World of Warships: Slippery Des Moines

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Des Moines has such great acceleration that she is incredibly slippery. Great AP combined with great reload leads to some devastating results.

0:00 Des Moines Match
15:38 End Screen
16:09 Captain Skills & Upgrades
17:17 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 US heavy cruiser Des Moines.


  1. Finally a DM video 🙂

  2. There’s going to be a 2nd video before the stream.

    • I enjoy your videos so much. Calm and knowledgeable. You play the way I would like to play when I grow up.
      Also, when I comment “I would have been blapped instantly” I think whats happening is that we see your awesome matches, but we don’t see the ones where you DO in fact take a risk and get blapped out of existence. It’s a …youtube skill bias, or something of the like. I’d like to say that when you were broadside to that yoshino or yami I would have died for sure! But it doesn’t always happen to me and we don’t see the occasions where it happens to you.

    • Thank you for sharing your understanding of the game. Enjoyable videos

  3. is it just me that i find it easy to citadel des moines rather than worcester which is a light cruiser . i am able to bow on citadel a des moines with a yamato but it is harder to hit the citadel of a worcester

  4. Why isn’t DM like any high-tier Russian cruisers?
    The answer is in the question, my friend.
    Love your vids!

  5. Thank you for the Video

  6. Short answer would be it’s not RUSSIAN, how easy was that huh?

  7. Caspian Korwado

    I Really wish I had the legendary mod

  8. Caspian Korwado

    Raise a Forum post or a twitter hashtag to bring back Des Moines AA as it used to xD

  9. Gareth Fairclough

    Des Mama is always a good choice.
    Well, almost, but close enough.

  10. Anti-air got worse when WG decided to nurf it across all ships.

  11. I’m very close to getting either the DM or the Gearing. Which do I get first?

  12. I always take DFAA just because i hate CVs that much.

  13. I really love Des Moines. She’s my main ship in Clan Battles. The range is definitely an issue which is why I run range mod instead for 18.4 KM range, with good aim it does really well against players sitting in the back with long range as well. Does nice farming battleships with HE.
    On the other hand I really love being aggressive with Des Moines, she’s fast and turns really well with the mods, flanking cruisers, especially Russian ones and getting citadels is very satisfying, and thanks to her Super Heavy AP and the fast reload really is nice.
    I’ve even brawled battleships in this thing, one of my experiences is brawling a full HP Thunderer while having almost no health left, out turning their guns, killing the Thunderer and leaving the battle alive! But of course, watch out for everyone that can overmatch 27mm bow, I’ve had wonderful experiences bow tanking, and on the otherhand, 50k HP is gone just like that.

    I really do wish they bring her AA back to her glory stage. Great Video Aerroon! Love seeing Des Moines content.

  14. 4:33, noticing a trend on these good AA ships? Yeah I too have noticed it.

  15. i love it when BBs come around a corner, flat broadside cause they think “Bruh, you Cruiser” 😀

  16. Only ship can beat DM reload is Nevsky,,,,longer range,better arc of guns,,not much of speed but those are for me best 2 ships in crusiers line

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