World of warships – Situational awareness

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Ppl, use right click button to turn around sometimes look around. It may save you a lot trouble and it may help you or someone else.


  1. Some amazing gameplay from that Edinburgh…lol

  2. Flambass’ dismay is so endearing. He doesn’t rage and he cherishes the value of laughter. Flambass is a good guy.

    EDIT: Subbed.

  3. Hans for the germans … James for the british and Donald for the americans? 😀

  4. and people ask me why i shoot my mates … REASONS ! they deserve it xD

  5. Was wondering, huh, wonder why he called this vid “situational Awareness?” Didn’t think it would become so clear so quickly.

  6. Oh that would definitely be an accidental smoke from pressing wrong button…. he would have been trying for a spotter plane or sonar and forgot the type of ship he was in or stupid finger pressed wrong button.

  7. Don’t be upset.  It’s Hans’ brother Dieter.

  8. Santa said I was Speshul! I can getting a good present. I fucked up and slid into a curb with my truck. No present now, but I am Speshul!

  9. Hahaha… Edinburgh made me LOL..

  10. what u expect from stupid childs?

  11. Pretty standard gameplay by most of the morons out there from what I have seen.
    I’ve taken to deliberately yoloing once too many people do stupid shit. I yolo most games.

  12. Good Guy Flambass. Has a teammate doing unbelievably stupid boatdriving. Doesn’t rage in chat or shoot him. Laughs and compliments him.

  13. Copycat smoker!?

  14. Flambass, i want your SPECIUHHHHLL as my ringtone XD

  15. Ahahaha that was cracking hilarious to watch 😀

  16. You OMNI guys are special. Literally. You are the best and say others are secial, when they play worse, than you. Yet you do not bother to use the new communication system, where you can tell someone to smoke up, retreat, focus fire. Start using that to give others your situational awareness.

    • Flambass I think you could have tamed tgat beast for the team. I just ask you to try communicating in such situations. Sometimes it works. In my opinion WG has done a good job under the B key. I miss some options, but some are great, like I need support (works for pushing), focus fire, retreat to a target, so he knows, he will be alone soon, aa support, support a target. Sone guys react to that, sone don’t. Sometimes it is tge difference.

    • I think we are not on the same line here. What you’re saying now I said many times. I encourage ppl to use that type of communication and I agree with you on that BUT dude come on, look at that edin…..what do you expect of a smoke cruiser that goes there like that if not to smoke up??? Did you expect something else while watching this video??? I have no idea what was going in his head, cause in my head the only reason for someone in that type of ship to go that aggressive is to stop and smoke up…..which he did eventually but after I already smoked up myself and than he backs up into it and smokes himself. Come on man srsly you can’t tell me you expected that out of him.

    • Flambass I do not expext people to do aything. I prepare for outcomes and communicate what i see and want. Loke right now I see You and Flamu rant about people play stupid (which is a statistical concept) but do not bother to use communication buttons to give a chance to players to adapt. Our little community would be a better place, if leaders would lead. You are a leader in terms of skill in this game. You can not pass most of it to your team, but situational awareness you can using B key. Maybe more people will, when you start. For clarification, I did not see you use it once on YouTube. In this game you could have asked for scouting on the Scharnhorst and the smoke. Maybe more.

    • Flambass When I think about it, I expext that Edin would have placed smoke, if you pressed F8.

    • are you the edin?

  17. Anyone else thinking the Edinburgh player has this >> << on loop in his head? :p

  18. That Ed’s driver has decent stats.

  19. That was Speshul!!

  20. STOP touching my smoke Flambass!, that’s your smoke, this is mine /lick window /make weird sound “ka-cooo”!

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