World of Warships – Sims To The Rescue

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Sims on Two Brothers pushes the western flank in a attempt to run into a enemy destroyer or a isolated ship. We run into a Omaha and start to gun him down. A enemy Aoba shows up and we’re given a nice broadside target to use AP. The enemy was pushing the eastern flank just as hard, I decide to return home for defense. We arrive just in time to turn the tide and protect our team from losing the game. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII American Destroyer Sims Replay


  1. Notser after update plz make 1 video with Lixington plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Thanks Notser :D,now I know how to play destroyer properly

  3. Yay Notser features my most played ship the Sims! This little beauty has
    trained my Gearing captain to his 5 point skill which now has Camo expert
    and 6.6kl detection too!!

  4. Damm Notser that 12,569 XP is off the charts !! last weekend with the 3XP
    bonus I think was averaging
    around 7,000 XP for the first win of the day per-ship,,didn’t have any
    bonus XP flags. what was the 12,569 –a 3XP bonus plus a +300 free XP flag,
    plus the extra XP bonus Camo ???

  5. sims? … You’re serious? What a lame name.. 😛 haha

    Grr number 197 to like.. Some lucky bastard is getting my number 200..

  6. and offcourse great game Notser.

  7. Great to see that the Sims is getting some Notser love to. Good training

  8. Awesome game man… And how you handled the Atlanta showed calm and class.
    It’s nice to watch these reviews without a bunch of senseless swearing and
    name calling, keep it up!!!

  9. Awesome game Notser that was very entertaining to watch..

  10. my first time seeing you play the Sims. gg

  11. Great save of the game Notser. Both you and the New Mexico had a game,
    while the others manned the lemming train…
    Sad to see that happen so often…

  12. I hate the Sims. I think it’s counter part is the Mahan for same Tier?
    Would much rather use the Mahan than the Sims. GG though Notser!

  13. Good job

  14. I’m sorry, but I am subbing, I subbed because you were the only high skill
    youtuber for WoWS I had found, but, the way you narrate overall just feels
    so very very cringe-y to listen to making is rather
    displeasing/head-ache-inducing to listen to. Sry m8,

  15. lol, Notser you are amazing. I know players who would completely lose their
    shit at that Atlanta and go make a 20 minute video about what an absolute
    shitty human being he was, and instead you’re just like “whatever, man” and
    keep playing.

    Which pays off in the end, he either got over whatever grudge he held, or
    decided he couldn’t make the famous YTer shoot back or if he was just in
    the red mist and seeing enemies all around him, but he spotted in the end
    so you could stay in the smoke and kill stuff.

    Guess that goes to show that it’s better to give people a chance than to
    just immediately go for the throat.

  16. I miss the old prenerf Sims from the closed beta which actually had good
    muzzle velocity on her guns.

  17. The only proven strategy in World of Warships is to bitch about the players
    who’s play style is different than your own.

  18. I’m pretty sure the Atlanta was just a derp. No malice. He probably saw
    that hte cap was in danger from enemy DDs, didn’t notice you running down
    the channel. Then you killed the Anshan and you were the only DD in the
    smoke he knew an enemy DD was in. So obviously you were that enemy DD. Once
    it was clear that you were in fact not an enemy, he shot at actual enemies.

    In the end it worked out, and with no team damage. Though he was a bit of a

  19. Brian Lock (神通)

    Noster, so 55knots is slow, 57knots suddenly become op

  20. Well I don`t think he wanted to TK you Notser then he most likely would
    have since you didn’t retaliate. A couple of months ago I was targeted by a
    “teammate” in my CV apparently he had died to airdropped torps from me and
    now he wanted revenge in his BB. A long story short two Nicholas players in
    a division torped him from each side with six torps each, it was B E A
    Utiful. Reported the BB and compliment the DD:s and that was the end of

  21. Hate games like this with a stupid team that leaves a flank undefended, and
    leaves only one or two poor souls trying to desperately defend base. I
    can’t count how many times my DD had to suspend the attack plan and
    speed-boost back to help an overwhelmed flank, like you did. Excellent job

    On top of that, the derps run as close to the border as they can, putting
    themselves out of the fight for most of the game. Stupid.

  22. Stephen Chu (朱朱)

    The problem of a great save from the idiotic lemming train like this one is
    those lemmings now think the “strategy” works and will insist on doing it
    again and again. They didn’t pay attention to the situation to begin with,
    they certainly wouldn’t realize what won the game for them.

  23. Sweet game. American destroyers are the greatest. keep them coming.

  24. top DD game……
    considering you had a green team zombie train thing going on up the west
    it looked like you and a couple of others were the only ones taking it to
    the enemy..
    and not a scratch until 3/4 of the way through the game………..
    from a secondary from that Colarado….
    nice one notser……
    happy hunting……

  25. Looking forward to this coming back on sale. I never picked it up during
    closed beta, idiot!!
    Great video as always.

  26. this ship is a great DD hunter…especially if u come across a IJN
    DD…that’s what I do when I play this ship, just focus on the IJN
    destroyers and make them my no.1 priority

  27. on 2 brothers map people go down the A1-2 line because I think that they’re
    scared of DD’s

  28. Good game. For a gunboat, the Sims compares well with the Benson: longer
    range guns, more maneuverability vs. the Benson’s more HP and slightly less

  29. Really would be nice if they would sell this ship in the premium shop
    again, or any American premium aside from the Atlanta. Funny you had an
    Atlanta shooting at you. I had a friendly Colorado shooting at me on
    purpose the other night because he didn’t like me sitting in my smoke
    shooting at the enemy. He then gave away my position in chat until the end
    of the game. This was not an accident, it was a special snowflake child who
    isn’t used to losing and blamed everything that went wrong in that game on
    me. He then sent a chat message to me in port telling me that I should
    uninstall the game and kill myself (literally his words). Mind you I never
    replied to him in chat or gave him a reason to get “real life” upset. I
    reported him to customer service with screen shots. Hopefully he is
    permanently banned, but I doubt it. What blows my mind is that I had over
    1200 base XP on a loss, but yet in his mind I was so bad that he felt that
    shooting at me, giving away my position, and then finding me in port chat
    to tell me to go kill myself was justified? Looks like someone forgot their
    sunshine meds that day.

  30. sometimes i feel pretty sad when only me to defend the base and like 6-7
    enemy ships on me.

  31. and thanks for the hint, never used AP on the SIMS :)

  32. he has not the skill to kill you? don’t underestimate noobs :D

  33. Great work in the Sims. However, if you hadn’t the presence of mind and map
    awareness the SS Lemming that sailed off would’ve ended up as a defeat.
    Lemmings just absolutely ruin games. More often than not, they all end up
    being killed before they can push or die trying because they just don’t
    support one another properly.

  34. Random, bug have you got the Yamato yet?

  35. nice gameplay Notser!! When do we see you on the EU-Server so you can facce
    some real threats ;-)?

  36. I hated the Sims at first, but YT videos showed me how to play it. my win
    rate in this ship has jumped from <42% to over >52% in a few weeks. It’s
    also the ship with my highest base xp, >3900. in addition I think that over
    the dozen or so games where I have scored >3000 xp, all but two have been
    in the Sims. I love this thing, it’s rate of fire is awesome, I like to
    ripple fire, which gives an almost constant stream of shells landing on the
    enemy. Just popping smoke, loosing torps and firing at a couple of ships is
    often enough to break a determined enemy push and embolden your own team.

  37. Pretty good for a Sims, I don’t hear much good about it or the Atlanta.

  38. Play kitakami next please it have 40torps

  39. Nyaaaaah! You should play more Atlanta! She can be so incredibly fun!

  40. 2st comment!

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