World of Warships- Slava Isn’t As OP As You’ve Heard

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Hey guys, today I talk about my genuine experience with Slava over the past couple of weeks with it. Enjoy!

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  1. In my opinion, Manfred more broken than Slava tbh. You can angle against Slava or stay behind cover, but Manfred? Just pray your AA can scare him away from you or RNG messes with his bomb drop.
    I dont hate carrier in general, but man that ship was bonkers

    • Amirul Haikal Manfred?

    • @Art Karounos The German Tier X CV Manfred Von Richtofen.

    • Amirul Haikal Ah! Yeah there is nothing better that out flanking a team demolished three ships and eating a trip citi from AP bombers you can do nothing about

    • Any T10 CV is OP in its own way. CVs tends to be OP when they are top tier and struggle when they are bottom tier. But being a T10, you are guaranteed to be top tier so guaranteed to be OP. 10K damage on DDs with Midway rockets is also OP. That is more than half the health of most DDs in one pass and no much skill is needed.

    • I deleted a Stalingrad tanking behind island in less than 5 minutes. He didn’t get to activate his Kuznetsov

  2. Random player : What makes Slava soo good?
    Yuro: Stupid Players

    • @Khurdur its alot like the Petro, its a fast battleship that isnt particularly strong on paper, bad DPM, horrible HE and inaccurate guns, but if you potato infront of one, the AP will eat you whole. Otherwise, it just gets HE spammed to death

    • @Andrew Duan all ships gets eaten alive by HE :p it’s a dies to removal argument. The main problem with slava is the underperforming HE. But, every now and again, it gets a good game.

    • I mean.. I mostly agree…
      As long as you keep your angle to Slava, it is not that bad.
      The problem with slava is… the people who own slava is the experience player…
      I mean… you can’t get that ship if you are not playing for so long…

    • @KevinMulia Imma be honest chief, if you get to T8 and still reliably give broadside, you might want to take it down a few tiers, this is a thing that ships like Fuso already punish harshly.

    • @fam van der graaf well… let’s be real that sometimes you foegot sbout minimap…

      People tend to focus only on 1 side while thay forget that they get broadside from other side.

      And some people just don’t have info that there are ships there and just get devas from there.

      Slava is the later…

  3. just angle, but people are usually dumb enough to ignore this suggestion

  4. It’s a bigger Stalingrad

  5. The Slava wouldn’t be OP in my hands, that’s for sure

  6. I remember when Ohio and Pobeda came out for testing and everyone started complaining how stupidly OP the Pobeda was. Though it was true, almost no1 said a thing about the Ohio which had better reload, great accuracy at all ranges not only max range, better heal, great secondaries and sits on a quite tanky montana hull.

    • I remember before 3 years so many and especially ME hated the American ships. I insanely hated to fight the des Moines and I said it is OP. It’s dpm while bow is insanely strong to any ship except Yamato. That were the good old days. To me all Americans ships were too good at that time. We even started to talk about these capitalist ships in a memey way despite the company is Russian which is weird. But then they got insanely powercrept….. And soviet bias ships came innnn

  7. Slava might not be OP, but it is the worst design for the game. Just like champagne, florida etc.

  8. You could say just angle against slava and its not OP,but what about the rest of the enemy team?,If you have to angle against a slava a map away you’re showing broadside to enemies nearby

    • So then every battleship is OP cause you have to angle against them? If you end up angling and showing broadside to another ship, you’ve messed up your positioning. Entirely your fault.

    • Agree with other guy, but maybe they could be nicer with their phrasing. A lot of times cruiser players will claim bbs are op because even when angling they can’t do anything. However, angling is more than just your direct angle, its the position you are in and often they are in a god awful position. Bbs make it so you need to actually play smart and not go running around doing god knows what, and you need to play tactics

  9. It reminds me of a larger stalingrad

  10. I really agree with this
    Slava is a little broken in some aspects but thunderer is way way worse

    • yes, thunderer still alot of advantages yet am surprise it’s not being tackled.

    • William Taylor Payne

      Xtrem probably because it’s British. If it’s not Soviet then it gets a free pass to a certain extent. Which is horribly ironic because in WOT the British are just as meta and they’re getting there in WOWS.

    • I think it’s because Thunderer is really easy to punish if you can hit it. Big if, I know.

  11. Slava : I can’t kill people that are angled :ccccc
    GK : welcome buddy (holding his tear with his shitty sigma

  12. What is this ”angling” you speak of?

  13. I had enough points for either Ohio or Slava, I got Ohio & I’m glad I did.

  14. Compared to Thunderers, I don’t rant as much when I met Slavas; since I can work around to avoid her guns (not showing broadside, etc.)

    Thunderer is a different cancer altogether…

  15. I object to the description of “The further away the target, the better your dispersion.” It gets reiterated too much and gives the wrong impression, as if the accuracy actually gets better with range. The better description would be that it has minimal accuracy drop-off at range. Which is why point-blank it’s crap, because it has a dispersion other BBs have a good few more km out, but at range, you don’t get much worse and when others struggle to hit reliably at max range, Slava still does fine. So, the ship is mostly comparatively speaking better at range than other BBs, but a Slava at 20 km will still hit less than at 5 km.

    Also, MM doesn’t match vs identical ships, it tries to align teams so that everyone has the same amount of same nationality within a class. This means a GK, Slava, Iowa matchup can be matched against GK, Kremlin, Georgia, but also might imply that you get instead GK, Montana, Sov. Soy. to have same nationality, even if not at same tier. Can lead to fun mechanics like playing Shchors with uptiering granting enemy team an extra radar more often or Smolensk having a good chance to get matched against Petro, Stalin, Moskva or Stalin.

  16. 6:19 So true ! Thunderer is so broken ! The combination of 457 Guns, super fast reload and super accurate makes this thing completely op. There is no counterplay with cruisers. Except Stalins blessed ones…

  17. Compared to things like Conqueror and Thunderer who can dump up to 20k on an angled battleship, this thing is fine, but only for this absurd reason.The AP devastation potential is the only thing it has over British OP crap, since HE will not anihilate a ship at 20km even if it will ruin its day.
    This generates the biggest issue with this ship is that it can ambush you from ranges where you can barely see it and counter-fire it.
    Imho it should get a bit of a range reduction and get a spotter planer consumable.

  18. The Slava doesn’t show up for me anywhere in game.

  19. The thunderer is a really strong ship but i feel like a lot of its strengths are situational. I.e. you can only take advantage of its long range accuracy if you have competent team mates spotting for you.

    Thunderer is also very squishy for a bb with a large, exposed cit. So god help you if you get surprised at close range or if someone manages to sneak up on you using cover.

    There are a lot of ways you can make a thunderer have a bad day

  20. Maximum Swag Engaged

    It actually has clear disadvantages. This is different from Stalingrad for example.

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