bad luck.

  66. Just a tip – hold shift while pressing numbers and you will select multiple
    air groups easier. Once you get used to it it’s so easy to select only TB
    or DB

  67. Which ship should I take out next? We hit 4,000 followers on Instagram
    yesterday guys…awww hell yea (that
    Messerschmitt Shark 😀 )

  68. How I hate this map :P

  69. Srinivasa Perumal

    Which ship should I take out next? We hit 4,000 followers on Instagram
    yesterday guys…awww hell yea (that
    Messerschmitt Shark 😀 )

  70. B.G.B Reptile ITA

    Hey Baron, they gave a few days ago the news about a patch alert and it’s
    released today about the german ships and some changes in the maps and user
    interfaces, could you show some german ships gameplay if you have them? :o

  71. Facebook

  72. Show-ka-koo

  73. baron can you plz play the uss lexington for my home state plz.

  74. More carrier play, plez. Also, I think at least 1 fighter squad would help,
    because that enemy carrier could’ve rekt u if he hadn’t focused on your
    teammates at the beginning.

  75. If only there was a Bismarck… My favorite ship right along the USS
    Constitution (the original one, aka “Old Ironsides”).

  76. hey baron ask your subs to like your video, like the others youtubers doing
    it. So your standing will not fall.

  77. iv been playing CV for a little while now but how do u manualy adjust where
    your bombers are going to attack instead of just telling them to auto
    attack a target

  78. if there is a torpedo boot camp sign me up because I am god awful lol

  79. Baron that was me! Ichase said that it will be a premium ship!!

  80. Baron why don’t you try playing Total War: Arena? You might like it! It’s
    in closed alpha right now but just go onto their website and sign up with
    your email address and you get sent a code ASAP!

  81. Drycoloth Pronator


  82. The turtle modler “Turtle”

    The essex

  83. back to peeling potatoes

  84. wow no fighter?

  85. Hi great vid 

  86. The last american carrier with a f2hiv squad and the skyraiders on board
    pls :)

  87. very honorable

  88. +BaronVonGamez Do the Taiho and Bismarck is coming soon next update super
    testers like iChase will get the Nazi Navy before everyone else but
    sometime afterwards the Nazi Navy will become a tech tree.

  89. Which ship should I take out next? We hit 4,000 followers on Instagram
    yesterday guys…awww hell yea (that
    Messerschmitt Shark 😀 )

  90. First comment???

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