World of Warships – Siegfried WiP – REAL GERMAN ACCURACY

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Holy shiet, the Germans actually got a ship with real accuracy :O


  1. Sorry for the delay on the Siegfried video. Originally wanted to do it before doing a Toronto to Halifax move, but stuff came up that I had to take care of before the move. Now I’m settled in Halifax so let the videos commence!

  2. IMO I don’t really like the idea of super heavy/large/battle cruisers in the game all that much. I think that they don’t offer enough advantages over cruisers but at the same time are also inferior to battleships in a straight up duel.

  3. Devblog already stated they be nerfing torprange to 6km and 1 less heal stock… Kinda sucks

    • Francisco DeTonne

      That nerf is unacceptable. WG forbid Germany gets good ships.

      WG: *raise RN BBs citadel, buff their RP*
      Also WG: *nerf Siegfried’s RP, do nothing about protection*

    • @Francisco DeTonne German ships aren’t supposed to be balanced, they need to suffer, to put the Germans in their place

    • of course, it’s not Russian. and it is way too good for shit German accuracy so there you go

    • The nerf to torp range is actually irrelevant, if you have to use torps on Siegfried things are desperate. On the other hand, that 1 lost heal does kinda hurt…but at the same time, you do want to have as much AR as possible on Siegfried…(usually don’t find myself using more than 4 heals a game in Siegfried anyways) 😀

    • @iChaseGaming not needed nerf then, if the torps are irrelevant and heals enough, let him that way. Nice vid. o7

  4. Maybe once there are enough super cruisers, they’ll be their own class in maatchmaking

  5. I was the Musashi iChase was shooting at. It was an honor to fight ya chief.

  6. … Mother dear, I’m writing you from somewhere in France,
    Hoping this finds you well.
    Sergeant says I’m doing fine, a soldier and a half,
    Here’s a song that we’ll all sing, it’ll make laugh!
    … We’re gonna hang out the washing on the Siegfried Line,
    Have you any dirty washing, mother dear?
    We’re gonna hang out the washing on the Siegfried Line,

  7. Honestly, the first half of the gameplay is literally why I stopped playing WoWS. Enemies giving you *perfect* broadside shots, at low speed or even static, your aim is perfectly on the right spot, and even with this *very accurate* cruiser, you were getting almost entirely misses and no-pens. Waaaaaaaay too much RNG for my taste any more, it just drove me away.

    • It’s not RNG. The game is rigged af. If you go look up most of the morons who are immune to dev strikes even when they sail like absolute shit-for-brains idiots… they are all wallet warrior mega whales. This game has no legitimacy on the competitive scene because it’s a rigged game.

    • @pr0skis Then there’s the fact that win / loss and kill / death ratios are NOT used in matchmaking calculations. WG is shit. In other breaking news, the sky is blue.

    • the nonpens are explainable that he just can’t penetrate what he hits at these ranges

    • @Kuhluh Fair, but broadside hits should be getting at least some into the superstructure or hull above the belt, his aim is right on, and dead flat on the upper belt armor isn’t THAT thick. And even then, only one or two guns out of his entire broadside was connecting, on a stationary target with perfect aim. That’s just way too damn much RNG for my taste.

  8. if only the German BB’s got accuracy anywhere near what this ship has, God knows they need some help

    • German bbs are basically useless in this meta. before you get close enough to brawl you’re already half dead burned cv’d torped to hell and back and then 75% of your shells still can miss at point blank. if not more.

    • Raul Alexandru Bota

      @Rasmus Finn ?? literally my last battle in Gneisenau, by the time I got 8 km from the enemys I’ve been burned and shelled for half HP than torpedoes does a lot of dmg and enemy Gneisenau gets to kill me ? Lord how accurate you can get sir

    • German BB need help ? Isnt it about their passive captains shooting at long range, waiting for citadels at every (poor) salvo ?

    • @krostouin Now I can’t speak for every person who plays the German BB’s but I try to play them as they were intended, as close range brawlers. But even then against broadside enemies at closer than 5km I will miss almost every shell. I don’t want these to be long range snipers (even though the current meta kind of forces them to be) I just don’t want to play these ships as intended and still have RNG ruin a point blank shot that should never miss

    • Raul Alexandru Bota

      @krostouin do you mean it? The current meta isn’t about brawling and it’s simple you want to push and play close? Good do it but the team won’t help you and you’re the best target for the enemy so yeah clearly with all the incoming ships and changes the German Battleships are going down even deeper.

  9. Siegfried = Mediocre but gets nerfed
    Slava = Brokenly OP but gets buffed

    WG logic and russian bias at its finest…

    • PickelJars ForHillary

      Do you want to go to the gulag?

    • After enough vodkas everything makes sense comrade

    • oh i liked the one when they said russian BB will have terrible accuracy at long range and then you get tripple-citadel’d from 18-20 km. Surely that captain was named Stalin

    • Dont forget the Musashi logic.
      97k HP at tier 9, 460 mm gun. WG nerfed secondaries, AA and accuracy from the Yamato. Seems legit from WG spreadsheet.
      Anyway I’m not gonna spend 1 million Free XP for that poor ship. Give it better armor or DPM, but make it playable.
      Currently, this ship is fun 1 game out of 4.

    • Funny huh, Russia and France allied in ww2, both get the best ships in wows despite having god awful navy’s lol

  10. PickelJars ForHillary

    Remember everyone, the spread sheet says we are having fun!

  11. When did you get the WIP privileges back after the whole fiasco a year or 2 ago

  12. Sukacita Yeremia

    So, she’s a tier IX furrytaco with myoko hull?

  13. Buff the armor with an icebreaker plate and the citadel protection of the other BCs and they’ll have my money. But I’m concerned this will end up like the German cruisers at mid tier with just enough armor to get every AP shell to stick and do max damage. CLs end up being tankier because you can on some level count on 9/10 BBAP shells to go straight through the other side.

  14. Daaaaaaaaayum. Halifax, eh? I was just there on vacation.
    If you like beer – go to Good Robot on Robie St. or Tidehouse Brewing on Salter St. (very close to Barrington).

  15. Great game. Nice ship,& good info plus no BS = Chase!

  16. Colbert 400 rds / min 10% fire chance gets a buff when these things get to camp with a friendly spotter – they are stupid op broken. No one will take a cap with one of these entrenched.
    .. Slava op super accurate ship need a nerf – being ignored … These 2 ships have no place in the ships world – they promote horrible play styles ….
    The above 2 – even Smolensk – should not come to the game as is – need huge adjustments…

    While The German armor scheme is brutal and gets nerfed – I wanted to love this ship – This was an outstanding game, but rare from the ones i have seen … so it is likely a pass for me in its current form.

    Karandar, NA

  17. Blaming aim, for 6 shells fired 3 shells landing and getting shit damage at only 70% of max range, on a broadside ship of same tier, REPEATEDLY …. Yeah, those don’t seem very impressive AT ALL.

  18. Just wanna suggest you watch the video and your mouse control. It’s kinda nauseating.

  19. So this is a Gneisenau moved to tier 9 with worse belt armor, better accuracy, and 1 extra torpedo. Right…

  20. Col. Commissar Ibram Gaunt

    WG: why did we do this you ask? Because our data says seal clubbing don’t exist, but mostly because……


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