World of Warships Showtime #1: Kaga destroys the Royal Navy.

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If you have an interesting game with high damage, many kills, dodges, brawls or whatever, feel free to send it and tell what happened please. I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.


  1. ahah nice replay^^ but how many reports? xD

  2. Im a MAYOR douchebag ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. How crap was the rest of his team to lose this? Really hard to understand.

  4. WTF all this work and only 1300 base XP? XP is so underwhelming in CVs… I get that same amount for threee times less damage in a DD.

  5. While I’m not sure this was good sportsmanship, I have a lot of respect for some proper trolling. This was done right and they are correct, way too many people blame the CV for their own shortcomings. Well played.

  6. Geez. Is WoWS a team game? Saipan player should be reported and penalized by WG for this. That retard shot down only 1 plane and ruined the game for most of his team (even if he didn’t succeed in losing it completely…). Why not punish Kaga too? Of course Kaga wanted to avoid Saipan attacks (t6 planes vs t9 planes…) – so we can count his proposition as an idiot bait. He would play aggressive regardless of it.

  7. That wasnt a battle
    That was a slaughter.

  8. Lol so few XP and stuff for such a great game!

  9. Seal clubbing with a little help from the other CV.

  10. I gotten a Kraken, Confederate, High Caliber and 2x Secondary kills on Gneisenau, and yet I am 3rd place on XP earnings lol

  11. We wait for Pan Asia DDs <3 My CAs wait for it <3 Karma comes back.

  12. I enjoyed the cinematics. Ty for posting! Question: when you get sent a game save, are you able to get all viewpoints besides the viewpoint of the player’s ship, when you run the save? I don’t have the game so don’t know. : )

  13. i guess next you will start posting coop matches

  14. The great Xcelerator

    Shame on the Saipan for managing only 3 kills when at the same time the Kaga scored eight. Did he have 3-0-1 loadout?

  15. Wow nice game. The most damage I ever got was also in a tier VII game in the Ranger with 227k damage and I got also an other game with 8 kills but this… … this was absolutely devastating!

  16. He needs to lead his torps more.

  17. MAJOR douchebagery by both CV players to suggest and accept this, so the other players are to expect no fighter cover or help from the cv players on both teams just so they can farm damage? Disgusting behaviour. They should both be banned. But even with this kind of evidence I bet they won’t.

  18. You should be ashamed of yourself for showing this replay. That “Peace treaty” was not kosher. At all.

  19. This reminds me of the battle between the Monitor and the Merrimac. Merrimac destroyed several Union ships with the South claiming it their victory ofc, while the Monitor/Union declared it their victory because they stopped the Merrimac from advancing further.

  20. Great Video edit! And Greta skill on the CV 🙂

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