World of Warships: Sims Earns Top XP

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A random battle played by Jimijaz in the .


  1. Sims always makes me a surprising amount of XP. It’s a go to ship anytime a mission comes up that requires “earn X amount of XP”

  2. Not that interesting when you have this kind of tryhard divisions with 2 dedicated aa ships (also dds)

  3. Thx for the commentary Aetam. I only sent that one in because it was such a wierd game, that could only happen in a Sims with it’s wacky xp modifier. FWIW, if you knew a cv was going to be in a game, you’d probably run an AA spec boat too.

    • I would run def aa and probably the aa module anyway. Carriers are scary as a dd. The question is what captain skills. Though the aa skills also buff your guns.

  4. Can Sims’s AA be considered as a T7 Kidd?

  5. Bit of a selfish play, not smoking up the new Orleans. He basically left him hanging in open water against 2 battleships.

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