World of Warships- Sims- My Favorite Premium (148,000 Damage)

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here with a great game in the in T9 MM. I make a push to B, take down the First Blood medal, and then defend the area while doing a lot damage and winning a nail biter.

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  1. Love the Sims. But my favorite premium DD is the Harekaze. Also enjoy the Gallant and Leningrad.

  2. I’ve thought about getting her but just can’t deal with those torpedoes being used to tier VIII and above US ones.

    • BIA World of Warships

      American DD’s are my most played DD nation, and while your statement is very true I just love the flexibility.

    • BIA World of Warships yeah and I really want a premium US destroyer. I’m also not so keen on the Kidd since its torpedoes are also pretty limited. Although not a true US DD, I really love my Lo Yang.

    • T K I love the Lo Yang too (sneaky snake here). It’s a fun bote

  3. Since now u made a sims guide why not make a leningrad commentary ??
    P.S im kinda struggling with the lenin so a little guide on it will be more helpful

    • BIA World of Warships

      Total football, I cannot do that since I do not have a Leningrad, however my friend Puddin does have one. I’ll see what he can do.

  4. Terry Hollenbaugh

    Very good game, TheSneakySnake. That’s what I meant by close game, win or lose a nail biter at the end. Because M I A always has a card up their sleave

  5. Hey Sneaky, enjoyed the video as always. I too enjoy playing the Sims. Is there any way you can increase your mic volume? I find your vocals are kinda low. Thank you for the videos.

  6. “Look at where the shells are landing”, and never shows them landing. Haha, love your work sneaky :). You make it look so easy too but when us mortals try…..
    Keep up that smooth commentary too, very easy to listen to.

  7. Personappy, I ise the 9.2km sea mine torpedoes! They reload quicker, so you can just chuck them out freely, and they actually have the range to hit many more targets.

    I know they only deal 8500 max damage (so figure ~3k to ~6k damage against most BBs or cruisers with bulges) I onow they only move at 49 knots, but I have found that I land DRAMATICALLY more torps per game with the 9.2 km set!

    And when, in the Sims – you are already dealing so much damage with the main guns, landing just a couple 8500 damage torps per game, maybe cause a flood – you are doing WELL!

    Also, you have to figure that if for NOTHING ELSE – the 9.2km set are better at FORCING targets onto a railroad!

    • BIA World of Warships

      You make some very valid points; I just cant get over the horrible speed, and I feel that using torpedo speed skill to increase it by five knots just isn’t worth it. It’s totally viable tho

  8. Love the videos dude! Sims is an AWESOME ship, I am glad you do her far better justice than pretty much anyone I have seen!

  9. 16:00 – Yet another reason to use 9.2 km set! You COULDA hit him with some of those, and if you hit the nose, you get full 8500 damage and a high chance to cause a flood!

    But that is just me. To each his own, and I KNOW when sitting in smoke and firing – if someone charges you, having those FAR faster and more damaging torpedoes is definitely a big advantage.

    But for just chucking metal fishes around the map, 9.2 km set reload in just 60 odd seconds and can reach out obviously. Between the range and the SLOW SPEED comes an advantage; the slow long range torps are in the water for ages, making a lucky hit on some target you had not noticed much more possible- they be sea mines m8!

  10. gg…also my favourite premium ship…it doesn’t have anything outstanding but it’s a fantastic all round ship, and it has a great impact on every game if played correctly

  11. worst commentary ever. not once did you say how you got this ship

  12. I love when the MM gives to one team 4 radar ship and to the other none, well played man ?????,
    But I agree with Puddin below ???

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