World of Warships – Siegfrieds baby brother

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Agir is Siegfrieds baby brother or sistership, what ever you prefer.

Main difference is this ship has 9x305mm guns and 1 extra secondary turret per side, no plane and worse secondaries.

I did not know at the start of this battle that I was actually in Agir xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Agir just got nerfed again lmao

  2. You forgot what ship you brought and you ask the ship if its busted. The spreadsheet says vacation.

  3. Wish they’d reinstante the long range secondaries for Ägir since Siegfried has the long range atleast.

  4. “I’m such a f***en potato”— Flambass, 2020

  5. The Ägir is average at best and she got another nerf…..AP shell’s maximum damage reduced from 9,400 to 9,100… GJ WG

    • @DysphoricSmile Range was buffed from 17 to 18.5km, sigma buffed to 2.05 from 1.8 and reload buffed to 20s from 22s. But of course Reeeeddit is losing it’s shit over a small drop in shell alpha.

    • DysphoricSmile they remake the ship into a worse Alaska. Still better than Azuma from the looks of it, at least.

    • @WhiteWhale Most people are just stupid. They look at the one small thing that gets nerfed and act like it’s the end of the world and the ship is suddenly garbage while blatantly ignoring the buffs that make it more effective.

    • Shrayes Bhagavatula

      You didn’t read the whole thing. They also buffed the vertical disperion of the ship.


    • @I Gusti Praba Well Azuma is the worst “supercruiser” just a HUGE cruiser without armor, a HUGE cit and the SMALLER hp pool. At this video Ägir looks pretty solid and fun, lets see if WG dont nerf again “BECAUSE NEEDS MORE BALANS MY COMRADE”. German/Japanese lines have more drawbacks than any other ships, specially the premium ones… They are decent/meh against pretty good/solid Alaska and “special” russian ships like Stalingrad and new Heavy (OP) cruiser line… Only russian paperships have stupid “parameters” like extremely fast shells with improved pen angles, super heavy armor and high speed (yeah because russian ones have special physics)

  6. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Can’t wait for both O Class ships I wanna have them both side by side

  7. “Broadcidal” such an accurate description 5:58

  8. Richard Setya Budi

    I love how Flambass reaction after realizing his 2ndary

  9. Nguyen Johnathan

    Agir have too many nerfs which would drive people away from buying her, even Flambass you good at how handling Agir, but not to the other secondaries one-trick who just click and pew pew, all skill no luck.

  10. Meanwhile Riga has s better at anything this cruiser stands for.

  11. secondary builds are now completely trash so any ship that heavily depends on secondaries are trash. imo Agir needs identical range, dispersion and sigma to the Siegfried. then players can chose which play style they want. either fast reloading low caliber guns or more hard hitting bigger guns with slower reload. and the 26s reload on Siegfried is bad. needs to be tuned down to 23s

  12. 3 Ships giving full broadside, push into a Jean Bart, literally the only T9 BB that can’t overmatch Ägirs gigantic bow with its 100mm citadel armor right behind it. If it was a different BB, Ägir would have blow up after the second salvo.
    Also, can’t pen full broadside T7 Duke of York, at over 12 KM range? How close do you have to get to do damage to T10 beasts like Kremlin?

    • Can’t pen full broadside? That’s literally a double citadel.

      First salvo probably hit the turret.

    • @I Gusti Praba You are right, just checked, DoY (and KGV) is actually pretty thick, some parts of the armorbelt is 381mm armor. Ägir can pen that at about 12300 meters. Alaska has the same penetration power as Ägir, so Alaska would have had the same issue.

    • AnotherDora at 12km+ I always aim upper belt in Scharnhorst. All super cruiser except the Soviet steel supreme would probably be better to do that too.

      Once under 10km, this ship wreck the DoY pretty hard.

  13. WG Nerf when!? Outrageous someone is enjoying German line

  14. @ Flambass do upload the entire 1v1 on YT like last time it was quite fun

  15. WG: What, I good performing ship without a flag of the russian navy? Nerf immediately!

  16. MonkTheWorldTree

    WG: Quick! CC likes german ship, better nerf it!

  17. FLAMBASS: These ships seem balanced.

    WG: We have to NERF these right now.

  18. Emanuel Gonçalves Santos

    Sir, look-out reports: nerfs incoming!

  19. Flambino: I quite like this *GERMAN SHIP*
    WG: So you have chosen NERF

  20. Bigsmily2001 [aka King_Beaufort]

    His reaction when he realizes he is Agir, worth.

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