World of Warships: Siegfried Preview [WIP]

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Siegfried is the upcoming T9 German battlecruiser. She’s still a work in progress, thus subject to change. So far, she feels underwhelming.
Port at 13:07

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 German battlecruiser Siegfried.
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  1. Nobody:
    Actually nobody:
    Me: fIrSt

  2. Thank you for this video !

    I hope on next is Ark Royal ? *^*

  3. the addition of this really makes me wonder what the german premium T9&10 ships are going to be

  4. Interesting. Notser seemed to think it was adequate in its current state, but I’m inclined to agree with your assessment. Unless you’re top-tier (lol), you’re not going to have an easy go of it. I’d say buff ROF to 19 secs flat and we have a winner.

    • Or epic secondaries!!

    • Notser also played it more like a cruiser and less like a battleship.

    • I would prefer giving the Sieg the planned 283mm guns. These 380ies are just wrong.

    • @Glupi Medo I don’t know, that might really hurt its performance. Would have a very hard time of it with the Scharnhorst’s armament at tier IX. ROF and/or fire chance would have to be buffed to silly levels to make that worth it, since HE would be the only real method of damage dealing.

  5. Give it US AP pen angle. Improving the reload is simple fix but improving the AP pen angle will make it unique and interesting.

    • I suspect that that would be a bit much. The game has been moving away from punishing broadsides by both buffing HE spammers and by buffing AP pen angles, and I’d much rather see the game return to making angling an important factor again.

    • Currently, the only way most cruisers with thin bow armor can angle against battleship caliber guns is to angle diagonally, so their belt armor can bounce shells. If you have battleship caliber guns with US pen angles, cruisers can do nothing to stop you from citadelling them from any angle besides uninstalling the game. So please, no.

    • Okay maybe US pen angle is a bit much but give it slightly improved pen angle. Its not like this thing has insane fire power, so its got to have something but improving the reload sound lame to me and I doubt it would be enough to buff the reload to Kronstadt level.

    • I think reload should be buffed + maybe secondary range

  6. 6:10 Hakuryu translates to “White Dragon”

  7. UNprofessional Reviews

    Instead of buying this do the following:
    1. Research and buy Gneisenau.
    2. Spec into tank build.
    3. End up in T9 battle.
    4. ….?!?!?!?
    5. PROFIT!

  8. I always had my concerns with this ship ever since her amor layout and test ships stats got released. I made a post talking about how underpowered she will be if she is released at this current state. My proposed changed are as followed
    1) Buff her reload rate to be 22 seconds so she can get under 20 seconds with main battery reload
    2) Increase her secondary range to be around 6.5-7km instead of 5km since she has 128mm (same caliber as kurfurst). To make that actually viable and usable
    3) Give her a bow plating of 40mm similar to other German cruisers
    4) Increase her main deck armor to be 32mm so she can bounce 431mm+ rounds.
    I feel like these changes will make her in line with other battle cruisers and bring enough to the table with her survivability and armor while her low amount of guns properly compensate the extra survivability that she will gain if my proposed changes are considered

    • I think with all your changes, she might become too powerful. I think 20s reload is reasonable, as well as 32mm deck armor. But changing bow plating and secondary on top of that is too much. Compare this to other T9 cruisers, she is already better protected and has higher HP than most. So I would only change reload, and either deck armor or secondary range like you suggested.

  9. I’ve seen a few Siegfried’s in random battles and just facing them they seem quite terrible. Almost able to ignore them fully because of how bad their damage output is.

  10. kopf auftischhau

    Image the gneisenau with that accuracy…it would be simply amazing.

  11. Would you rather have the Siegfried with Upgraded Scharnhorst?

  12. So as for 6 gun premium capital ships.
    We still need HMS Renown, HMS Repulse and Super Yamato . . . .and we’re golden.

    • I can sure hope so, but then again I remember that a while ago WG swore that 460mm will be the largest gun caliber in the game, ever.

      On the other hand, it *is* WG, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Super-Yammy…premium.

    • @Magnus Victor

      “WG swore that 460mm will be the largest gun caliber in the game, ever”

      Just wait till they run out of interesting ships to sell.

      The AP damage of Super Yama and Georgia (Ohio later on) shouldn’t be that different.
      1,750 kg vs. 1,900 kg which is a nearly negligible difference.
      In fact Super Yama will be even more difficult to play than Yamato because of those 6 guns.
      She’ll be slower too. (26 knots).
      Some people even said that Super Yama was a downgrade from the Yamato and it would have only worked if she had Radar directed guns.
      Look at Georgia for example.
      The hardest hitting AP shell in the game and Wargaming still have to give her gimmicks and slash the reload time otherwise nobody would have bought her.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      @Magnus Victor WG also said they will never make subs, and yet we got them for Halloween last year. The control config also still retains the settings for subs.

  13. george marnelakis

    give her 1 extra barrel per turret and she’ ll be fine!

  14. Siegfried manages to sit between two chairs.

    On one hand her guns bounce and doesn’t pen enough on battleships. On the other hand they tend to overpen cruisers. A bit like Roma. This wouldn’t be a problem if she had battleship survivability or high DPM. But she has neither of those. Hell, those issues are present in Bismarck and Tirpitz too, but they have the survivability and secondaries to back them up, and at a tier lower, and they can hardly be considered powerhouses even at their own tiers.

    So she doesn’t really have the tools to allow a player to carry with her. Sure, she is accurate, but that is all she has, and with 6 guns it just isn’t enough.

    And her ammunition is the classic German problem. Either weak damage HE or poor performance AP. Choose your poison.

    What is curious is that it seems the O-class was supposed to have had the classic German armoured bow and stern. Raising about a third the way to the weatherdeck. Interesting it didn’t make it in Lesta’s vision.

  15. I really enjoy your videos. You are polite, calm, no swearing, just enjoyable 🙂

  16. My Cleveland can get more consistent damage per salvo with IFHE and it reloads every 6.5s. At its current state I would prefer Sharnhorst to fight my T9 battles instead of this one that’s 2 tiers higher.

  17. Did the Siegfried really deserve losing a heal charge and torp range down to 6km ? News just dropped on wowsdevblog “to bring her in line with other German Cruisers … Looks like a misguided decision by WG to me …

    Karandar, NA

  18. Very bad DPM. Garbage armor profile that eats pens and citadels like they are going out of style. Plus she doesn’t have that waterline thicker plating at the bow and aft like the other high tier German cruisers have.

    So naturally, in response, Wargaming nerfed her today.

  19. maybe lower her in the water ,,, makes her harder to hit
    and/or increase ap shell velocity

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