World of Warships – Silent Hunter

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Yes, that’s a Destroyer in the thumbnail. No I’m not going crazy. Well… crazier.

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  1. Playing silently is a nice concept. Good luck with a Malta, Petro and Balao on your flank.

  2. i’d never open up in a fletcher against a udaloi at 8km, because he will start kiting and with American ballistics you’re gonna be screwed in a long range engagement against a udaloi.

  3. Wow. Well done man. Crazy game.

  4. Goddamn, that BB player is more salty then the ocean…

  5. Thanks so much for putting this up for us. Modder Fin you sir are an excellent player and congrats on that stellar win! 🙂

  6. Underneath The Underneath

    That end game was mad

  7. No bullshit. This is the smartest Play with Fletcher I ever saw! That man probably has very low average damage, but a winrate of 80% in this ship!

  8. great game there, a master class in how to use a destroyer.

  9. This is not a World of Warships replay, it’s a snooker match replay, complete with hushed commentary from Jingles. 😀

  10. This game was so incredibly enjoyable to watch compared to the guns blazing ones!

  11. A masterclass by marderFIN! Enjoyed his gameplay and as usual, Jingles’ commentary!

  12. I giggled when you said the Takahashi was a very dangerous light cruiser.

  13. Man that MangoMaster was rage inducing just on his own
    Seriously every time someone’s mouthy they have 0 kills

    • Someone said i was useless once, i was the only one defending an entire left flank (lemmingtrain to the right alert) and managed to do so for almost entire match and getting 5 kills (fully upgraded Tiger 1 H with full crew skills

    • just like the sex starved are usually mouthy buggers mate

  14. Jingles: The enemy team has a Takahashi of their own. And that is a very dangerous light cruiser
    Me: Starts laughing uncontrollably.

  15. Damn this guy was awesome! I hope we see more from him in the future!

  16. damn man, upon spotting the title i immediately thought Jingles was featuring a submarine game.
    however, now i have watched the video i am very happy to have watched this master class in using a destroyer.

  17. I love these smart play matches. Very well played.

  18. Earlier in the battle, the U-2501 used his surveillance. It was most likely on cooldown until after the Amagi died. (I haven’t played in a while, not sure how long the cooldown is)

    • Yes it was. He used it at 5:18-6:18 and at 8:05-9:05 so the cooldown went off just about at 10:53. Base preparation is 5 minutes 30 seconds. It is active for 1 minute and base cooldown is 2 minutes. On the second and third time using it the enemy sub wasn’t spotted. So he was probably at the surface. Surfacing could have given the position of the enemy sub but the enemy would have also spotted him with a Vladivostok in line of sight to shoot at him. The only option would have been Hydrophone to get a general idea of the position without actually spotting the enemy sub. The Amagi should have paid more attention and should have been more cautious.

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