World of Warships – Sinful

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The day after the announcement of Pan-European Destroyers in World of Warships, what better than to watch a battle featuring an American cruiser?

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Last time I was this early.. Actually I never was

  2. A team effort in world of warships? Incredible!

  3. Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl

    *Reads title*
    “Okay, with this title it is either a Smolensk or an Atlanta replay.”
    *sees player name and ship*
    “I was kind of right, yet kind of wrong”

  4. Mr Ridley Animation

    The kitakami wasn’t a ship with 40 torpedoes. It was 40 torpedoes with a ship strapped on.

  5. Why have there been so many Atlanta replays?
    *Carrier squadron wipe 3times*

    • @Moron City Your AA is weaker. But, it’s weaker because there’s a lot less to shoot at. You only ever have one squadron to fire at, maybe two, and so as a result the strength of AA previously would make carriers almost entirely impotent, especially at higher tiers.

      Your AA is not, however, less effective. As a CV player, I can assure you, AA is working as intended, and keeps me away from certain targets.

    • @PCWarMachine Found the CV hater!

    • @Léandre Um… yeah me and about 85% of the player base. Merry Christmas. 🙂

    • @JohnnyShagbot THEY ARE OP

    • @Léandre Found the idiot in denial!

      See? I can point out the obvious as well.

  6. Jingles’ attempt to pronounce “Rorschach” may just become the next Jingles meme, along with misidentifying ships, Dave and crash-landing a submarine.

  7. 5:56 Seems like Jingles liked the idea of giving voice to characters after giving voice to himself in game, eh? Would not mind a badass old man voiced by Jingles in any game whatsoever *wink wink game devs*

  8. “Close Only Counts in Handgrenades and Horseshoes”


    • @Alfadas fire english(ish) is mine… and I’d have to google it…

    • ​@Alfadas fire , it isn’t a language thing, but a cultural thing.
      There is a game called “horseshoes”. It is popular in parts of the USA, but is known through out the entire country. The game has two teams alternate turns throwing (lobbing or tossing is a more accurate description of the action) a horseshoe at a post. The goal is to land the horseshoe so that horseshoe is around the post. This isn’t that easy. Some rounds end without either team having a horseshoe around the post. There is a rule for this. If no team has a horseshoe around the post, the team with the horseshoe closest to the post gets a point. From this rule, you get the saying “Close only counts in horseshoes.” However, the common adaptation of the saying is, “Close only counts in horseshoes and grenades.”
      I hope this helps everyone who is familiar with the game of horseshoes.

    • @Alfadas fire horseshoes is a game where you take horseshoes and try to toss them at a pole in the ground similar to a long railroad spike. Getting it around the pole is 5 points and being the closest to the pole if none where on the pole gets you a point. I forget how many points you needed to win.

    • @chemislife Oooh thanks, that makes sense 🙂

    • @Alfadas fire You can google ‘how to score a game of horseshoes’ but there’s actually a variety of styles of play, depending on which rules are agreed upon. When I was a kid, the ‘shoes were iron, and more of a broad ‘U’ shape. Like most things, there’s an art and skill to it. Or, you can drink beer and if you don’t hit anyone with it, it’s a win, because tossing iron through the air is always a chancy thing.

  9. I wonder if the high number of Atlanta replays could be a result of players adapting too the high number of CV games lately

    • I have both, and I can assure you if a cv wants you dead in either, there is absolutely nothing you can do but perhaps inconvenience him long enough to fuck off.

    • @Lubos Soltes Just a reminder that Kidd sees both Midways and Audacious while the worst the Atlanta will ever see will be Enterprise.

    • @Léandre sure … and the Kidd has smoke, heal and concealment. In the RTS CV days the Atlanta could deal with T9 CV planes just fine … now it struggles with T6 when DFAA is on cooldown.

    • @Lubos Soltes All of thoses things which dosn’t really helps against 12 tiny tims?

      And no. The Atlanta dosnt really struggle against T6 planes my dude, in that video the Atlanta took time to shoot them down due to the island in the way. Not a lack of AA power.
      A Worchester would get dropped by even a T8 CV with T7 planes in thoses conditions.
      Literally just got 30+ planes shot down against a T8 CV less than 10 minutes ago in my Atlanta.

    • @Léandre then the T8 CV was exceptionally stupid and caught your flak …

  10. 8:12 Somebody needed to steer course 315 a little faster there… 🙂

  11. Jimminey FingCricket

    Ah the salt I have mined when players forget the Atlanta has torps and they rush around the island to claim easy meat.

  12. The masked vigilante “Roarsatch”

  13. “And you really don’t want to get shot at by a Scharnhorst while in an Atlanta.”

    [Stares at his Jays of Atlanta Tears, collected by his 16 point Scharnhorst Captain]

  14. The ranger doesn’t deserve that much pity though, he’s only facing tier 7, I don’t play them a lot, but I can’t remember when I didn’t face t8 last in a t6 CV outside of coop.

  15. I’ve never played a minute of this game, but damn do I enjoy watching video’s of it.

  16. 4:52 thought the rockets where shells and was all like how the hell did someone get behind him? Is it friendly fire? Took me a good 2 mins to go wait no those are rockets you numpty.

  17. Nobody:
    Jingles: *The Benham can have 32 torpedoes in the water at once*

  18. I remember there was a ranked sprint season at tier 7. My Atlanta took me to the top almost in one go without losses. It is a crazy powerful ship in the right circumstances.

  19. I still consider that a carry. The rest of his team did well because he’s soaked up more than half the enemy

  20. “Cock-blocking” the enemy team, Jingles speak for holding the flank, I must use this in game chat from now on when anyone asks what I am doing.

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