World of Warships – Six of the Best

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“Six of the best”, a phrase that in the days of corporal punishment in schools used to mean you were about to have a ferocious spanking administered by whichever teacher you’d just upset. Rather appropriate for todays’ battle, too.

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  1. Wasnt expecting this video at this time of day. A welcome suprise

  2. Hell yeah, another world of warships vid in my morning break

  3. Actually Jingles, the french cruiser belt armor at T10 is one of the most trolly, bouncy belt armor cruisers have

  4. C’mon Jingles, we know that’s not a Marseille. Thats a Petit Nelsongne😁😁

  5. Anime Profile Picture

    the fact that that fucking submarine got to survive THAT long when he beached like a complete imbecile in front of a whole bunch of enemy ships and another enemy submarine
    absolutely nuts, great class

  6. “This is the last time the enemy team will be ahead on the score” immediately after: the enemy goes ahead

    • Jingles makes little errors like this to drive engagement

    • @Veloxyll Thank you. Jingles is far from as unobservant and forgetful as he comes across. ALL of his videos are pre-scripted. You can hear the cadence in his voice as he reads and he freely admits to watching the videos before to screen them. It also shows in some of the timing being off on what he’s saying and what’s happening. That means all of his “mistakes” are scripted. In a age where every question about a ship’s stats and proper pronunciation are a quick search away, he baits the viewers into wanting to sound smarter or superior by making mistakes. It fills his comment section which drives engagement which makes him money. He’s not too proud to act dumb to make money. lol

  7. 4:20 “I dont think they will ever be ahead again” …

    Not even 10 seconds later the enemies take the lead by sinking a friendly Somers 😀 Jingles saying Jingles-things never stops amusing me.
    Of course the lead was very short lived…but still.

  8. By an awesome coïncidence, i just heard about the eponymous gig just yesterday, and put it on my “to watch” list !

  9. I think they changed something about the points and 0 points losing. It almost never happened before, since the last 2 months or so I’ve suddenly had a lot of 0 point wins and losses.

    Also, submarines sitting right next to you with nothing you can do is peak game design….

    • ???? Not possible? HOW could they rig that …your “zero points” idea???

      Lose a ship, you lose points…..lose a certain number of ships and zero points left

  10. I have played for the first time yesterday in a long, long time. Wanted to get my three containers. Three matches in a row, enemy team go to 0 before I could do something. Really frustrating.

    Doesn’t happen too rarely! 😅

    • Last year I had a T9(!) match that zero-d out in 5 minute 14 seconds. That was quite the experience, enemy team players where willing to die so much my Maass guns couldn’t reload fast enough to keep pace.

  11. By any definition that certainly qualifies as a stomp! They’re still going to be feeling that in the next match :O

  12. “Kind of detected them with his face”
    That one is usually deeply unplesant.

  13. I’ve no idea how Jingles managed to avoid them, but zero outs were definitely way more common. So much so that I remember WG announcing an adjustment to the points generation for the Mercy Rule to keep them from happening as frequently, either earlier in this year or a year ago. Now here’s the funny thing, it seems like the <=10min zero outs are coming back. Maybe it's just subjective perception, but it feels like it's been happening more often in the last few months than after the change.

  14. Well done, ace 👏

  15. I am pretty bad as well, but man that Georgia gave me 6 on sunday and 6 on monday. Love this ship.

  16. LOL that cruiser goes as fast as the Asashio DD. you have to put all kinds of things on that Asashio to get it to move

  17. 5:12 So fun when you try to drop depth charges at the ping location, and a couple of seconds later the sub shows up 600m away from that spot while still steaming forward. Also it would’ve been so dead after surfacing if only Marseille was shooting at it along with shima. There were at least 2 possibilities to do that, which he completely ignored.

  18. Going to zero points is not super common – but it is far from uncommon.

  19. Is it funny that when he said the enemy will never be ahead again, they go ahead for just a moment as he’s saying it, then dip back down again.

  20. To be honest, i’m playing this game since open Beta and i have witnessed quite a lot battles where one team was reduced to zero points, so it’s nothing special for me. Sometimes i was in the winning and sometimes in the losing team. However, while these kind of slaughter battles were pretty rare at the beginning, you see them much more often now. The skill gap between players becomes larger and larger and while the matchmaker is trying to put equally powerful ships into both teams (and is even failing quite often in this respect), it never puts equally powerful players into each team. At the moment a close battle is much more rare than a slaughter battle.

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