World of Warships SHOKAKU Tier 8 Carrier Suicide Squad!

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  1. +hijms yamato musashi For a million time, Wargaming will not add kamikaze
    options in the game, it offended Japanese players.

  2. +aztec0108 Run for the hills!

  3. +scullslicer99 I was going by what I saw in a article on the world of
    warships website, I miss read the article and I know for fact that some
    ships the AI use in CO-OP battles are not all available for players to use.
    It seems odd that both the Bismark and Tirpitz are in the same teir how are
    they going to implement that into the eventually tech tree do you get to a
    battleship where you have the choice to research the Bismark or the Tirpitz
    I would believe that one would be highier than the other as the Tirpitz
    wasn’t sunk until 1944 while the Bismark was sunk in 1941 there may be
    upgrades for the Tirpitz that the Bismark wasn’t around to receive. I do
    not follow every post made on World of Warships so that does not make me
    stupid as you stated in your comment and I don’t much care for that
    attitude besides if you are one of the few that gets to test it and choose
    CO-OP battles more than likely the AI equal will be a Bismark or Tirpitz so
    my statement wasn’t complete BS. There where only two Bismark class
    battleships and I believe their Montana or Yamamoto equal will be the H
    Class as the Third Reich abandoned its naval buildup after the start of ww2
    and most development of ships at that time let alone U-Boats and destroyers.

  4. +02091992able Alright i can see your not the brightest of people. The
    Bismark and Tirpitz have been added to the game for super testers for
    TESTING. Both the Bismark and the Tirpitz are tier 8 ships, considering
    they are the SAME class of ship.

  5. +Darren How Then she would need to be at the lower tiers since she was
    ordered in 1916 and entered service in 1920.
    Bismarck was ordered in 1935 and entered service in 1940 so kind of
    mid-high tier

  6. All these flavors, and you choose salt

  7. Salty much?

  8. +IJN Urakaze Mm Fair point.

  9. Then the game would be banned in Japan , just like how swastikas are banned
    in Germany.

  10. +Andrew Schultz That would be awesome like strapping bombs to their planes
    and themselves and just ramming into ships xD

  11. +Reece Wouters Yeah, i know, but with random teams, usually ppl just don’t
    give a fuck about getting in formation or strategy, they just rush and
    suicide ( at least on tiers 4~7 )

  12. +Nanael OverLock Cruisers often have the best AA Guns, So try to stick
    close to them and a Carrier captain might think twice before sending his
    bombers into a group of cruisers 😉

  13. +Nanael OverLock Or travel in group, it cant guarantee you will not be a
    target, but at least it gave the carrier a second thought before attacking
    your ship. ( I’m playing mainly battleship, but I’m not worry much about
    the carrier, I’m more worry about the enemy sub… eh… destroyer more. 🙂

  14. +JTelli786 ive noticed but just figured its because hes down in the keys,
    and from experience the last thing u want to be doing while down there is
    sitting inside

  15. +BaronVonGamez Thanks for the reply Baron! I wanted to state that because
    as I said, I really would like to see this channel grow!

  16. Agreed, a variety is indeed what any channel needs

  17. +BaronVonGamez And btw you can group your squadrons by holding shift while
    selecting them dont have to individually order each of them.. made me cring

  18. +JTelli786 Yeah its more channel pushing now, He’ll yammer on & on to like
    subscribe. And then get shot UP* and whiffing all his shots. Less
    self-promotion, and more accuracy PLZ.

  19. Thedancingshrimp

    +Kana D. getting spotted maybe…

  20. So I wasn’t the only one who noticed that whiner

  21. +Kana D. because he’s in a destroyer. it kind of leads to him being
    detected by planes, and it’s something you should try to avoid doing to
    friendly DDs. cruisers and BBs on the other hand…fair game.

    in an unopposed carrier match, all i do is trail DDs with my fighters.
    usually leads to them being killed or rendered pretty much innefective
    being constantly spotted.

  22. +Kana D. The whinny little asshole is worried about being detected. Baron
    was the one under fire so it’s just bad luck.

  23. Facebook

  24. +Tyler Rathjen considering it’s your home state why not

  25. if you agree for baron to play this ship plz ethier like or comment

  26. +Sean Jankowski St Louis II xD

  27. +Reece Wouters I meant two favorite ships in real life haha. I mean it
    would be interesting to see a 18th century frigate with 44 cannons going
    against World War II technology though haha. Obviously it wouldn’t fare

  28. +Sean Jankowski A sail ship? If it gets hit with one HE shell Then it would
    burn up xD

  29. Well it is being added soon and is in the game and people are testing it

  30. Snippsnapp Gaming

    +BaronVonGamez play the lexington

  31. +BaronVonGamez the carrier was at G2 flashing on and off

  32. Sergiu Soltuianu

    +BaronVonGamez British tanks cofirmed in war thunder

  33. +Noobeecon tier 4 is a good learning place

  34. +BaronVonGamez But you get a cookie too for making this video *gives baron
    a cookie*

  35. +panzer strike heres your cookie :3 *gives him a cookie*

  36. +panzer strike you won!

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