World of warships – Shokaku

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My 1st match of the day went totally unexpected.


  1. First like

  2. 1 Round Cv and he done 200000 damage nice

  3. nice one Flambass .. still my fave camo <3

  4. God knows how you keep track of it all, then I suppose me being old, blind and preferring the hammer approach to life as opposed to the scalpel may have something to do with it.

  5. I guess everybody exept me knows what’s the meaning of “o7”. What does it mean?

  6. You can straife your own planes??? & nice work on the 1080p60 quality upload!

  7. Do you have any info on the new cv changes. Any guesses.
    And no I am not looking forward to it.

    • CCs are not allowed to comment on it though Notser did say he is buying all the CVs so presume he is expecting them all to be replaced and given the value for them in the new format.

    • J Vhoef I am sure WG will replace. They are very good at that.
      I am hoping someone like Farazella can play the new verson and at least say uea its cool.

    • Jerry Glaze Hope its like the battlestation’s layout, its simple to learn but hard to master (I wish the AA and secondaries were like that too; you could control them)

  8. link to that discord server pls, I can’t find it on youtube or on twich

  9. what happened to the shoukaku?? special camouflage?

  10. skeletaur skull night

    You don’t are in omni ? ??????

  11. What shokaku camo is that?

  12. Gotta love me some good old Flambass in 1080p on a Wednesday !

  13. Carriers were always just a bad idea .
    Is there any difference how the game treats a dive drop on a BB or DD ?
    Umm , dyu think maybe there should be ?

  14. From the description in the Waterline videos, you’ll only be able to control one aircraft squadron at a time. So, RIP crossdrop?

  15. Krzysztof Rabęda

    Flambass U play in NA or EU server?

  16. i m from croatia. we have 1000 islands. go to mljet it is most beautiful island in croatia

  17. Mr Vaselly … ping only

  18. Abyssal Crane Princess

  19. Your Carrier appears to be wrapped in a giant booger.

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