World of Warships – Sleeping with the Fishes

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Surprisingly, todays video title isn’t a reference to some weirdo deviance, but is in fact referring to a certain Francis Ford Coppola movie masterpiece that I’m sure we’ve heard of even if many of you probably haven’t seen it.

Once you figure out what it is – go see it!

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  1. Darkness Nighthingale

    Yeah yeah, We know its 3:40am.

  2. Carriers are great, can’t wait for subs. THANKS WARGAMING!

  3. *Finishes yesterdays video, then realizes its 3am, sees todays video*……..*big smile* Ah who needs sleep anyway, more Jingles Bar-Keep!

  4. 0239 hours, I WAS going to bed thank you so very much Jingles.

  5. I should be asleep.
    But… Warships.

  6. This destroyer is awesome

  7. Am I early? Or is Jingles late? 😛

  8. Obligatory, never been so early

  9. Posted 4 minutes ago, 346 views. Closest I’ve ever been! YAY!!!

  10. Jingles try to read something from Norman Davies . Great historian

  11. just when im about to go to bed, Jingles uploads.
    Dangit Jingles, Go to sleep

  12. Jingles, your 10 second intros are much more powerful than Claus’ 2 minute ones!

  13. 14:10 All gas, no brakes.

  14. Jingles, have you listened to Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcast and specifically the Super Nova in the East series. He deep dives into the pacific front of WWII. So damn entertaining, especially episode 3-6.

  15. the mighty jingles: sponsored by people named james

  16. You wake up in the morning.
    You hop on YouTube for breakfast.
    You see that there is a new Jingles Video. Your day starts with greatness.

  17. this is more a showcase of how bad the enemy cv is than anything xD i mean the z52 is completly alone in the water as soon as they had a vague idea where he was he should just be dead.

  18. Is it my sound that is f-ing up or is jingles mic static popping?

  19. I’m almost 40 now and I don’t remember anytime in my entire Iife that I have ever waited for someone to upload a video.
    Sir, videos of WOWS are everywhere online, but it’s only you that makes me come here.
    All love and best wishes from a big fan far far away from Egypt.

  20. When you’re so early that there are only people saying first and no actually good jokes:
    The price of being faster than light is that you will have to live in darkness

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