World of Warships – Showoff!

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There are times when you watch a battle and you think to yourself “Well now he’s just showing off!”. This is one of those times.

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  1. aaayyeee saw this just released

  2. Jingles NOT calling someone Dave? My goodness the world is ending…

    • 2020 just can’t get worse

    • @John C if you’re not from america you have no right to our opinion on our politics. If you’re from the u.s. you should probably be in bed unless you work at 6 on the east coast or you’re working a night shift. And honestly do you really think 4 more years of trump would be worse than 4 more years of biden? If you go by the democratic point of view he hasn’t done anything at all worth noting, and if you go by the Republican point of view he’s doing a damn good job. (But seriously he’s getting shit about not having shut the nation down earlier from the same people who told him he shouldn’t shut it down at all back in February and march. He’s got a plan put down to fix the immigration system that he’s been quietly implementing in the background. Yes there’s stupid shit going on at the southern border, but he’s trying to stop it and fix the issues. If he gets re-elected he’s gonna fix the healthcare system what little more it needs fixing (basically forcing the insurance companies to drop their rates.

  3. This is a very good performance for like half a dozen high schoolers reloading the guns and torpedoes, maintaining the boilers, and driving the ship I must say

  4. Is that High-School-Fleet i see?

  5. Starting at ~4:30 jingles begins to sound like a sports caster

  6. Anyone have any idea when High School Fleet will be available again, as i am wanting to get the Harekaze and the other High School Fleet warships?

  7. 10:55 Cleveland has 127mm belt armor, actually.

  8. 4:17 This is the domination… looks to me like standard battle but hey who’s counting

  9. TaskForce Wolf141

    Hey Jingles, would you ever consider doing a playthrough of the Mass Effect series for Casual Saturday, or just normal videos?

  10. Order And Discord

    You can tell jingles was hyping on the carrier kill. His voice pitch goes higher each note.

  11. I can call Yamamoto what I like? Since it’s High School Fleet, it’s gonna be Yamamoto Senpai!!!!

    • Isoruku yamamoto is the western style name (given name, surname) meanwhile the japanese do it in reverse, surname, given name so in japanese he’s yamamoto isoruku.

  12. the Harakaze fighting against Graf Spee, I’m sure I saw that somewhere before

  13. I like how we can hear Rita in the background 😀

  14. “… well that’s just vulgar…”

  15. Every time I see a new Jingles video, I can’t help but wonder if I’m finally going to be featured… as some loser on the enemy team getting mocked for eating a face full of torps.

  16. *When you get more kills than torp hits in a non-gunboat destroyer*

  17. Cheets for these jingles. Im livibg in s hammock at the back of a care home to keep all safe so i can’t play. 2nd best thing is watching your videos in a hammock raining…. Blooming covid :(.

  18. Jingles jinxed every torp salvo with his “They are looking good!” attitude

  19. Jingles: bloody austrians taking our kills… Me as a german thinking: that can be viewed very poorly… but anyway it’s jingles we’re talking about so what did i expect…

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