World of Warships: Slava Preview [WIP]

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Slava is still a Work in Progress and subject to change. She’s amazing so far, especially at long range, but there was a reddit post about datamined nerfs her.

World Warships footage of the 10 Soviet battleship Slava.
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  1. You are playing soviet battleship with american camo 😀

  2. •_Lumia Art_•

    Welcoming Red team. ? From Russia with love. Booooooom hahaha

  3. somebody something

    Gota say thats some amazing and thruly skillful torpedobeats

  4. Can someone explain me how in the seven hells wg is actually considering concealment of theses t10 to be BETTER than Moskva????

  5. “when I hit the Harugumo for 12k…”… Counter shows 5k though

  6. So what you are saying is basically you are a bit to agressive a player for this floating artillery platform.

  7. HARU TAKES FULL PENETRATION……So that 12K volley will be for any BB meeting that ship.

  8. I like how the tech tree line of Soviet BB are good at being the tip of the Spear. They are somewhat damage resistant and once you get close the guns become a true joy to shoot.


  10. Thomas Bernecky

    all skill, no luck torp beats at the end. well played Aerroon.

  11. How to win with Pobeda: 1)Push forward early on, take damage deal damage.
    2)Move back and heal while taking potshots, and taking less damage.
    3) once down to ~20% or less HP and adrenaline rush is really kicking in, move FAR AWAY – and just destroy everything with a 20 second reload on those shells that have MORE PEN THAN YAMATO – and move faster than ANYTHING else in the game to 20+ km!

  12. You always aim too high.

  13. it’s not that there is anything wrong with this ship. It’s how all the other BBs should function. Instead of having to pray to RNGesus every time you pull the trigger.

  14. you need ”

  15. cool guys doesnt even look at torpedos to douge 😀 next lvl

  16. Neurofied Yamato

    Slava… for some reason I expected anti-ship missiles lol.

  17. Problem with getting close as a Battleship is you get deleted by everything, i try to push and tank for my team in my Yami and you just can not do it so much HE and fire spam, now the Kremel gets nice deck armour but with CV’s being so inbalanced right now even the Kremel will get melted. Its not long range BBs that ruin the game it’s he CV spotting CAs who refuse to push and support DDs who get lit up for planes all the time. The one advantage Battleships have to avoid the HE super spam is range.

  18. Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

    Stalin is rolling in his grave with that capitalist camo on that glorious ship…

  19. with ships like this tier 8 is gonna be more of a pain than it already is

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