World of Warships || Single Fire Torpedoes and Chill

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Single fire torpedo salvos and chill with a bit of sea shanty.


Chill Tunes:
Runescape – Sea Shanty II


  1. I’m really happy you’re making videos again Sharon.

  2. Earliest video I’m in.

  3. holy shit the legend is alive

  4. Extra Thick!

  5. My lord, you have given us a video!!! It’s been.. too long <3

  6. Snake Enjoying a Sandwich

    You better be gettin Colbert. All men of character will

  7. The great Xcelerator

    Oh, look who’s still alive and vid uploading

  8. Holy shiet SRM still livres! Welcome back sir

  9. Trying to remember what runescape song this is

  10. I was not ready for Sea Shanty 2, at all. This is glorious hahaha

  11. This is the type of shipposting I subscribed for.

  12. What’s this? A Sharon upload?

    That aside I really like the thumping sound when the torpedoes hit so this vid is a true treat

  13. wasnt expecting runescape music lol

  14. Thank god, we’re going away from the yearly upload schedule!

  15. I should use my Lightening more. I spent a lot of time grinding to the Fletcher in the US tree though which took up most of my gaming time.

  16. So satisfying, glad you’re back!

  17. That was satisfying to watch.

  18. Single fire torps. A feature I would like on every ship with a torp launcher.

  19. holy shit dude you’re back from the dead. It’s good to see ya again mate

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