World of Warships – Significantly More Russian

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Q. What can a single Soviet Cruiser do that an AA-spec Cleveland, Hindenburg, Yugumo and Midway can’t?
A. Whatever you can edit the video to make it look like.

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  1. I’m just here because I saw 30 seconds ago

  2. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    “Midway is OP!”

    Roosevelt users: FIRST TIME?

  3. Although that CV was probably very good, some deplaning would be nice to see.

    • @mjxw Hm , maybe, maybe he just prefers bombs and rockets. I mostly don’t want to be all “Carriers are completely OP” because it’s not that often I see a situation like this. Should they be rebalanced? Yes. Is it their alpha-damage and accuracy that are the Problems? Probably not. Although alpha-damage would decrease with deplaning being a thing.

    • @DerPolygonianer Jingles caters to potatoes, and crys about CVs and dead eye in literally every video, he used to be a good Youtuber, dunno why im still subbed to him.

    • He played well but that’s part of the problem. Good players are being given that many tools to carry with.

    • both cruisers and the dd were on very low health, so not exactly difficult for a CV to sink them, no matter how “intact” the AA on those cruisers is

    • @Th. K. The CV miight have even specd the captain for more robust aircraft, letting him tank the AA fire better.

  4. And I was just thinking about going to sleep

  5. its fitting as in germany “AA” means poop xD

  6. That first clip made me want to rage quit the game

  7. 8:54 heck of a cross torp

  8. How many players have wargaming lost with this carrier bullshit anyway, I know me and my mates make at least five.

  9. I was having a discussion on russian bias with someone a few weeks ago. his response at some point: “If you can’t beat them, join them. I’m having lots of fun in my Petro.” – My response to that: “Hmm… that’s good advice. I’m gonna go play more CV games now.” – his response: **surprised pikachu face** 😀

  10. thanks for reminding me why I stopped playing this game.

  11. This does prove how inconsistent AA can be.

  12. i miss the 3 first year in wows, before WG developers start destroy the game and fun to play it..but have to edmit they have done a god damn good job destroying the game.. 🙁

  13. WOWS turned into “World of CVs and slowly moving targets” (or WOCVASMT for short)

  14. CVs are very balanced so long as whatever ship you’re driving happens to be:
    Never actually existed.

  15. The Cleveland should’ve dodged…

  16. I saw this and went on my break at work…

  17. “BuT cV hAs LiMiTeD pLaNeS!!1” * cocks shotgun*
    “WAIT, u where out of position, bad AA, stick togeather…” *puts away shotgun*
    “umm git gud and just dodge?” *Loads 18.1 inch Type 3 shells*

  18. Yep, fuck CV’s

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