World of Warships: Sleeping Giant map review, New Map!

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This is the newest map that has come to World of Warships and here is a quick game we had in the Des Monies on the map explaining how its been played and some ideas for changes!


  1. mejash des moines is not *probably the strongest ship(cruiser)* it is the strongest ship 😀

    • Man, its Youtube… If I say anything “Is the strongest” at anything people bitch and bitch and argue lol. I have to leave it open to interpretation a bit 😛

    • Mejash at this point in my life i know that every one will complane about everything so i dont care any more.
      The older i get the less i seem to like people!:)

  2. I do not like this map.

    • definitely has some kinks that need to be worked out, but I hope we get new maps- the ones we have now are getting pretty stale tbh

  3. Heard you call me “Cute” in the Nelson :3
    I wasnt scoring kills but racked up 87k dmg on priority targets you designated.

  4. My first time in the map there was a kutozov a mino and a des moins in that spot i died in my NC pushing that cap in les than 2 mins they were never spotted

  5. played this map a few times, the A cap seems like a high risk, maybe high reward, area between B C is strong, far side of C is pretty good too

  6. ya their needs to be 2 more ways down the center of A from both the north and south side

  7. Map design seems weird, symmetrical but not …A is a deathtrap for non sonar/radar ships.

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