World of Warships- “Shotgunning Isn’t A Problem”

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Hello guys, today we take a look at the shotgunning strategy with Submarines and try to see for ourselves just how effective it is, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Video Intro
1:40 Shotgunning Highlights
16:35 Summary & Thoughts


  1. Just dodge enemy ping
    Just dodge the homing torps
    Just dodge the 18-20 inch shells that overmatch your armor
    Just dodge the burst fire
    Just dodge planes
    World of Dodge-ships

  2. I mostly play low tier bb and the subs are a pain to counter

    If i want to push i need dedicated dds to do asw since subs can just move forward or reverse and still faster than me. Asw didnt do much either since we dont know if theyre moving forward or reversing. And they only had 1 charge with 30s reload.

  3. it does not matter if it does or does not happen often, it is just such annoying mechanic that even one shotgun leaves a bad taste in mouth for a long time, unlike countless deaths that happen constantly and people dont mind (except rapes from cvs)

    do people have issue with dev strikes? well unless it is some BS spread thru the nose. no they dont, because it is mostly victims fault and they know it. with shotgunning and cv you are there only to witness it happen to you – AND THIS WHAT IS ANNOYING. just like old arty (namely fv304, cgc) in wot, mostly you just watch happen it to you, no tools to defend with or options to deny it.

    helplessness is what people hate

  4. Honestly i would say the I-56 is the only balanced sub in the game. Not that good but not that bad either nothing gamebreaking like the homing bs from the moon.

  5. Agreed that tyhe shotgun tactyic is by and large historically correct. However, submarines doing close to 30 kts at periscope depth is utter nonsense. Which is why shotgunning is an issue.

  6. Its interesting to see in the future how subs are reworked because currently they are pretty broken. Shotgunning is still a viable tactic and although this video did not show much of them that tactic still exists and is toxic as hell. Subs have way too much tools to deal with ships rushing them because of the shotgunning and long dive capacity and because hydro can only pick them up 2km distance which is usually way too short distance to get your ASW to work on enemy sub. Sometimes you ran over them and sub pops up behind you and shotguns you into ass. They need heavy rework. Too bad its not gonna happen soo. Hopefully it doesn’t take as much as AA rework has taken…

  7. Any player that hates Submarines in WoWS, should make sure they refuse to play them. The more players play them in game, then the less likely Wargaming will do anything to change them. Me personally, I detest Submarines in this game. They have totally ruined the surface ship game play. Homing torpedoes have to go. Sonar ping locks have to go. Using Damage Control to counter a sonar ping lock has to go. Submarines stupid surface speeds have to go. All ASW airstrike ranges on every ship, should have the same range as the Subs torps and sonar ping range. DD’s and Cruisers with depth charges, should be given the forward firing hedgehog bomb launcher. Also a Sub should not be able to destroy a DD with its deck gun. Submarines are pathetic. I now mostly play CoOp where I hardly see Subs.

  8. Early german homing torpedoes forced the sub to go silent running after launch, else there was a good chance for the torpedo to turn around and kill the sub. Racing around the map at full speed is just ridiculous.

    • the American mk 18 torpedo was based off the German torpedo you mentioned above and the torpedo turning around back at the mothership is what doomed the Balao class submarine USS Tang as she sunk from her own torpedo.

  9. Try them. Don’t whine about it until you’ve walked a mile in those shoes. You couldn’t possibly know how to balance them if you’ve never tried them. Yet here we are.

  10. 16:29 is a great example of the effect of subs – the Arizona is so busy worrying about you that he could not also avoid the Massa. Tier 6 was going to have a hard time anyway, and between a tier 8 sub and tier 8 BB he was in a spot. Arizona has no business being in that match.

    • It has to do with Situational Awareness, not happy that surface ships have to deal with enemy ships launching torps or gunfire, enemy a/c launching rockets/torps or bombs at them, WG decided to overload the SA with sub launched pings and torps and forgo the idea of a FUN & ENGAGING game. Subs bring nothing positive to the game but Total Aggrevation.

    • Arizona is just 44,5% player with 600 battles only.

  11. Play BBs, especially the slower ones, and you’ll be shotgunned all the time. And if you’re uptiered in that BB, the tier 8 subs will simply devour you without issue.

  12. I’ve said that for all the problems for this game to be fixed, weegee has to pull their heads out of their asses and admit they’ve made mistakes with cv’s, subs and superships – but won’t because they don’t think they can be held accountable by the player base.

    With the cc exodus, i was saying even then that all it was going to do was remove all the ccs that actually cared about the game and leave behind only yes-men. Weegee knew that and pretended to “change their ways” until the fire died down.

  13. Subs come back to a similar comparison overall to the rts cv days. They are almost impossible to deal with if the player playing them is anywhere near decent or a liability/free kill in the average person playing them. The problem I see with subs is that the skill floor for them is high, it’s a situational ambush class. What players hate is the helplessness of not being able to see, let alone shoot at a target or position against to dodge/mitigate incoming damage, which, for better or worse, you can do against cv’s. The other thing is that dcp is already severely overworked in the meta due to HE spam (and torp spam depending on how much the matchmaker hates you). I would also include that asw needs to be universal in terms of range and type ie, battleships have somewhere between 10-11km asw planes, heavy cruisers 8km, light/fast agile cruisers have 6.5km and ide give dd’s the option of picking between a 5km asw squadron that drops once every 30sec or having shipboard asw that recharges faster and does more damage. But in the current state, subs aren’t ok.

  14. @Matthew R It’s not about balancing, even if subs and CVs were perfectly balanced, they are still fundamentally extremely frustrating to play against as a surface ship.

  15. I would not mind, if they were not so damn fast. Subs should be fast on the surface and max 25knots under the water. As it is now they can outrun dds underwater at max depth.

  16. Mountbatten you summed it up in that one statement. Subs do not belong in this game. The mechanic that allows subs to constantly ping leaves a battleship imposition of having to run away and dodge which means it can no longer support effectively. WeeGee refuses to allow destroyers to act as destroyers or supposed to be able to act when it comes to subs in as much as we don’t have ASW sonar. So that cheeky burger can sit at periscope depth and keep us spotted while their team shelves the living daylights out of us for trying to approach and deal with the threat. Fair and balanced my butt! Surface ships don’t need air strike capability, destroyers simply need the tools to engage subs the way they’re supposed to be able to! And again, historically speaking subs tended to go not necessarily after well defended task forces of combatants, they went after unarmed merchant men. Why? Because most of those merchant men were not going to shoot back!

  17. Subs should be like the smith on thier 2, that thing has 3 launchers, 12 sec reloads, low dmg toroedos but you get really fast torpedos to balance it out, if should have no flooding chance but the more torpedos you hit in the same section the more dmg you deal

  18. The problem with shotgunning is that it can totally neutralise DD ASW unless the DD gets lucky and stumbles across the sub’s broadside with hydro. Otherwise most DDs have to try and outpace the arming distance of the torps to drop depthcharges

  19. @Devon Ellis What are you talking about? Subs should be slower, and hardly move under water. IRL they used to move at maybe 5 knots under water.

  20. The issue is that while shotgunning is historically accurate literally NOTHING about the subs WG has forced on us are anything close to realistic, historical or in most cases even physically possible.

  21. You can’t drop depth charges with the ship in reverse! They would damage your own ship!

  22. I play German subs and I have the tier 10 sub and it’s the bane of destroyers and makes destroyers think twice before engaging. I was submerged at 30 meters below a cap circle and there was two dds at or around that cap, a halland and a gearing. The gearing I double pinged on his nose by using submarine surface radar and all torpedos found their mark and got the kill on the gearing at 90% hp. Then the halland came around, pinged him once and let the torpdos swim and got the torpedo hits and sunk the halland shotgunning half of their destroyers while staying undetected. Although I only got about 24k because the battleships and cruiser near the cap got some hits on me and sealed my fate.

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