World of Warships – Sims – The Poke Poke Machine

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If you have the , know that you have a great Poke Machine 😛

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  1. I am starting to like Sims a bit more, but not as much as Mahan due to arc
    and torps. DE is important, I do agree.
    You mentioned Gearing with DE as an option. Yes, it could be, but I went
    with Survival instead. Those 4,000 extra HP help.

    As T7 goes, Blyskawica is best, then Mahan, then Sims (IJN I do not have T7
    anymore, but do have T8 & T9)

  2. Battleship sails in a straight line at fixed speed “Why do I never win?”
    Um… I find that the only way to even stand a chance is to go bow in and
    charge, if you manage to dodge torps and get secondaries then you can do
    well, managed 3 DD kills in my BB yesterday in one battle.

  3. Robert “Native New Yorker” Quiles

    I find that many Cruiser, Battleship, and Carrier players expect the
    Destroyer player to be the one that goes out and caps. I found myself being
    left out there as a decoy being shot to pieces while they team flees and
    huddle in the back. lately when some slick player starts giving orders to
    cap, I respond, Go right ahead and I’ll follow you. They never go out to do
    what they tell other to do.

  4. Sims is the ship that keeps on giving; I have over 1 million free xp on
    this tin can. This small, agile, and unforgiving vessel made it possible
    for me to reach rank 1 in the latest ranked season. Because of the high DD
    count in ranked, I opted for Survivability Expert to get that competitive
    edge and which proved to be the best choice for my play style. Also, I
    choose the 9.2Km torps with Juliet Whiskey Unaone (+15% chance of causing
    flooding) flag to deal with BBs and to clog flags and common approaches
    which hindered enemy movements and bagged a few early kills.

  5. 16:03 is just a tactic, I do it often as well. Pretending you are a
    fortress (world of fortresses?), many ships tried it in real life (even

  6. Hi Chase … question for you: Why DE over SE? I’ve had quite a few games
    in a USN DD where I escaped from a bad spot with under 2000 hp and would
    have died if not for SE. It’s actually a debate I have with myself to this

  7. I played one week on a friend’s account to grind the ARP Haguro mission for
    him while he was on holiday and mostly played his Sims. Now I really regret
    not buying it for my own account when it was on sale a month ago. I really
    like it.

  8. Am I the only who thinks that the torp salvo at 5:56 of the video (between
    the island and what looked like a cruiser) was ill advised and that iChase
    was lucky not to inflict TK damage?

    Also glad to hear someone else mention that USN destroyer guns beyond 11km
    are rough due to the shell velocity (or lack there of).

  9. Nicely shown what is wrong with the game.
    The Sims were hit multiple times with shells of 350+ mm and lost about 1k
    HP each time.
    Even with an overpen the DD has a hole from 350mm in the side and an exit
    hole which is significant larger.
    Does this count in the gameplay, surely not but why? A hit from such a
    shell could break the little ship in half but citadels on a DD why

  10. Is only game Tirpitz. Why you heff to be mad? ;)

  11. Very much enjoy my Sims. This is exactly how I play mine. bluetail ->

  12. Jaroslav “Mar_All” Hromatka

    Finally, Chase understands why Sims is so STRONG. :-)

  13. i have bought this ship when they where alst on sale, if im going good, i
    get 100 hits, with around 40 000dmg, but sometimes, most of them, i only
    get 15-30 hits

  14. I sold mine sometime after launch. I still don’t regret it to this day.

  15. Yeah that was me in the schors, that was super annoying getting hit in good

  16. iChase, instead of using the Engine Boost consumable you can also use
    Defensive AA. The Sims’ AA isn’t very good, but it will prevent enemy CV’s
    from sniping you. If you do that I recommend using a speed flag so you
    still have a nice 40,5 knots (something like that) top speed. It worked out
    very well for me in Ranked Battles and although in Random there are fewer
    CV’s, you still have the higher top speed that’s very handy to avoid being
    hit. 🙂
    I completely agree with you on the Demolition Expert instead of AFT for the

  17. I do not have the Sims but I did see the Sims in a good number of rankend
    it seems a better gunboat than the Mahan
    better in fighting other DDs and capping the point

  18. gremy ( russian tier V premium ship ) is much better, can U play with gremy
    and put that video to

  19. iChase please tell me you saw the comment about torps in your last vid. I
    might just get atsf to make the vid for it tho since he is on my server lel

  20. Not that many CV’s anymore BUT my Sims has no problem being perma spotted
    by planes coz defensive fire, manually target planes and manual AA skill
    swats em right down. yes i did run DE for quite some time and it boosts
    overall damage, but being perma spotted is BAD and its 1 less threat to
    worry about.

  21. Guys, would you put Demo expert or AFT on high tier IJN DDs?

  22. You typed that smiley face partly because of the LOLOLOLOL song that was
    playing in the background…which was suggested by me :D

  23. you shouldn’t really be apologizing to that tirpitz, he was quite a
    prolific teamkiller before the increased penalties. I.E. a weapons grade
    asshat for sure.

  24. Looked at the Tirpitz’ stats. Obvious why he’s mad ^^

  25. Any tips for Nicholas?

  26. lmao you pulled a notser.

  27. The Tirpitz noob is just epic.

  28. Main US DD’s and SE is best IMO, but high Tier Meta where BB’s will park
    bow in, DE becomes more attractive, AFT is a rubbish pointless perk for US
    DD, they’re so ridiculously agile you barely need to inviso fire.

  29. What skills do you recommend for the Gremyaschy?

  30. I find the 9k torps for Sims & Mahan are really good in Ranked Battles, as
    people are getting channelled & are on the whole more aggressive you can
    area deny & usually get hits

  31. Awww the Salty and dumb SMS Tirpitz Captain hasn’t shown up threatening
    Ichase to take down the video or at least dislike the video yet. He should
    have, so we can all make fun of him.

  32. Russian destroyer, should I bother with concealment expert or get DE and

  33. thumbs up for USN DD…..

  34. I have gotten my sims AA up to 49 and with defensive fire I shout down 5
    out of 8 torpedo bombers from a hyiru he was like HOW lol

  35. 16:03 I didn’t know this was a Notser video

  36. lee christmasgaming

    is the USN 127mm guns arcs accurate in real life?

  37. wait a minute shouldn’t the Gearing get the Survival Expert one?

  38. While AFT is quite nice, I am inclined more inclined to demo expert with US
    DDs due their gun arc. It is really only possible to harass battleships
    while stealth firing and even that is a pain to judge the correct lead,
    especially if the BB captain has some idea of how to use his WASD keys.
    Soviet ships tend to be the ones that are better suited for AFT with their
    flatter firing arc and need to stay at distance due to their larger size,
    poorer maneuverability, and slower turret rotation time. IJN benefits from
    AFT was well due to almost the same reasons and it gives them the chance to
    stealth fire as well.

  39. Hey @iChaseGaming, what are your opinions on AFT or Demo expert for the

  40. All my USN DD skippers use DE. With those shell arcs AFT just make your
    shell stay in the air painfully long XD
    Hopefully Sims can get the same torp option as Mahan,
    Sims my Ranked ship for the last season.

  41. I use def AA fire on sims to piss off all the CVs as well

  42. I really need to know does demo expert is better than aft for us dd?? I
    have them on my Russian dd not us

  43. Hey Chase, do you have some recommendation on how to spec an Anshan/Gremmy
    I bought that ship and struggled to pick what kind of role should she be, a
    gunboat or torpboat (with decent gun).

    If I spec for gunboat, I’d have to skip CE since I need both AFT and DE.
    If I spec for Torpboat with guns, I can’t have both AFT and DE.

    Currently which set do you think is more viable for solo random battles? I
    don’t do ranked or any sort of real competitive battles.

  44. On my Fletcher, I actually run SE because I like to brawl against opposing
    DDs. Since re-specing is cheap right now, Ill try out DE.

  45. this ship long range torpedo is the biggest joke in the game.
    9.2 km 8k damage and slow as fuck. they rarely hit the target and even if
    they do, they deal meager damage.

  46. Chase, for the gremmy do you advice aft or DE?

  47. Great Vid, iChase. Hey, would you play the tier 5 Nicholas the same way as
    you played the Sims in this clip ?

  48. I guess every BB driver already had that experience of being in the
    receiving end of a barrage of HE shells that slowly but surely tick away at
    your health while the fire rages… You rage wishing that the destroyer
    would come near for secondary fire or that your guns could reload faster so
    you can shoot him(if you can see him). Or you just rage because all of the
    cruisers doing other things and can’t help you. Yeah right… Anyway, nice
    vid Chase!

  49. DDs have no honor!!!!!!

  50. iChase – almost ALL of us can understand the rage of the Tirpitz… most
    all of us have been there. But I’m so used to Notser saying “I pulled a
    notser” when he runs into an island, i was waiting for you to say it. BTW –
    I just set my Fletcher commander to DE and SE after a suggestion from other
    players. It plays much better that way – thanks for this vid, enjoyed it.

  51. Love all the SALT, if only the noob t8 players with premmie ships actually
    quit every time they said they were going to quit.!!!!

  52. How use described how you play the Sims is the way i play the Benson.

  53. Imagine running aground was realistic. Flooding, reduced speed, and a good
    amount of damage taken

  54. I wouldn’t recommend either Advanced Firing Training or Demolition Expert
    for DDs. Survive Expert is what I go with and it’s saved my bacon numerous
    times. Best four point skill for a DD captain IMO. I have enjoyed the Sims
    far more than I thought I would when I bought it, especially in Ranked
    Battles. It’s gotten my my highest base exp game in WoWS so far too.

  55. Demo. Expert on gunboat is pretty much a given. Why are you late for the
    party, Chase? :D

  56. SA or demo?

  57. I use SA

  58. u have an uppdate to how to enable training room ==? the aslains aint
    working for me .. つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  59. I love the tier 8 premium soviet cruiser, but what I’d frustrating is that
    I keep getting over 100k games and come within 5000-1000 fire damage to the
    wither award. Because what I like to do is play like a Russian dd, use
    smoke and hide in it, shot at BBs until on fire and wait for them to burn
    damage control, when that happens set fire to another BB and wait for them
    to burn damage control, then switch back to the first BB and set more
    fires, once on fire I switch to the other targets to burn them as well. It
    works, and it really pisses the BBs off.

  60. I’m liking Sims, bought the package with Yubari so I could low tier with
    some friends. I want Benson and/or Fletcher but really don’t want to invest
    in more captains. So I’m torn on buying Lo Yang and getting another orphan

    Question – if you are using DM captain, that means no last stand, right?
    That goes against everything holy with DDs… or am I missing some hidden
    strength in the US DDs?

  61. Chase. I tend to take SE instead of DE on USN DDs. Would you recommend I

  62. That was a great meteor show… errr… battle!

  63. I know anger’s something people rarely respond to with empathy, but I feel
    the pain of that Tirpitz xD The power of fires is one of (if not the) most
    frustrating thing in Wows. Especially how some ships seem to burn more than
    others (for noooo reason).

  64. Dunkerque is out being tested by the devs, cant wait!!!!

  65. Was this the match that happened during stream on Saturday and the Lol song
    was playing?

  66. It’s kind of funny you brought back the Sims after so long. I just now
    found out (well, not knowing to full extent) what happened to the real USS

  67. Only US DD I run AFT on, is my AA mod Fletcher, it so much fun trolling
    CV’s. Current record is 36 planes killed with it. For some reason Gearing
    AA is slightly weaker, Fletcher with everything but manual AA, has a 74
    rating, with flag of course. Otherwise I totally agree demo expert is where
    its at for US DD line.

  68. Butthurtpitz :)

  69. Schools Undefiable

    Is Mahan pronounced ‘May-han’ or ‘Mah-han’? I always say ‘May-han’

  70. I have literally the same experience to you with the Sims XD hated her for
    months, forgot about her then discovered shes actually pretty damn good

  71. Consider this vessel a pesky, rascal mosquitoes that can tickle you to death
    That why you called it Poke POke Machine xD

  72. inclinedtorun: he drank the ocean water
    inclinedtorun: so salty

    inclined is the real MVP

  73. life of a battleship:
    I’m on fire… but it’s a destroyer so what if torps… *dodges torps, uses
    damage control on 2 or 3 fires* aaaaand I’m on fire again…

  74. Chase, try playing a Farragut with AFT and concealment expert. thatll give
    u a 4-5km window of opportunity to invisifire and just piss off everyone
    cuz you’re just raining HE on them and they cant do a damn thing about it,
    resulting in lots and lots and lots of salt. quite satisfying.

    I’m the Amagi on the salty tirpitz’s team

  76. Biljana Marjanovich

    chase what is your opion on carriers right now?

  77. Lol the poke poke mechanism for ruining everything

  78. first

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