World of Warships Showtime #2: Missouri is a nice torpedo.

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A kraken, high caliber, confederate, triple devastating strike and a . Mr. Seagal would be proud.
I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.


  1. Nice carry! Normally that would just mean defeat to your team after getting outnumbered by the enemies.

  2. those guns feel like they hit with impunity especially with how tight those shells are

  3. That scharhorst lost that battle

  4. Top tier and first half of the battle he camps behind island, no tanking, no radar used, just sniping, no help for the team. All the dev strikes on Edinburgh, Pensacola and Baltimore – we have seen million of those. Sharnhorst just played bad. Twannieboy, I know You can pick better games to show.

  5. Non concealment build Missouri ?

  6. World of Warships Showtime #2: Missouri is a nice torpedo.
    666 weergaven




  7. lol that shittalker…

  8. thegreekfirepower[WG-CC]

    Nice love your videos pls create more stuff like that

  9. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    That Shanhorst…..never seen an idiot like that since the time of the Derpitzers

  10. Twan…notice my replays i send, TWAAN SENPAI, NOTICE MY REPLAYS (insert crazy smiley face)

  11. To be honest this video is promoting bad BB gameplay. He is playing horrible, he just did all that because he camped back whole game and get lucky with idiot enemies. If same game was shown from enemy’s aspect as “how the hell you fucked that up” style. It would be worth it, but not this.

  12. Started out slow, but turned into an ass-kicking on the opposing team. XD

  13. I totally agree with Frogman1171.

  14. Very nice game 🙂

  15. Increase Range mod its not good for Missouri use less reload time mod its better

  16. Well played Sir… Well played

  17. The frames D:

  18. leandro ian estrella

    Nice gameplay, Twannie. You even survived after ramming a ship. RAMMING SPEED!

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