World of Warships – Sick or no sick, this is my turf

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Sick or not sick, it doesn’t matter. I got my trusty ship on my own turf xD
It’s time to have some fun with the good old Jean Pierre on 2 brothers.
Don’t tell me you got bored of this…there’s probably gonna be more coming baby 😉
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. that first volley onto that gorizia… disgusting…

  2. Flambass in JB! This will be good. What would you pick as a non BB maine JB or Georgia? I perform good in Massa and bad with alsace;)

  3. Love how the first few minutes are just you creaming your pants.

  4. Flambass i would piss my pants when i saw 4 ships infront of my at this position but he drinks a cup of coffee damm i love how he plays

    • @Matthew10950 wait when u reach Tier IX & X then u see another level this passive playstyle and 1 wrong move and u get deleted.

    • @Fanatik I see it when he plays dds. One radar and I’m either running away with 10 hp or being instantly erased. He has time to gig his wife. Guy is a hero of mine.

    • @Matthew10950 i have learned so much from him and developed my playstyle and i dont go out of a game without 100k dmg all because his tips and tricks i love how he liked the naval warefare and the interaction with his community

    • @Fanatik same from me. If he ever shows up in one of my matches I WILL geek out like a total fan boy. Wont be able to help myself.

    • @Matthew10950 he was in a game with me i was in my Hakuryu and he was in his Bourgogne. The game started and i write in chat i am a good CV then other players said hello flambass and i thought oh shit my big mouth hahahahahah. Then i had 130k at the end and Flambass was dead before. After the gane i wrote him thx for ur vids i am a fan and so on on then i ask if i can send a friendship invitation. And he really accept it since this moment i have Flambino in my friendlist lol.

  5. Can’t believe PC players don’t automatically check for you when they get this map. I would. lol.

  6. Has this guy had too many Sudafeds? He seems a little high.

  7. Wargaming should know better by now. How hard can it be to write an algorithm that puts Flambass in the center at Two Brothers?

    As a sidenote: was that the face you only show your GF at 2:33?

  8. As someone mentioned a couple of days ago, WG really needs to add “Property of Flambass” on a sign in the channel….But the won’t, that would be funny.

  9. 2:55 wife yells out “it’s either gay porn or a WOWS video with the euro guy”…..

  10. 02:31 i cannot say anything!!

  11. Seems like the title wasn’t obvious enough so let me make it even more clear – I was SICK in this video xD
    I’m actually still sick but the cold seems to be almost over. Mrs got it more then a week ago and after few days I got it from her but we’re both almost over it.
    I’m not drunk or high, okey? xD

  12. That was almost insultingly easy. I love this knee-jerk reaction of opfor: “Abandon the flanks! Protect the middle with your lives!”

  13. You need to send that Gorizia player an apology. Something like; “I’m sorry you bought such a crap ship.” LOL.

  14. Unbekannter Nr. 1

    I was shouting maybe the Alps blocked it…

  15. Did they just abandon the entire B flank to stop you from moving forward through middle? XD

  16. Russian Bias always protect.

    (2:37) And my mother just entered my room ? Thx Flambass…

  17. 2:30 Dude! My Mom was sitting across the table and I had my speakers on loud!

  18. Why I never see enemies like this in my round? All broadsiding idiots in your enemy team.

  19. It would be much appreciated if you would stop orgasming while I’m watching without headphones.

  20. 1:20 wow my shout of “Speshulzzz” travelled through space and time.

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