World of Warships- Skycancer

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A clip from a game me and Savage had that pretty much sums up the CV Rework

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  1. My Atlanta got targeted by a tier 8 CV and he killed me off in 4 minutes. And I’m all spec’d for AA have the manual fire control option. I was helpless. I think I shot down 1 plane. It was just squadron after squadron no let up. No fun at all to play.

  2. The timing of the CV rework could of been better planed so that they didn’t have to relay on having to push it on the live server to get there DATA they needed. Because they didn’t get enough data from PTS. I mean its not like they gave a player a TON of things to do with his or her limited time? SNOWFLAKES, P.E.F missions, Clan Btls, and so on. WG force PTS on everyone what do we get for it???

  3. Was in a tier X game yesterday, 4 BB per side and all the BB were destroyed by CV by the 12 minute mark.

  4. Haha ridiculous, and certain shills describe the rework as ‘saving the game’. They will be addressing the excessive efficiency of haku, ain’t that a sweet way of putting it? They didn’t say anything about the ‘excessive efficiency’ of the midway. As others have been saying you really need to use the sectors, still this rework is not a good product at all.

  5. thats why dont play any more 🙁

  6. Definitely not an isolated incident, same thing happens to me in my AA spec Monty, had 4 games in a row like it getting torped every 20 sec. and in one of those games I stayed with an aa Worcester. It’s just not fun at all

  7. And I don’t think it takes a very skilled cv player

  8. I suppose it’s a bit of an improvement, rather than a well skilled tier X CV killing a ship in one strike, it now takes 4 strikes!

  9. The only thing you did wrong was to hit play. 🙁 This rework looks promising, but they really need to fix the AA. I maxed out my Atlanta (AFT, BFT, MAA, AA flag, AA module, DFAA) and I only shot down 3 planes in one match. Somehow our Sims shot down over 60. Doesn’t that seem just a bit wrong? Also, I did not find the video “ranty.” It was a very good demonstration of the main problem with the CV rework.

  10. This Hotfix needs to happen NOW! And then 3 more fixes within the next month afterwards!

  11. Stopped playing this game. Did not even bother to update. Total waste of time

  12. Remember. WoW play tested this and were obviously happy with the results…..

  13. Preach it, sir.

    The sky cancer is so toxic I don’t play above tier 7 now unless I need to complete a mission (and it’s a miserable time trying to complete it).

  14. Ausf.6 means ausfurhung 6, translates to version 6

  15. I feel your pain bro but we are helpless ????

  16. Having flashbacks! World of tanks! 5 artillery per side! All team on both sides dead! Only 10 arties left! Arties spotting for arties! Same idiots making the same mistakes.

  17. Could be the setup for gold AA.

  18. I agree 100% The current state of the game is a complete mess. I just don’t understand how WG thought it was a good idea to release this update. It’s like they have absolutely NO idea what they’re doing.

  19. Elvis luv’s the channel and is certainly not a grammar nazi, but Des Moines is pronounced Deh Mowing at least in and around Des Moines (ALL THE S’s ARE SILENT). CV rework is garbage especially this fighter squadron nonsense… Elvis is gonna go play on his trampoline until WG fixes this hot mess. This game is in the Ghetto!

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