World of Warships: Slava – New Soviet T10 Battleship

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Slava is the new T10 Soviet Battleship. She will be available in the Research Bureau. She’s a great ship for long range sniping, but I don’t think it’s good for the game.
World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Soviet battleship Slava.


  1. Shes basically a Kremlin but the shell’s is guide by papa stalin himself

  2. Saving this for posterity: this is the last time you’ll see Slava charging in. Constant camping, Comrade!

  3. I hope nobody notices that I can’t read AA values.

  4. i agree, this game is just going further and further down the black hole

  5. Of course they wouldn’t delete it. It would eventually come back.

  6. I see a Thunderer with a soviet flag … and the latter instantly removes Thunderer’s faults of slow shells and ‘meh’ turret layout for the more favorable and easier to tank-with AB-X layout with railguns. Huh.

  7. This is perhaps the only ship that would cause me to use the Research Bureau. Goodbye, Frech cruisers. I’ll sorta-kinda miss you, but not really.

  8. This ship looks as balanced as all the other russian high tier ships they have added in the last few years

  9. wait they accually did it

    okay let me deinstall this game real quik.

  10. What’s that? A new Russian ship? That hides at the back of the map spamming shells at long range running away from ships when they get within 20km? I see the Thunderer has been having fun with the Kremlin lately to birth this monstrosity

  11. WG CEO: “our BB players are tired of CVs, long range torps and HE spammer, what can we do to keep they playing??? they forget how to tank anymore”

    Dev team: “OK, let’s put super long range and accurate new lazy ships …. names?”

    Marketing team: “YEAH! a like Shikishima, Thunderer and Slava”

    • Not only that, but let’s make sure that we add tons of HE spammers. New US cruisers, Smolensk, Bayard, Mainz, new Soviet cruisers, etc. Then, when we contemplate adding another German brawler, make sure to nerf it before anyone thinks about having fun with it.

  12. This ship is so papery, the world’s rainforests have to be cut down to compensate for the paper needed to design her.

  13. 8:12 look at this 15km and 7-second shell travel, roughly 6 times the speed of sound, which means Mach 7~8 muzzle velocity, 3 to 4 times that of Yamato 460(780m/s) and 16″/50 Mark 7(760m/s when firing AP) in the real world. This magical ship is no doubt equipped with railguns.

    • Don’t forget, that distance is compressed in WOWs, since the Moskva, with almost 1000mps shell speed, would take over 20s to reach it’s 19.4km range, but takes only a little under 10s to do so.

    • All distances are compressed by a factor of 4 in WoWS. 15km in game is about 3.8km irl. Or in other words all engagement distances are utterly borked. The math just doesn’t work anymore at that point, especially as ships also travel faster and are larger than irl too. It’s just weird.

    • This ship is a Star Destroyer through and through..

  14. What a depressing development. Is this the beginning of the end for this game? I am losing patience with the constant stream of nonsense from the Developers.

  15. as soon as i saw all 9 shells hit a venezia at like 18km, no this is just gross

  16. a ship that nobody deserves, but everyone wants one. Just like nukes.

  17. And welcome to RU severs – playstyle here is kinda different.

  18. We did some testing with iChase and it turns out that Slava is NOT citadellable from the front or stern. Apparently there’s a magic 350+mm armor plate at the bow and stern ON TOP of the 350mm citadel armor plate. At 1 km a Republique nor a Shikishima was able to citadel her from the bow or stern.

    • Aerroon bad for the game? Really? Since when WG care if it was good for the game? Another made up OP Russian ship.

    • I think I might start playing War Thunder more, lol.

    • A hidden plate armor? XD lol the russian bias is strong with this one

    • mynameiswritinwater

      oh and of course, beside being an OP paperships he – at least in this iteration – get unlimited Damage Controls … weren’t those the “limiting trait” of the whole Russian BB line ? Guess someone at WG wanted the research bureau used slightly more

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