World of Warships: Siegfried with Long Range Secondaries [WIP]

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I played a bunch of Siegfried matches with long range secondaries. I had some okay games, but nothing too great.
Siegfried is still a WIP and subject to change.

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 German cruiser Siegfried.


  1. 3rd times the charm?

  2. I’m very pissed off by both Youtube and the encoder at this time. The fact that it doesn’t even give me a warning there is so stupid it hurts. On top of that, youtube, for some reason, just didn’t give quality options on some uploads.

    • stefanos perivolaris

      Youtube and new parameters sucks cool vid

    • @stefanos perivolaris Thanks, but I’m not sure this can really be blamed so much on Youtube. It’s probably just bad luck with processing. I’m more annoyed at the encoder. I didn’t think that was even possible, because the media was clearly available in the timeline.

    • are they mentioned anything about siegfrieds currency yet? Im currently saving coal for smolensk

  3. Will siegfried be a premium or a normal research?

  4. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    How’s the reupload? (it took you 3 times)

    I’ll recomment this again:
    “The O-class cruiser is amazing, i can’t wait till her release, she’s basically a Gneisenau but bigger, the secondary builds can surprise destroyers, soon she’ll have ASW as submarines will come along as a new class. 38cm guns are really good. 😀

  5. What anime commander does he use?

  6. Armoured Gentleman

    Should have targeted you with my attack planes rather than the georgia. But i guess then we wouldn’t have had this video soooo 50/50 🙂

    • It would’ve just been a different match. I had quite many matches with results like this. This one just showed off her ability to still survive decently.

    • Armoured Gentleman

      Aerroon She does seem quite prone to bombs though. Just with HE she lost 12.8k health. I wonder if she is as vulnerable, if not more, to AP bombs. Have you had that experience yet?

    • @Armoured Gentleman Well, I wouldn’t say she’s prone to HE bombs. It’s just that she’s enormous (BB sized) and this makes you take lots of damage from HE bombs. 12.8k is quite normal for ships like Moskva, Stalingrad etc to be hit for.
      I also don’t know how vulnerable she is to AP bombs, but I suspect she is very vulnerable to AP bombs due to being German and even a cruiser.

    • Armoured Gentleman

      Aerroon Thanks for answering. Fair winds and following seas to you Aerroon 🙂

  7. for what it’s worth, your secondaries will fire while you are undetected in smoke.

    • The redReiter i noticed that a few days a go. Smoked up in my dd and a bismark sat in my smoke just peppering everyone with secondaries. Only started shooting when smoke gave out. He got top score, which made me laugh.

    • Yeah, I knew that one, but I figured that that was a special case.

  8. this ship is premium ship or i can buy him for coal?

  9. They need to buff her accuracy

  10. What a god damn horrible ship the Siegfried is. They oughta reduce her main battery reload time with maybe 2 seconds, and up those secondaries’ firing speed by perhaps 15-20% Then it would at least be slightly interesting.

    • I wonder if that would be enough to really change her. I think this is one of those ships that will never be an amazing performer of a ship without being OP. She just feels like that style of ship.

  11. Give her a 32 mm bow and 50 mm deck, improve the reload, and she _might_ start to be a good secondary ship

    • But then you’d also have to classify her as a battleship. Think about the implication it would have on clan battles if she got the buffs you suggested but still remained classified as a cruiser.

    • Aerroon I see where you’re coming from, but there isn’t really a written tradition of what seperates a battleship from a cruiser

      Cruisers are the single most varied and confusing class, ranging from Minotaur to Stalingrad. No other class has such disparities in armor or gun calliber, leading to some very confusing breeds of ships.

      The first iteration of Stalingrad, for instance, was basically a battleship. In tankiness, with the full 32 mm bow and the underwater citadel, and the firepower.

      I think the focus shouldn’t be on “what defines this as a cruiser” and “what crosses the bounds of ‘cruiser’ and becomes a full-on battleship,” because that debate isn’t likely to be resolved anytime soon.

      They have decided that Siegfried is going to be a cruiser already, as a result of her historical “battlecruiser” designation. And judging by their somewhat confusing secondary buff, and the side armor profile, they want it to be a brawling cruiser

      The question, rather, should be “how can we make this ship optimal for what we want her to be,” and I believe the removal of the vulnerability to citadels through the weakly armored front athwartships as a weakness, and the removal of the less than optimal DPM with only 6 guns to be a good solution to that.

    • @Kaga Kai I get what you’re saying, but something we need to consider even more is to make this balanced, so that she won’t be the ship picked in every game.

  12. Nice vid buddy, that 4k is sweet too.

    • Thanks, but for some reason the 4k on the encoded video actually doesn’t look as good as I had hoped. I think it’s just the colors that kinda ruin the encoding.

  13. >battleships decided not to battleship
    This sentence is so true and wise beyond believe

  14. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    The second smoke interaction doesn’t come up often but back when I was working through the German line I’d often hold my main battery fire if I ended up in a smoke cloud. they couldn’t see me and I was still getting some good passive dps.

    that said, if you’re in smoke in your German BB’s usually something has gone rather off the script.

  15. Outside of giving it 32mm bow and stern and a possible ice breaker, I really think WG should give it the option the mount the 28cm guns like on sharnhorst and nassau in the 3 guns per turret set up with something like a 15 – 20 second reload. Trade pen and overall damage for more rounds to throw down range and a faster reload. It might make this ship more worth a $70+ price tag.

  16. Heavy Cruisers tanking yeah I feel you. I just got my Yoshino last week and I’m tanking most of the time instead of BBs ^_^;;

  17. The Siegfried just seems like a failed concept to me. The best you can do with this ship is probably to snipe since the guns are accurate. Then again, at long ranges AP bounces and german HE is just bad. Brawling doesn’t really make sense as well, since you have the weakest Citadel Athwartship of any of those “supercruisers”. Giving her Bismarck secondaries only really turns her into a big floating meme. Siegfried is basically a Bismarck + Gneisenau lovechild that serves no real purpose..

  18. 0:58 Flying Citadell Shell ^^

  19. This ship has less DPM than the Jean Bart.

  20. Is this a gnesiunau as a cruiser???

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