World of Warships – Sink The Bismarck!

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The bad news – I’m away at Gamescom in Germany. No wait, that’s good news, for me at least. The further good news is that I managed to get a video or two pre-uploaded before I went, and the second one is this of the new German tier 8 , the mighty . Quick, sink it!

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System Specs: Core i7 6700-K 4.0Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX970 GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. He forgot about Unsinkable Sam/Oskar. Bad Jingles.

  2. Fantastic history lesson Jingles!

  3. Operation to sink the Bismarck: luckyest naval operation ever.

  4. My favorite part of Jingles videos is that laugh

  5. Daniel Gyllenbreider

    Imagine a romantic, epic movie about the love between two sailors on the
    Bismarck….just like Titanic…..but with german hard men!:)

  6. Jingles I’m 100% okay with non stop WoWs! Awesome content this week oh
    mighty Gnome Overlord

  7. From the moment Bismarck fired, it took 8 minutes to sink the Hood. Of
    course, there are some who claim that it was Prinz Eugen that sank the

  8. Hmmmm, are you grinding for ARP Hiei and ARP Haguro Jingles? Come on WGNA,
    I need to round out my harem.

  9. What’s the anime girl in the top left corner? Lol

  10. Serious Questions because i just know i will find a lot of knowledgeable
    people here.

    -Why did Germany use a battleships for convoy raiding rather than the more
    stealthy U-Boats, surely all of those money could have been spent better.
    And if it wasn’t it’s main purpose when it was built didn’t the germans l
    learn anything during world war I?

    -why did the Royal Navy freak out spent a lot of effort to just sink a

  11. Alexander Schlecker

    how can i activate these circles on the minimap that indicate the secondary
    and AA range
    i only see my spotting circle and my fireing range

  12. Bismarck great ship. Stupid people

  13. Ahh Jingles I am much dissapoint, I thought you would have put the story of
    Unsinkable Sam in there.

  14. I really enjoy the history lessons in these videos.

  15. Have a secondary build with the Bismarck: secondary range of 10.6km (with
    secondary upgrade)

  16. have fun in germany, catch you later gator

  17. Ah, but will it One-shot the Hood?


  18. The French Bastard

    what is up with the random dunkerque picture?

  19. When a random guy from YT teaches you more about your own countries history
    than each of your history teachers combined. FeelsGoodMan
    Love your history lessons Mr. Jingles. ;)

  20. Who here knew that Hitler would draw huge battleships like the Bismarck on
    paper during his free time.

  21. What mods do you use to shoe your type of hits and the range rings?

  22. Markkus Vi Brittanica

    Hey look…a Brit admitting they didn’t sink the Bismarck! what a rare

  23. “Heavy damage” to POW is kind of exaggerating. The two major 15 inch shells
    that hit her, one took out the compass room and one penetrated the belt
    armor, wedging itself in the hull but not detonating.

    She wasn’t in danger of sinking, I’d say moderate damage.

  24. The volume is really low in this video Jingles

  25. One game only ? Come on jingles minimum 2 games esp showing off the AA.
    Otherwise nice review.

  26. Is it just me or when jingles does these type of videos i just want to
    sleep because his voice is so soothing??

  27. Putting up the wrong picture (1:37) is considered poor workmanship,
    especially from an ex-Navy man!

  28. You know what I’d like in WoWS? Having the spread on battleship guns reduce
    the more volleys that they fire at a selected target, to a certain limit,
    selecting the target in the same way that DD’s select targets for their

  29. “Rodney” My name is Rodny xD Close

  30. Don’t get me wrong i think it’s good that they sank the Bismarck but how
    cool wouldn’t it have been to be able to look at the Bismarck as a

  31. Flamu has a few videos showing games with the German BBs and hydroacoustic
    search. It is an excellent consumable if used correctly at tier nine and

  32. shouldnt aircraft have a longer detection range then that of surface ships?

  33. More like… Pissmark

  34. you are an awesome youtuber

  35. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Someone should be a platoon of the name The Twins Sisters of The Deep Sea
    featuring Bismarck and Tirpitz. (Anyone agree with me on this idea)

  36. that thing with the torpedoes and the accuracy of the guns is typical
    wargaming… just completely ignore the reality and make things the
    opposite as in real life -_-

  37. This my friends is a real battleship. People talk about the Yamato about
    how big she was and everything, but even she didn’t take a pounding like
    this thing was able to.

  38. How come the “Fleet of Fog” mission appears in the top left of Jingles’
    screen in the port? That ended in July 0.0

  39. Is there an option to set the UI like Jingles has it? (hit indicators and
    team lists). Mine isn’t like that.

  40. The only evidence to suggest that the Bismark was scuttled was from an
    account from a single survivor from the engineering section. Frankly the
    suggestion is ludicrous. Bar his account, all evidence points to Bismark
    being sunk by flooding from shells and torpedoes, some of which penetrated
    her deck as she listed. Scuttling charges and sea cocks do not make a ship
    keel over. Torpedoes and shells do. If somehow some lunatic had followed
    the supposed order to scuttle the ship, and had somehow managed to find his
    way through mangled and burning, and flooding compartments, and was
    successful in setting charges and opening the sea cocks, he simply hastened
    the end of an already sinking ship.

  41. Jingles, the Bismarck was a he

  42. I had enough saved xp to get Gneisenau at T7 Great Ship (Even if some don’t
    like the lack of guns I’m having a great time in it) and cant wait to Get
    Bismarck to go with my Tirpitz. then I can try the rest of the German BB’s
    especially Bayern which I’m hearing good things about

  43. jingles!! you forgot to mention the temp seize fire when the hood was hit
    and sinking!

  44. “sink the Bismarck!” was the battle cry that shook the seventh sea!

  45. God damn is the footage from sink the bismark all miniatures because its
    fairly fucking epic, really well done must go watch that movie.

  46. Uhm Jingles, are you reading straight from wikipedia? Because i swear thats
    the exact same lines written

  47. Is it just me or Bismarck’s guns sound way more better than Tirpitz’s?

  48. The Picture at 1:25 shows not the “lucky” Prinz Eugen, but the French BB
    Dunkerque. I ask for correction please.

    With best regards from Germany

  49. Why is there a pic of the French BB Dunkerque at 1.34?

  50. Saymourthe fractalcat

    The Prinz Eugen was used in nuclear tests at Bikini Atoll. It survived the
    atomic blasts It was towed to Kwajalein Atoll, where she broke the tow line
    capsized and sank.The wreck is still there partially visible above the
    water approximately two miles northwest of Bucholz Army Airfield, on the
    edge of Enubuj. One of her propellers was salvaged and is on display.

  51. Jingle glories history better than any other history lession poi

  52. I think it is a bit annoying to have german Battleships with bad accuracy.
    Krupp (for the guns) and Carl Zeiss (for the targeting optics) would have
    been employed to put the very best of it onto the ship and it was all brand

    Deutschland, Deutschland über alles!

  54. Why is there shown a french BB when you mention Prinz Eugen?

  55. Just love my Bismarck! I’m using the secondary build with 10.6km range,
    it’s so fun! Think I’ve killed like at least 10-15 ships with them since
    yesterday when I got the ship.

  56. Could you play Hearts of Iron 4?

  57. why is the image of the dunkerque shown when you are talking about the
    Prinz Eugen?

  58. Jingles, Bismarck survived the attacks even though the torpedo belt is weak
    because the attackers where tier IV aircraft

  59. just wondering does jingles have a mod for the fleet of the fog missions
    and the port?

  60. I have all respect for the sailors fighting this engagement. And i love how
    this and the Battle for the Scharnhorst just epicly displays the german
    Spirit to keep fighting and not surrender until its 100% over. But there is
    one guy i hate. Lütjens. He planned the operation he was the one who made
    the mistakes he is the one responsible for this early and ammatuerish
    sinking of the bismarck. Reeinforcing what utter dumbfucks nazis are…

  61. +The Mighty Jingles This is such a good video, that you are excused for not
    having one for tomorrow ;)

  62. Jingles i have to correct you a little bit.. the Bismarck was the only ship
    referred to as a he and not a she!

  63. 17:55 for Gameplay

  64. #AllCrewsLivesMatter

  65. “oh look a iowa showing it’s broadside” yes.. as jingles was perfectly
    broadside to it also :)

  66. My Great Granddad lost many of his friends on the Hood.

  67. weren’t you sailing broadside too?

  68. When are you gonna rant about the T9 German BB Jingles?

  69. Have fun at gamescon

  70. Everytime I hear a sad story about a ship like this I get so sad because of
    the loss of human life.

  71. Every story of yours with the brittish involved they always fuck up dont

  72. would you use a 100000k damagerepkay of a tier 4 dd

  73. Actually Jingles, the Bismarck was not fitted with its definitive
    anti-aircraft batteries. It was due to get them after the operation in the
    Atlantic returning to Brest. If it had had them during the first outing,
    things could have gone differently. Jingles?

  74. 17:53 for the gameplay. You’re welcome

  75. I will be in my normal postion waiting to be mingled on Monday

  76. Little remark Jingle, in swedish Götland is not prononced Gut-land but

  77. When do we get raiders ?

  78. The German brother of O-I

  79. Unraveling History

    1:28 that is the French battleship Dunkerque

  80. “sink the Bismarck was the battle cry that shook the seven seas” – Johnny
    Horton Sink the Bismarck

  81. Get Lost High Five

    Ultimate Fate of Prince of Wales: Destroyed by Japanese as part of Force Z.
    Sunk by an aerial raid without any friendly air cover.

  82. Another great video, glad you kept the wallet safe to get to Gamescon!

  83. Actually Jingles…… (Sorry had too) It has been confirmed now that the
    Bismarck was sunk by the torpedo’s launched by the Heavy Cruiser
    Dorsetshire. I watched a very good program where they used the latest deep
    water submersibles and they visited the wreck of both the Hood and the
    Bismarck to investigate the sinking of both ships. The Bismarck was already
    sinking from the torpedo damage, all the scuttling charges did was hasten
    the process.
    Also FYI, the Hood actually broke apart into 4 piece’s, The force of the
    explosion from the rear magazine detonation, spread a fire all the way
    along the hull of the ship and also detonated the forward magazine, before
    she had fully sank, this tore the front off of the Hood as well as blowing
    the whole Conning Tower clear off of the top of the ship. So this is why
    the Hood sank so fast, the Hull ended up in 3 major piece’s with the
    Conning Tower also being blown clear off to make 4 piece’s and was actually
    blown some distance away. Sadly, only 3 men survived.

    Also, another random fact, When they were having trouble with sinking the
    Bismarck, they called the Swordfish Torpedo Bombers back in for another run
    to try and get the hull to finally sink, Arc Royal launched the Aircraft
    and they headed into Torpedo the Bismarck once more, Only to then be
    deliberately shot at by the King George the 5th’s Anti Aircraft batteries,
    as the Home fleet wanted to be the ones credited with actually sinking the
    Bismarck as revenge for the sinking of the Hood. I couldn’t believe this
    when I heard it, as if it wasn’t for that wing of Swordfish, the fleet
    would never have caught the Bismarck again anyway. No one from the Royal
    Navy Home Fleet was court marshalled over this action.

    I can find the link to the program if you’re interested Jingles, I reckon
    you’d really enjoy it.

  84. correct my history if its wrong jingles but wasnt prince of wales also
    suffering from being a brand new ship with the quad barrel turrets that
    were so experimental that the ship still had the civilian contractors on

  85. 3 world of warships videos this week . Who are u and where is real Jingles.

  86. From some German eye whitnesses, captain linderman survived and apparently
    the quartermaster and himself managed to stand on the bottom of the bow as
    she went down

  87. Maybe the Bayern next?

  88. Gormok Bladespine

    German technology in WW2, THE VERY BEST!

  89. 3:11……. Has someone been hung?

  90. Damend carrier noobs, tking everyone witht their torpedo drops

  91. Don’t sink the Bismarck.

  92. Biljana Marjanovich

    I ask you about this movie jingles why didn’t replay? I

  93. Famously, the Bismarck did not take on oil, which explains why she had to
    limit her spend on the way to France which lead to her destruction.

  94. Err jingles, why do you show a picture of the Dunkerque when you are
    talking about the Bismarck, Prinz Eugen, and the Gotland?

  95. Mentioning the Rodney reminds me how much I want that thing. Rodnol stronk.

  96. Jingles, when is the division gonna be played again? I want it!

  97. Most beautiful ship ever!

  98. so we can assume Rita didn’t wash the wallet again this year?

  99. Bismarck had bad torpedo protection??? In the fw and aft ends sure. But I
    can find a photo showing the inner torpedo protection which was pretty dam
    effective. Together with the torpedo that messed up the rudder, another had
    hit her amidships with almost no damage. The damage caused by Prince of
    Wales was more severe.

  100. Could you do a video of the HMS Nelson?

  101. On my Montana, I like to bait the enemy Carrier to try sinking me, its AA
    is so good, even tho I’m unescorted I usually shoot down most of the
    torpedo bombers and if not, I still can dodge them, sadly I cant do this in
    my Bismarck :(

  102. my reaction *looks at jingles channel* ‘ wait no way they added the
    Bismarck! omg they did! *starts singing* WE GOTTA SINK THE BIRMARCK COS THE

  103. Everybody just make Bismarck Videos

  104. Great piece of history. Thanks as always.

  105. See Expedition Bismarck by James Cameron (2002) for more. Very good docu.

  106. Funny historical fact. (If I remember right) There was a german U-boat in
    the perfect position to sink the carrier that attacked the Bismarck, but
    she just launched her last torpedo that was kept in reserve at an enemy
    convoy a couple hours before and was on her way back to port. Perfect
    chance to sink an enemy carrier and no torps… xD

  107. I grew up watching old WW2 films in the late 90s and early 2000s: Sink the
    Bismarck, Tora Tora Tora, Midway and so on. The story of the Bismarck
    always gripped me. It had absolutely everything and it taught me at a young
    age that even the “evil Nazi Germans” had great heroes. That lesson, as
    reinforced by my mother, taught me that people are people, not Germans and
    Englishmen and Americans. No battleship in history, with the possible
    exception of Yamato, could compare to the way that legendary ship and her
    heroic crew were sunk. It took the combined might of the world’s largest
    Navy to beat them.

  108. How to turn on hit info indicators (hits, penetrations, over penetrations)?

  109. We’re gonna sink the Bismarck! The terror of the seas! With her guns as big
    as steers! And her shells as big as trees!

  110. Sniper Wolf Gamer

    Here’s the big question, why is there a picture of the French battleship
    (BC) Dunkerque when your talking at the very start? 1:26 – 1:50

  111. Jingles check out my replay I promise it is something else!

  112. World of Over-penetrations.

  113. Early? No?

  114. i this point im more here for the history lesson Jingles :)

  115. 1:25 but that is not a German ship it is sailing backwards

  116. Nooo, don’t sink the bismarck :-(

  117. Christopher Bosetti

    Jingles! I know you don’t exactly like warthunder, but if you don’t do plan
    on doing anything hing involving the new Ships that will soon be
    introduced, then that’s actually gonna be a bad move. It’s an extremely
    important update. If you do a video on some pictures and rumors of new
    cruisers in WoW, but not for the introduction of battleships in a flight
    simulator, you will have majorly dropped the ball

  118. Jingles why must you do this to me I have school today! And I’ve slept 2
    hours and school is in 2 hours!

  119. Fredrik Lagerström

    Le Jingles done le Goof! @1:25

  120. Jingles, isn’t that the Dunkerque at 1.34?

  121. Mr. Monocle High class man


  122. Sorry to mention it Jingles, but normally you usually have a great balance
    in your videos between the games…. three world of warships videos in a
    row over the past few days?
    -And even, ok, I forgive it, you probably didn’t know, but still, even on
    my birthday…..!!!

  123. 1:30 SWEDEN TO THE RESCUE! and everyone says that Sweden didn’t do jack
    shit in WW2 well we spotted a bloody Kraut ship!! yeeessss

  124. Jingles. I commend you on correctly telling how the Bismarck was sunk, not
    by torpedoes but scuttling by the crew. This is a very tough ship in the
    game. I stood against 2 BBs, 5 CAs today while my team pulled a lemming
    train. I held the line until I was forced to move forward. I went through 4
    of my 5 heals before I was destroyed dealing 80k damage myself. WG got it
    right for this ship as far as I’m concerned. :)

  125. 6,000+ views in an hour. Damn, Jingles, I remember when it’d take you 6
    hours to hit that many! Thanks for all the content over the years, and
    here’s hoping that you never grow bored of it. :D

  126. TakeTo TheShadows


  127. Where Kenneth More.Nice movie clips,HMS Rodney Torpedo Bismark wow.

  128. Where has wot gone ?

  129. Yaknow… the term ‘overpenetrate’ seems kinda silly with ships.

    If it over-penetrates and goes straight through the ship, wouldn’t that…
    I dunno, maybe cause some flooding?

  130. Good men (and women) of the salt mines, if I may ask, should I be firing HE
    or AP in the Ishizuchi? The AP is apparently shit and the HE has a 32% of
    causing fire, but I’ve been told to always shoot AP unless at very soft
    targets in a BB.

  131. Apathetic Bystanders

    wow this game is poorly optimized can’t even muster 60 fps LUL

  132. Damn I love these video’s with the historic info at the beginning <3

  133. i love listening to the history of the ships you review, you should do
    documentaries talk to netflix! however i close the vid once you start
    talking about WoW i’m not interested in the game. Please don’t take this
    the wrong way, keep doing what your doing. :D

  134. I only watch WOWS vids cause of the history telling jingles does I just
    love it

  135. If the reichsmarks were spent on U-boats like the Doenitz demanded… 100
    times more effective and more difficult to combat. It would have been
    devastating. But I am still glad we have the bis and the tirpitz :)

  136. Jingles… a Bismarck with a secondary build is the only way to play it.
    She has a 10.6km range on her secondaries if you fuily spec into it (with
    skills, modules and flags). 10.6km. Thats Yamato levels of secondary lols.
    Do it. Jingles. Find a way… but do it.

  137. Daily Victory propaganda feed by The mighty Jingles

  138. I love storytime with Rear Admiral Jingles

  139. I was on the first expedition to explore the Bismarck wreck, 3 miles
    down… If you’re interested in photographs…

  140. *grabs pop corn and settles in to watch the vid.. Ohhhhh.. its THAT one!

  141. You showed a vid of the Iowa getting pened by a New Orleans lolXD

  142. If i remember correctly, there was no U-boat in the area of the battle.
    After all the Bismark was only one day away from U-boat and Luftwaffe help.

  143. 17:57 for gameplay

  144. Before the Battle of Denmark Sea:

    (Battleship Bismarck, setting sail! Sally forth!)

    After the Battle of Denmark Sea:

    やられた・・・!舵は!?舵は大丈夫!?・・・なら、まだやれるわね・・・これからよ !
    (They got me…! The rudder! Is the rudder alright!? …Well then, I can
    continue on… from here.)

  145. 1:25 Random picture of the Dunkirque? Why?

  146. silly Jingles, plotting room on Bismarck? people would love it if it was
    not US only…

  147. ?we gotta sink the Bismarck to the bottom of the sea?

  148. I’m sorry Jingles, but you really need to work on your aim.

    You can’t honestly be complaining about missing shots even on Iowas at
    ~10km range when you in fact ELEVATE your aim against a target that’s
    actually steering slightly towards you, i.e.: REDUCING the distance between
    the two of you (check relative minimap position!). Of course most of those
    shots are going to sail straight over your target or bounce from the deck
    armour due to hitting at such oblique angles. Had you delevated to
    correctly adjust your aim, you would get noticably better results. Only at
    much closer ranges (~6km or less) one should aim a bit above the waterline
    because the ingame auto-correction can be incredibly wanky (and in your
    case that rewarded you with two citadels).

    Now to be perfectly fair, the typical german battleship guns accuracy at
    long and medium ranges still isn’t much write home about compared to others
    of the same class, it’s definately not as bad as you think and tell it is.

  149. all of the 3 survivors from the HMS Hood disliked the video

  150. Ah well jingles I am still onto watching all your videos so I have enough
    WoT for some time I think

  151. just now realized when he uploads at 3AM, its actually the morning for him

  152. Hey jingles, can you do another history type video on Leyte Gulf or Coral

  153. “so the Sheffield managed to escape without being teamkilled” <- this made my day

  154. When you’re a cruiser or destroyer player and you don’t know how people can
    be so patient to play battleships xD

  155. Anyone remember which video Jingles did with talk about the Russian Baltic
    fleet that was sent to the Pacific during the Japanese Russian war?

  156. The Ship I’ve been playing this game for!

  157. World’s best Bismarck Class BB :3

  158. Voll Korall || MontanaSchwarz88

    Well Rip

  159. Have you got any views of the firing procedures on the HMS Hood when it was
    tragically blown up during the battle?

    is it correct that they altered the safety procedures re the storage of the
    cordite charges in order to increase the rate of fire?

  160. Vojtěch “Mortis” Ptáček

    It had to be hell of a battle and considering all that I would say that
    Bismarck was really great ships and if it survived it might became even
    better after one or two refits.
    I’m really far from being a Nazi supporter but WW2 Germany (Reich) made
    amazing engines of war. Not cheap, not simple but interesting and

  161. 20:46
    Only american BB’s get artillery plotting room Jingles!

  162. Yay for Story Time with Unca Jingeles! ^^

  163. Steve H. (Infidel)

    If you liked this ship, just wait until you get a chance to max out the
    Gnesenau (SP). The German T7 BB is a mini Tirpitz… (32knts)…good
    guns…better AA than the Bismarck….and torpedoes! Oh, and no chance of
    crappy T10 matches…..

  164. The Iowa is sailing towards two of your BB’s Jingles you can’t not show
    your broadside to everybody and still be in the fight.

  165. German tanks- GERMAN ACCURACY!!
    German ships- huh german accuracy….

  166. Why do we get a photo of the Dunkerque(starting 1:30) ?

  167. Okay why the fuck does everyone now seem to have the same style of profile
    picture of a simple letter with a coloured background…?

  168. TheAmityboopfliction

    yey Sweden did something

  169. For those that have never heard the song, Sink the Bismarck by Johnny
    Horton, its on YT: KecIdlEAKhU

  170. I adore these history stories :)

  171. No dislikes…woohoo!!!!

  172. Eh Jingles, why is the first picture from the Dunkerque and not from the

  173. What a useless waste of 2.000 good men and 40k tons of steel.

    Dat Montana though…the hell was that?

  174. The Man They Call Asher

    Jingles, have you ever considered doing a dedicated series for war stories?
    You tell them very well, they’re some of my favourite content of yours.

  175. So does the Bismark’s anti-sir have a penalty against lower tier planes? I
    seem to recall that she couldn’t hit the Swordfish cause they were moving
    too slowly for the guns track accurately as the German’s hand not imagined
    anyone would be using anything that slow anymore.

  176. Well…Ernst Lindemann didn’t die because of a shell hitting the
    He was last seen standing on the bow of the Bismarck holding his hat while
    the ship sank.

  177. In the movie ‘Sink the Bismarck’ the actor who played the captain of HMS
    Prince of Wales took up acting after both of his eyes were badly injured
    when in real life the HMS Prince of Wales hit on the bridge. The total lost
    of sight in one eye and reduced vision in the other eye ended his service
    as a sea going officer in RNVR.

  178. *looks at video upload, starts to leave the salt mine, goes nah and heads
    back in*

  179. History time with uncle Jingles! :D

  180. jingles, Swedish tanks they’ve released Pictures of the new tech tree.

  181. This is the first warship I really knew, thanks to Heroes in the Sky
    (something like that). There was the mission Operation Rheinubung and I
    loved that mission. Sinking a big fat ship.

  182. all right lads get the swordfishes out

  183. 1:25 a wild Dunkerque appears, thanks Pinco for pointing out the actual

  184. Jingles you forgot about the cat on the Bismarck, it’s 114 men and 1 cat

  185. Wait a minute, “Fleet Of Fog” missions are back?!

  186. If Obi wan was playing WoWs: May the RNG be with you!… of wait, he is!
    his name is BaronVonGamez

  187. Kommissar's House

    Umm… actually Jingles… 😛

    You used a picture of the Dunquerque, not the Bismarck. ;)

  188. I’m very supprised that the bismark is not a tier 10 seen as it as it has
    some what of a legandary status. good video jingles

  189. When it comes to equipment, you and Flamu have very different opinions on
    what to take. I’m not sure what to make of that to be honest. it could mean
    the ship is well rounded, and will do well no matter what you take, or it
    could just be personal skill difference.

  190. hey can someone please tell me if its worth upgrading the guns on my
    bogatyr the upgrade decreases damage and increases loading time but
    increase my artillery rating someone help

  191. Why did you show a picture of the Dunkurk at 1:30 ?

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    name was archipelago of blue steel

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