World of Warships: Sinop – Ranked Is Too Hard #7

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Another ranked is too hard match. This time we’re in the Sinop!

World of Warships footage of the 7 Sinop on the map New Dawn.


  1. aerroon hard carry this match

  2. What a great match!…and the laughs to go with it. BZ

  3. That enemy Sinop probably thought it could stop behind the island.

    Also that was a nice carry.

  4. You don’t get it, Aerroon. In name of Japanese Cruiser players, lemme explain. We take damage on purpose so AR kicks in and our reloads decrease

  5. Only Stallinium can beat Stallinium.

  6. Fredrick Nietzsche

    fyi the tense you want is sunk not sank.

  7. Very nice match and great decisions on your part Gratz!

  8. Christian Krakhofer

    well played, refreshing to see players who actually knwo what they are doing playing the game

  9. I have not watch the match but — the campers will playing for THEIR STAR . SO You have to play against both team

  10. If you are in Sinop in ranked it’s simple. Just cover the flank your team is lemming away from and kill half enemy team.

  11. Sniop is so OP pls nerf her, Oh wait I forgot this is a russian game

  12. Nice game. That Sinop must have been unpleasantly surprised.

  13. I hated ranked so much this time. Most team threw games rather than the other team won them. And what really pissed me off was how soon into a fight the BB’s or HE spammers would start playing to save their star instead of winning the match.

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