World of Warships – Shooting Fish In A Barrel

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We have a saying in English – “As easy as shooting fish in a barrel.” In todays’ video, RitaGamer finds herself opposite a team that have apparently never heard this saying.

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  1. when its 3 am, and you’re doing calculus homework and then Jingles uploads…

    how nice

  2. The Spanish Inquisition

    Just what I needed and entirely expected of the mighty old man, finals are around the corner and I need to unwind, thanks jingles

  3. Ah yes, the Whisky, Sir Sic and the Critical Drinker talk about its healing powers all the time.
    Good to see Rita again.

  4. HAHAHA why cant i get a enemy team like that on WoT. Well played Rita!

  5. Make-A-Woosh-Foundation

    from “training my noob” to “today’s protagonist”

  6. Get well soon gnome. The cold going around my area is pretty bad but not “the coof” level of plague.

    • People (especially public health officials) seem to have forgotten all about the seasonal flu. Just not glamorous enough, I guess. ='[.]’=

  7. MyopicAutisticMetal

    “I never get enemies like this… I get a lot of team mates like this” You and I both. I thought they made it Battery power instead of oxygen. I can’t help but point out that Rita has no survival expert. 100% of the time the enemy team hunt me down like a dogfish when I play dd, I never get this game.

    • Yeah, they even have a CV, heh. Of course it’s the kind of CV that leads to the spreadsheets saying CV are perfectly balanced, but still

    • Try going down the euro dd line. The long range torpedoes help, and the lack of smoke keeps you from playing like a mad man.

  8. Wow, what timing. I just got done playing my most frustrating match ever in this game. I was trying to knock off the snowflake on my Acasta and I wound up bullied by a carrier so hard that I couldn’t even earn enough points to accomplish it. I was focused down to the point that I couldn’t even position myself to shoot at anything. I got worn down to less than 100 health left and decided to just charge down a formation of enemy ships just to deny the carrier the kill. Even as disgusted as I get with Wargaming, I have never been this truly pissed off at the game itself.

  9. Weatherwax usefull hints

    “By far the most damage” – but before – “almost as much damage”
    I don’t think you got the virus. I think you’re getting old. So I expect a lot more of this helpless sillyness in the future, Mr Jingies

  10. Kholdan Staalstorm

    Jingles features a RitaGamer replay?
    Ohh, this is going to be good!
    Kudos to RitaGamer for a well played game and to Jingles for the post battle commentary!

  11. The enemy team also has a bright future as javelin catchers in the Track & Field world. Nice game Rita.
    BTW Jingles, my grandfather was in France training in the fall of 1918 when he caught the Spanish Flu. He said he crawled into his tent with some whiskey and rode it out. Hope you get a break from it soon and feel better.

  12. “Gonna catch them all” got me laugh so hard… thanks Jingles for another nice vid 🙂

  13. You have been too absorbed in Honda products you see!
    Staying with Spoon for too long and their tuning can quickly sap a couple of years away! 😀

  14. Agreed, I always +1 good sportsmanship especially from the enemy team because it’s rarer than it actually should be.

  15. Way to go Rita!!!! I can only dream of a game like that! Love the videos Jingles! Thanks for the laughs!

  16. TheBattlefieldSource

    The problem with Rita playing the Benham is, in 90% of her matches she stays at one place and going in circles the whole time.

  17. @Cookie Supervisor in respawn I guess? Not in random for sure

  18. Glad to see Rita doing well. I miss hearing her, in another room, yelling at who knows what, in the background of your videos, Jingles.

  19. After all these years! Finally got a match worthy of Youtube! Your reaction was better than the replay! ahah

  20. I do wonder how many reported their CV, out of sportmanship ofc 😉

  21. @Cookie Supervisor 1,2 million damage in one random battle??

  22. @noob4life1981 Yes like 3 years ago on Halloween when they introduced submarines , I have picture to prove it .

  23. Everybody always talks about the salty minority, but fail to mention about the giga chads +1s

  24. @Cookie Supervisor when they introduced subs… wasnt that an event?? There have never been subs in randoms until this year as far as I’ve known

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