World of Warships – Showoff!

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Starting off the New Year with a bang, here’s Osprey in the USS Massachusetts with what it quite frankly the most vulgar display of showing off I’ve seen this year. Still… the year is but young, there’s plenty of time for you to upstage him..


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. “Burn it on a flood” before the water makes your ship explode. WoW logic.

    • As water makes fire go away, it follows that fire makes water go away. So you burn your damage control on a flood. Makes undeniable sense.

    • Flooding in an active engine room can very well cause a boiler explosion. And those easily rival an ammo detonation in sheer force.

      Had an industrial boiler blow near where I live a few years back. That thing wasn’t nearly as big as what you had on WWII warships, yet it popped with enough force that a ~1-ton water tank got launched into a rooftop ~500 feet away from the building the boiler was in!

    • @Magni56 Please don’t get Wargaming even more ideas. Detonations are bad as it is. I don’t fancy being detonated due to a flooding.

    • @Odif Yltsaeb or have wet charges for the gun. Randomization mechanics for shell velocity and range!

    • @skoshman1 FML

  2. My dear Jingles for u and the nerds among us: IFHE does a wonderful job on Massachusetts (21mm pen without, 27with) which makes most cruisers u encounter melt quite good…oh and british lower tier bbs^^; happy new year to u and rita and the buggering rodents;)

    • Currently running AFT, BFT, Man Sec, PT, AR, and building up my captain to get SI for a 5th heal and round out with JOAT and run that for a while before I try an IFHE build. As it is the thing in nearly unstoppable in a T8 game. I am a bit skeptical of IFHE because if there is a cruiser in secondary range he is getting the main gun treatment anyways.

    • I tend to avoid both IFHE and Manual secondary and instead rely on demolition expert. I like the increased fire chance, and I find if I avoid manual secondary my shots are spread out over a whole ship rather than all landing amidships. I also can have both starboard and port secondary batteries targeting different ships this way. This is anecdotal though. I haven’t run the numbers.

    • Nerds among us? All of us then?

    • Joseph Oberlander

      This also helps a lot for T7 German ships as well, since they don’t get the T8 buffs(T7 is an odd tier as well). 17-20mm pen on your secondaries is effectively 14*0 damage versus that T8 or T9 you are up against if they are angled more than a little bit.(10-15 degrees is enough – seriously, nothing at all). IFHE turns that all into loads of damage. The difference on my Scharnhorst is quite dramatic. Going from 17mm(egads that’s horrid at T7) to 21mm pen is a literal life saver.

  3. There needs to be a Double Kraken award for battles like this.

  4. “Enemy mogami spotted over there”… hold on let me check that… hang on, whats this. where has the real jingles gone?

    • @Av Zed Thats becaus it IS a South Dakota class BB. A quick google search will confirm that lol

    • @Askari Gaming … Well now I feel like an idiot. So she was. And here I just assumed she was another North Carolina BB.

    • @Av Zed Nope, if you look at the superstructure and smoke stack you can tell they’re different. Very close looking in game, but different. The SD class is also 40ft shorter, but that’s hard to tell in game

    • @Av Zed USS Massachusetts (BB-59) is the third of four South Dakota-class fast battleships built for the United States Navy in the 1930s.

    • @57thorns either that or he needs to cut back on the protein

  5. thebarstoolprophet

    Did he collect all of the infinity stones for that ship? He dished out a serious smack down.

  6. Jukka-Pekka Manninen

    I love how the only other player to get a kill was the one called “Trololo…” (or about that, I think it was truncated in the list).

  7. Man in this game named PrinzEugen playing the Prinz Eugen.

    I love it.

  8. How can you tell when someone is srsly overextended?

    Everybody is shooting at them”

    According to Jingles I’m overextended as soon as I press BATTLE button xD

    • yeah but so is jingles lol

    • @Osprey Exactly!! “harmless” *smiles innocently*

    • I realize there is no way I can actually prove this, but even if nobody else believes me…I know it’s true. I read Flambass’ comment BEFORE I read Flambass’ name and thought to myself ‘that sounds like something Flambass would say……and I LOL’ed so fricking hard when I saw it actually was Flambass!

    • On a side note, Jingles, be honest with yourself, the only reason you are featuring this video is because the captain sounds like Jingles……… 🙂

    • But come Two Brothers, everybody else on the other team is over extended.

  9. i’m waiting to see italian bbs with SAP secondary X)

  10. Actually jingles, you aren’t totally shit.

    Didn’t see that coming did you.

  11. “FEAR NE”


    Osprey, you’re the best.

  12. The player named DarlingInTheYamato xD

  13. “The flood has burnt itself out”

    – Jingles 2k20

  14. Driving Massachusetts is like “Do you feel lucky, punk? Well do you?”

  15. Osprey: Gets Kraken
    Enemy team: Still has 6 ships
    Challenge: Accepted

  16. i love how even when jingles isn’t misidentifying a ship in the commentary you can always rely on ingame jingle to splurt out rubbish :))

  17. Con5tantine | The Head Set Guy

    Me: *gets 2 kills, is very excited about it*
    This dude: *makes 11 artificial reefs in 1 game*
    Me: *flips my Massachusetts in anger*

  18. It was a lot more luck than skill. Thanks for featuring the round of my life.

  19. “The flood’s stopped sir!”
    “We fixed it?”
    “No, sir, it just stopped on its own.”

  20. “If World War III hasn’t broken out by then(…)”

    Yeah, about that…

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