World of Warships- Slava First Impressions

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Hey guys! Today I bring you guys my first impressions review of the new Tier X Soviet reward ship, Slava. Enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. More sniper’s yeah because this is what the game need’s right now

    • B-17G Flying Fortress

      @John Griffith I have to agree about Thunderer. That ship is busted. I did 250k damage only by using HE once XD

    • @John Griffith I regularly get volleyed for 13-15k with HE by thunderers at start of the time everyone’s in range and my kremlin starts shooting..I’ve already put out at least 1 fire after letting 1 burn out then all my aa is dead and I’m cv fodder after that..the German CVS just shit citadel bombs on me until I’m dead..that’s why I’m grinding for both venezia and conqueror now..and I’ve started playing cv out of pure spite..I usually just go for the enemy cvs right from the start..that’s my way of catharsis in this beautiful but busted game.

    • Guess ill have to get colbert then

    • @Hello Turtle hehehe..yep..that too..

    • @John Griffith your either blind or didn’t play the game for a while. Go ahead and angle against big caliber HE, oh wait you can’t

  2. Even if you remove the citadel to look inside the bow you can’t see the “boxes” may I presume that they changed it at the last moment and removed it? Because invisible armor is a new thing that may explain a lot of things on other ships…

    • Puerto rico armoreddeck?

    • @Igoryst if I told you that I won a drive by with a Puerto Rico with my Moskva you wouldn’t believe me. Because last time I checked pr had a underwater cit but somehow I ended up getting 6 cits and making him blow up lol

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      No, it’s a “hidden” armor feature. The ship models have WAY more detailed interior armor schemes than the game shows you. However, most don’t include such dramatic plating as the Slava does

  3. This is so not what the game needs… What the f%&¤ is that inverted accuracy at range supposed to be anyway? Homing rocket shells of some sort??? Magic shells??? It is stupidly silly and really only caters to the worst kind of players you can have on your team already… Just the idea of having a BB that is massively encouraged to hang as far back as possible to play a little mini solo game on their own is an utter failure…

    • ​@Kaga Kai Are you seriously going to doubt every source. Than every sigma value you ever seen is fake cause it’s not from official wargaming. And this 400mm plating is also fake cause “it’s not official” (oh wait, it’s real that’s why you can’t bow citadel a slava).

      And when did I say yama’s vertical dispersion is good huh? I just brought it up to show that Slava, w/ much smaller caliber guns has even better pen, much better dispersion, and much better shell ballistics. And that’s just ridiculous.

      And ships 24km away have to be wary of slava, which is BS. It’s basically a carrier but now having a reload of 29 sec and can potentially dev strike you across the map even if you’re a BB. It may be weak against nonbroadside targets, but you’re bound to find at least one broadside target 24km away from you cause they’re gonna be angling against something that’s isn’t a BB >20km away.

      That’s what’s wrong. Now everyone’s gonna play even more passive when there’s a slava to avoid getting deleted > 20km away.

    • @caskol except unlike armor models or even sigma, there IS no way to reverse-engineer vertical dispersion. the values on is 100% GUESSWORK. You CAN’T datamine dispersion values like you can armor, it’s physically not possible.

    • @Kaga Kai if it’s in the code. What it is. You can find it.

    • What is the point

      @Kaga Kai how is it guess work?? Max Vertical dispersion IS hard coded into the game. Just like how horizontal dispersion is hard-coded. But unlike vertical dispersion, wg doesn’t hide horizontal disp. stat for some reason.

    • @Kaga Kai your wasting your time, you literally said the problem in your message that makes all this community stupid ” flamu ” is enough to stop arguing with those people because this is the only thing they understand

  4. After many reviews of the Slava by players that used the Slava at low range, I think the dispersion is always that good even at low ranges

  5. The reason, why you got good close range dispersion, is because Slava has very good vertical dispersion. This means that the shells don‘t go far above or below where you aim, even if the shells go hundreds of meters to the left and right, if you aim at the citadel the shells will mostly stay at citadel height, meaning that Slava is still ridiculously consistent at close ranges.

  6. The reason why the dispersion at short range works is because it has a tiny vertical dispersion pattern. The soviet dispersion gimmicks only work on horizontal dispersion. Kremlin can devastate at mid to long range for that same reason.

  7. I’m re-grinding my first tech line right now, no way in hell I’m gonna get the Slawa. I love close range brawling and german ships, so I’m gonna get Siegfried first and Ohio next.

    • @David Vitale Ohio has extremely high AP alpha damage and very nice secondarys, so I don’t know how someone could complain, but ok 😀

    • @SaiyajinOG the base is a montana, and BBs in general aren’t as good in most cases anymore

    • @David Vitale lol the only thing you see is thunderer and gk because the 2 are brain dead
      One has cruiser dispertion with toxic HE that is nuclear powered
      The other is “NO CITADELS SO I SHOW MY SIDE” kind of stupid

    • @Antonio Hagopian If you think Kurfürst is braindead easymode, just because you can’t citadel him most of the time, you are badly mistaken and haven’t played him yourself. You would think otherwise, if you actually played that ship. It’s actually really hard to do well and close the distance to the enemy without being burned or torped to death.

    • @SaiyajinOG I agree

  8. good honest review there sea lord

  9. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    6:50 I’m sorry but slava is one of the ships you avoid, purely because it rips your squadrons apart in seconds

  10. I already get slapped around at range (especially with FDG being huge and rubbish) in my German bbs and things like this get released. Plus German bbs have smaller guns at high tiers and shit dispersion.

  11. From what I know Slava’s accuracy is not inverse. It is merely “reduced” curve so you don’t benefit as much as a normal BB at point blank range, though it isn’t like you need it.

  12. I just dig that new intro,
    It is so epic.

  13. They are clearly practicing social distancing with the Slava

  14. No one pushed because well over a year we have heard that if you get shot by Slava you will evaporate into a mushroom cloud.

  15. This gimmick is so stupid. Reverse accuracy? Are you serious? How tf is that supposed to work? And how tf do you think it will make the meta better?

  16. Boxes. Go figure, there surely is no bias WG, right, wink wink

  17. The cinematic intro is _far_ too long. This isn’t 2014. If there’s an intro at all, it should be a few seconds long.

  18. Listen my dude, this is no way a sniping ship! I just saw your vid and saw with her guns and secondaries, you killed it! I know a lot of nubs would say otherwise, but no! Play it a little more and if you get harrassed more each time, then I would say to “dock it”.

  19. the dispersion formula of Slava:
    105 + 5*[distance in km] (m)

    So, in close range, your dispersion actually WILL NOT GET WORSE.
    It is just nearly constant dispersion at any range, but perform especially good at long range, and relatively bad in close range when compare to other battleships.

    For comparison, Kremlin:
    33 + 11.9*[distance in km] (m)

  20. The problem you mention at close range is that Slava pretty much has No Vertical Dispersion, you see shells go wide but keep a noticeable straight line with most shells, that is the main gimmick of the ship..

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