World of Warships: SIROCO, French Tier-5, Premium Destroyer, Release Review & Giveaway

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In this video, I set sail in the SIROCO, French Tier-5, Premium Destroyer. Gameplay starts at the 8:20 minute mark on the video timeline.

If you are here expert gameplay or tips on to be a better player, YOU ARE IN THE WRONG PLACE! I am an average to below average player, making mistakes, stumbling along just like most players. These videos are NOT average games me, they are, for the most part my best games, mistakes and all. I hope you enjoy them.

Fellow Tubers , I could really use your help in growing this channel. Also feel free to leave some comments, I would love to hear from you.


  1. i was waiting bayard will be available as benham was 🙁
    IGN: roofvalk
    Server: NA

  2. Another excellent review!

    IGN: Haze_Gray_and_Underway
    Server: NA

  3. Well done. Keep up the good work! o7
    IGN: SardineFish
    Server: Asia

  4. That was quite the game with a cv hanging around as much as he was.

    IGN: Hydrik
    Server: NA

  5. Dang, I wish I could get 14 torp hits in a single game XD milkywayman EU

  6. Me too wants to get clubbed by T7 ships

    MrFingers, EU-server

  7. Gotta admit, Siroco interests me mostly because it participated in the Dunkirk evacuation. Plus that false bow wave camo looks great. I’ve seen enough gaudy camos in the game already.

    Name: Nikolaevna
    Server: Asia

  8. ElementaryAirsoft

    Not a bad review, ship seems alright and there is nothing wrong with a ship that is nothing special

    IGN: lSherlockl
    Server: NA

  9. Nice video, taught me a bit about destroyer play.
    Name: NJKiteman
    Server: NA

  10. the good french pancake
    Name: zproxy
    Server: NA

  11. Great review, saw your post on reddit

    Name: Deputy_dog1
    Server: NA

  12. The SIroco seems to be a fine ship at least for me and at a tier where you can still “train”
    Name: luxpitii0810
    Server: EU

  13. Great game AN. I just started with WoW still working on the tutorials and practice missions

  14. oh forgot my name 🙂 Wow Name trickpa68 US server

  15. Thx for the giveaway

    IGN: FuSooRaaah (Asia)

  16. Good God! 143k damage in a tier 5 destroyer in a tier 7 match populated by enemy DDs known for their brutality towards other DDs. I bow down to you, sir.

    Name: KaptainKaybe
    Server: NA

  17. Good video man keep up the great work in darkpheonix2812 .server na

  18. I agree that is an ugly camo. Prefer the regular.

  19. Love French ships
    Name: AussieGz
    Server: NA

  20. Good stuff. Fantastic game there.
    Server: NA

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