World of Warships – Shoot The Ducky

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Even with near perfect matchmaking some ships just need time to make a difference, and time is sometimes a luxury you just don’t have.

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  1. I dunno Jingles, just over a minute reload for three sets of torps doesn’t feel too long for me.

  2. WOW! A textbook run in a DD! Kudos to Ducky.

    Actually Jingles peoples forgot Good Ole Payfast !

  3. When you get up in tiers in torpedo boats you need to learn not to fire all your torpedoes at once. Fire one rack then wait at least 30 seconds before you fire the next one.
    Yes, you might miss out on a big dumb BB that didn’t know it has a rudder but most of the time you’ll do far better.

  4. “alright surrender now and youll get fair terms evil team” seeing that in chat killed me XD

    • Yup, was going to post the same – had me laughing too 😀

    • @adamantu Correct, a good example would be chess. You’d wonder why exactly chess though. When you’re playing chess and you know you cannot win against your opponent, surrendering the game is the best way. It’s the most sportsmanship you can do, knowing you cannot beat your opponent. By playing longer, you’re delaying the inevitable. Especially since some chess games can continue for hours.
      Which is why it’s a good thing to let the enemy know where you are on the minimap, if you’re playing a 1v8.

    • @Bas van Heumen if you keep playing chess with a stronger opponent you are indeed delaying the inevitable, with no possible gain.
      However in WoWS it’s always better to keep playing even if you are facing certain defeat. You will get extra XP and credits if you go down fighting, and in some cases enemy team will screw up and give you some chances to victory. We all know this can happen.

    • got to love teammates that have a great sense of humour

  5. Surprised you didn’t call it a game of throws. The Repulse and sub had no business going for the cap. They had won and already and by trying to cap they gave the game to Ducky. Well done to him but only because the enemy gave them the opportunity. They didn’t listen to Professor Jingles. Don’t have to win too hard. What do they teach them in school now adays?

    What I can’t understand is the sub driver. He started capping before the Repulse arrived. By my calculation he had at minimum 2 minutes of battery time possibly even fully charged by the time Ducky spotted him and yet he stayed on the surface even though there was no point once the Repulse was down. He was obviously an experienced captain as he used the old ping and fire just one torp to get Ducky to blow his repair leaving him 3 to take out the DD. But why even do that? Just dive to 60 metres and scoot away in a direction the DD would not expect and wait the timer down. It wasn’t domination so the points were frozen. The DD had to kill everyone. All the sub had to do was survive. They threw the match trying to win bigger.

  6. that was some excellent piloting. Ducky should display that win proudly.

  7. HOLY! Well played by ducky shot, the last enemy sub who played his spotting and torps ALMOST perfectly, the BB’s who pressed A and D keys and the dude who offered terms.

    • except the repulse and the sub could have just left Ducky be and win on points. although kinda respectable to fight it out, but also foolish a bit.

    • Definitely a harmless MC-kun

      1vs4? Seems like a fair fight too me… Though something tells me that theyre gonna need a bigger boat…

  8. “Only one of them is launched from far away to give them time to arm”
    19:45 Two armed torpedoes clearly on the screen at the same time.

    • @Jan Negrey Maybe damage saturation kicked in and saved him? Someone who actually plays can probably tell.

    • There were 3 torpedoes, only the first had enough distance to arm in order to do damage

    • @Nazamroth I play, but not enough to be competent. Also I mostly play BB’s so indeed it’s outside of my knowledge. I do know however that time to arm has some glitches like that. So I wouldn’t be surprised. Would have to re-watch the video and see if it exploded. Even then sometimes explosion due to coming on inert (like saturation or rock) targets doesn’t differ from normal explosion. It’s hard to tell. It was definitely Jingles moment. If we had replay ourselves it would be easy to tell.

    • Yeah there were 3, initially I thought only 1 hit, but slowing it down, 2 of the 3 hit.

    • @Ducky Shot damn then the margin of victory was VERY slim

  9. I hope Ducky’s back is okay, he should see a doctor honestly.

  10. Imagine my panic when I saw the title

    Edit: Okay kind of got a kick out of living vicariously through a much better WoWS player

  11. I think that Jingles got it right, except for the fact that he needs 8 kills to win.

  12. That was the biggest, most heaviest carry I’ve seen in a long while.

  13. Then “The fact that ducky is up to 5 kills…”, in the mean time, ducky on 6 kills, oh never change

  14. In all fairness, the IJN gunboat DD line only starts with the Akizuki. The line splits after Isokaze, but the first 2 tiers share characteristics on both splits.

  15. How can you get 8 kills without getting 7 kills first?

  16. I was so afraid this was going to be a heartbreak. So glad to see Ducky had time to pull it off. And what a big brain use of the smoke and knowledge of smoke firing penalty game mechanics to bait the Repulse with; I am in awe. Very, very well done!

  17. this was excellent! A good mix of skill, big balls, confidence in your own abbilities and ship, “fortune of the brave” and knowing the game mechanics intimately.
    I remember meeting Ducky ingame a few times and – credit where its due – he IS a very reliable and attentive DD player. When you can say “fun to play with-challenging to play against” about a player, that is the highest praise anybody will get from me^^

    Also displays why it is – atm- more fun to play between T5-7(and 8 depending on your mm), because you can actually single handedly carry there (even with a cv ingame), while 9-10 are so overloaded with broken ships, resulting in utterly unballanced matchmakings (well, actually just T10 to be fair, but since the “causing frustration by intention” +2 uptiering STILL is a thing…).

  18. This is probably the best WoWS game I have ever seen, with two very important things to highlight:
    – mid tier gameplay = best gameplay, high tier games nowadays are less entertaining than watching ice melting
    – this game wouldn’t have been even remotely close to what it was if CVs were in play

  19. That actually happened in World War II. There is an infamous incidient during the Battle of Bulge where German Volksturm division tried to get the 101st Airborne to surrender despite the former being outnumbered. The General infamously responded with the word NUTS!


  21. I feel like he does this on purpose to get people to comment and drive up engagement.

  22. MrFinalresistance

    @Mr. Dancy Pants nah he’s just being crap and we love him for it.

  23. @mihaitha Very good timing, double-strike on the same tick

  24. he also said “there is kill number 6” when it was duckys 7th kill

  25. Plus we all know that Atlanta’s really just a mislabelled destroyer.

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