World of Warships – Short Cuts

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Quite often I find myself looking at replays that won’t really make the cut for a full video but which do contain some amusing stuff. You know what that means? Time for a compilation!

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  1. the last time i was this early for a Jingle video he was still called BohemianEagle and the Kaiser was still ruling germany

  2. Remember the Udaloi back then as Old Tier IX? Good times.

    Udaloi has Dual purpose not just before the update with Grozovoi and Ognevoi got split.

  3. Oh yeah! Compilation Time!
    I’ve watched a compilation before, so I’m going to give this everything I’ve got!

  4. Glad to hear you are sounding better. Keep healing and rest that amazing voice. Cheers.

  5. “I have to go now and refuel a japanese destroyed” is the best name for feeding a cat I have heard for a long time, well done, Jingles 😀

    • Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET

      the meme of feeding the dukis continues….

      only Suzutsuki escape that fate. apparently farming pumpkins is a best way to to supplement the very low rations the akizuki class, or any remaining ships, suffered late in the war.

    • Aircoll [エアーコール]

      Well with the US embargo on -oil- food, its likely that akizuki is getting rations again.

    • I was just thinking that it was one of the best euphemisms I’d heard in a while.

    • Its not popular to say this, but its also a good innuendo if you have a Japanese gf or a wife.

  6. I always enjoy a good, relaxing game analysis, but compilations are so much fun! Would’nt mind more of those!😊

  7. To tell that your cat has a torpedo reload booster is one of the most frightening things to meantion.

  8. “In case it wasn’t immediately obvious, this is a tier 10 battle”.
    Me: haha, that Gneisenau has faildivisioned!😅
    Also me: wait, why are there so many tier 7s? And where are all the tier 10s?
    Never change Jingles…

  9. I would love to see more clip compilations in the future

  10. 13:08 – (Jingles) .. an entire random battle .. Now if you are staring at the video length and thinking .. Hang on a minute ..
    (Me) .. (the mouse cursor hovering over the video’s timer) .. Why do I suddenly feel so …….. predictable?
    Seriously though, that was golden!

  11. So what you’re saying Jingles is that both versions of Akizuki, the WoWs imposter and the real one, come with a “press here to start murder” button. The feline one is possibly located somewhere near the belly but it does depend on the cat. One of mione was totally fine with belly rubs. Touch the paws? “You have crossed the line human! I will end you!” 😀

    • I’ve got two cats myself both getting old now at 14 and 18 and neither of them had the belly murder switch. They had a tail root murder switch.

    • Technically, both have their Murder buttons located on their belly (Akizuki’s Torps being on the mid-ship) while both its 4 paws and 4 100mm daka daka guns rapidly scrstch you in pain until death.

  12. “Yes Akizuki, you have a torpedo reload booster!” 🤣😂👍

  13. Short battles like this happen more and more often, on the recieving end of course.

  14. Recently had a battle in Wot which was a breath of fresh air, playing a t8 against t10, battle took 13 minutes and managed to get a 4 vs 5 to 4 vs 0. My heart hadn’t raced that much in forever, love those close battles that take longer than 4 or 5 minutes.

  15. Although I play Legends as opposed to the original version I love watching these videos.

    The Omaha is everything you say but strangely it was the ship which earned me my first Kraken Unleashed so I’ve always felt kind of nervous when I see an Omaha, usually because I’m in a DD.

  16. 7:00 although a triple strike achievement does not exist in PC, blitz does have one named “lighting strike”

    To get it you need to kill three enemies within 5 seconds, its a pretty darn hard one to get though, i myself have been playing blitz for a good amount of time with nearly 10k battles and i have never gotten a single lighting strike

  17. I finally get a clip in, and for the entire match, except for the opening intro, I’m referred to as Norse Captain rather than CaptainNorse. Well, it is Jingles, so I guess it was to be expected 😄

  18. That Omaha vs. 2 x Gneisenau actually clearly demonstrates that sometimes you DO want to nose in on BBs. Sure, if they hit you they are almost guaranteed to citadel you from the arming time, but that is very big IF. Remember, we’re talking about BBs rolling the dice to hit a target the size of on Omaha bow. Smart money is on one or less hits.

  19. personally i think the Omaha has reactive armor that was mounted inside-out

  20. When I played this game, Omaha was my favourite and most played ship. For the fun and the gameplay.
    I averaged a 66% win rate in it, playing solo randoms.
    I never enjoyed the high tier gameplay as much, because it seemed to be too serious and too infested with angry toxic players.

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