World of Warships- Simply, The BEST Battleship In Game

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Hey guys! Today we talk about the Montana, the Tier X American battleship, a battleship I would argue is simply the best in the game! Enjoy!

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  1. The Montana was my first tech tree tier 10 ship as well. As soon as the USS Maine was announced I knew that IF I ever planned to get it, I would need to know how the Montana operated.

    I love the “fattelships” moniker you used! I’ve never heard that before but it’s very accurate.

  2. Playing since closed Beta – you are correct the Japanese battle ships were first closely followed by the USA line but even in the close Beta time we had a full line of American and Japanese BB, CR and DD.

    Even now both American and Japanese BB still stands up today… I dare you to take the Fuzo out and not have fun

  3. Guess poor Sealord forgot about the Ohio’s existence in this game, ahh well, Montana comes closeish

    • Ohio is a straight up upgrade, but he’s talking about a general great, easily acquired BB. Any new player can get a Montana fairly quickly. An Ohio, that’s going to take a looooong time.

    • ​@Kyle Augustineohio is worth it tho

    • The difference between 12×16″ and 8×18″ is meaningful. It remains a good ship, certainly a fully viable ship in competitive terms, after all this time and despite the “powercreep” that is a reality in the game.

    • Until you have a sub stalking you 8kms away and you can’t do anything about it because it’s soo slow and has an anemic ASW range.

    • Emir Celalettin KATIRCI

      ​@shawn steeneMontana in today’s meta is not effective enough. When you have the higher caliber that overmatch and much more armored ships around you lose in average. Not to mention HE spammers.

  4. I’d take expert loader instead of preventative maintenance.

  5. My first T-X ship
    Love it, its comfortable to use but can be underwhelming sometimes

  6. Took my a long time to like the Montana, I was a die hard Yammy fan. At least until I finally climbed up the original German BB line and basically haven’t looked back since. It is a solid ship and does well in the current (slow/boring/sniper) meta of the random matches.

  7. I’d Love to hear a debate on this topic between you and Flambass. 🙂

  8. My first t10 as well. Still a great boat

  9. My first tier 10 was the Grosser Kurfurst and then they removed it from the tech tree.

  10. Finally got monty, my damage improve tremndously😂 new player here. Im grinding des moine now

  11. Old og tier10 bbs are the best but funny enough.. 130 ships later NC tops the most number of battles played! She really gave me the silvers to purchase most ships

  12. My favorite T10 BB. It can do pretty well at close range too. Not perfect for brawling, but for anyone who hates the “sniping all game” meta, Montana is amazing.

  13. Could you do a video about cruisers that have the “no armor is best armor” scheme?

  14. On a similar note the Iowa is my favorite BB in current T9 ranked. Everyone expects a bunch of Pommerns and JBs and seems to downplay the Iowas … until the first AP salvo lands broadside. The only issue is without the Premium you burn money on flags fast.

    • I got the bonus package on my Iowa for just that reason. Now it functions as a premium. You have to try to lose money in it, even without boosts and without prem time.

    • The hardest I ever got hit in this game without a detonation involved was by Iowa against my Iwami, we were both coming around the same Island and he got the shot off first. He hit me for 69k 1 salvo. Neither of us could believe it. I was full health so I survived for another minute but it was nuts.

  15. I also went for the Iowa as well (coolest looking battler ever made) but found it underwhelming in game. I think alot of people are in love with the rl iowa

  16. I’ll have it soon enough, thanks for the solid review of it.

  17. Looking forward to getting this ship soon

  18. Please do a guide on Omaha. It’s a difficult ship, and about 98% player base plays it wrong.

  19. Yeah, it was the first tierX i grinded, and also many other players. We can argue if Yammie is better, well probably in terms of guns, but Yammie has that voulnerable spot below front turrets… And dont say Ohio or other RPship is better since you need quite some time to get it… still i prefer Iowa over Montie, but
    Montie ruled back in the old days (4 or more yrs ago)

  20. I have never played her even though she’s been in my port for at least 2 years. Since I have the Ohio I just don’t see any reason to. I believe the saying was: “Ohio is what the Monty should have been”.

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