World of Warships – Slow Burner

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So what do get when a WoWs Community Contributor on an anonymous press account who happens to be ranked third best player on the RU server takes to the sea in the USS Benham? Watch and find out.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Wait a minute, I’m about over a minute in and I knoooow I’ve seen this somewhere!

    Edit: Yup, 4:30 mark, I know who it is now and anyone subbed to this particular CC knows too! I don’t mind watching it twice, I like Jingles’ commentary 😀

    • Oh do grow up.
      Just because you love Flamu doesn’t mean everyone must drop everything and watch everything he does.
      He’s a skilled player, no doubt, but he’s toxic as all hell (ironic that I say that right now, I admit) and just isn’t fun to watch. Why should someone watch something that they don’t enjoy?

    • Well if that was the case, why even comment on a video that features the very gameplay of the Hot Flamin’ Potato himself in the first place uploaded by The Mighty Gnome Overlord? Makes no sense imo but you do you mah dude. Pce.

    • @Gareth Fairclough – you may not find him fun to watch, but many of us DO find him fun to watch. Opinions mate, everyone has one.

    • @Talltale – eh???

  2. Ah, the world record shattering Benham, we meet again

  3. I waited for that “tough Shit” … worth it

  4. 2:18 did he just run into his own torpedoes as they launched? O_o

  5. To paraphrase on WoWs CC 57 own words: What’s more broken? The ship, or the player playing it? 😉

    • @Wayne Lamb they just saw broken game spoilin benham and went semiafk to wait for next round

    • @Wayne Lamb of course, they’re idiots for getting killed by a 5.8km concealed Torp spamming DD sailed by a very good player. There was nothing those BB players could do in that situation. The only ships that could act, didn’t do anything.

    • @The Mundorian To that I ask “are you an idiot for assuming that in a tier 10 battle, people would know how hydro and radar works as well as the damage spotting alone can do?”.

      I wouldn’t say that the BB’s are idiots. I would however say that the Fletcher’s dumb for not blowing away the Benham, the Enterprise for not sending a plane over to spot the Benham and the Buffalo for not using his equipment, though you can make a case for the BB’s being stupid for not disengaging and continuing to find a ship that literally did circles around them.

    • @The Mundorian they could have stopped sailing towards him

  6. Jingles: Go get a hot drink, get comfortable
    Me: Slowly saunters out to the work kitchen, makes a hot chocolate and returns like a child waiting for a story

  7. Instructions unclear, made coffee, returned to video halfway done.

  8. The Musashi team killing fletcher was perfect

  9. He outed himself few days ago posting this vid, lol!!

  10. Jingles: Knows the exact name, type, reload time, and speed of the Shimikaze’s torpedoes
    Also Jingles: Forgets for a few seconds that the Buffalo is a heavy cruiser

    • @Erik Trimble And in both cases the minority are actually playing them properly. DFAA is WAY less useful than hydro on cruisers, and Edinburgh and Minotaur have incredible stealth radar and AP that wrecks DDs so radar is extremely useful in those ships.

      Then there’s Neptune. For the love of all things holy, don’t take radar on Neptune.

    • @Cain Lolsson Problem with Radar on a Edin/Mino is that you’re heavily dependent on team play to survive. That’s not realistic in Randoms. Sure, you can spot DDs, but you get deleted even faster as their support opens up on you and you’re stuck, spotted, with no way out. Don’t expect your team to take advantage of your Radar well, either.

      Hydro on Heavy Cruisers is generally a bad idea, as you lack stealth to really use it well. You’re generally just fine being able to dodge most incoming torps, so it’s not that useful for defensive purposes, and, unless you’re German, the range is pretty mediocre. In Random, Hydro really isn’t that good of a choice for CAs. CLs, on the other hand, really benefit from it.

      On a Buffalo, Hydro is particularly a bad choice, as Buffalos don’t have sufficient bow armor to tank (making it pretty useless to try to island hug like a Des Moine, and they have terrible maneuverability, so they can’t smoke hunt. It has the same kind of issues that IJN cruisers have, where if you benefit from Hydro, you’re playing the ship wrong.

      And DFAA is actually quite useful, what with 75% of the games having CV in them. DFAA still works very well, particularly on US cruisers, when you sit near a BB and break up Torpedo and Dive Bomber runs.

    • @Erik Trimble RN CLs have insanely powerful AP that rips DDs a new one, and rather incredible maneuverability to allow you to stay relatively safe. Using radar does require a rather good knowledge of the game to really make use of though as someone less skilled does have the issued you mentioned.

      Hydro is a consumable that is very powerful when dealing with enemy DDs which is something you tend to do a lot in the mid- to late-game, and in USN CAs especially. Both the silver CL lines in the game always have hydro’s, so they’re kinda irrelevant to the conversion.

      Buffalo is indeed not an island camper, but that’s not down to it’s armour as much as it’s down to the turret layout. It’s a 4*3 layout so bow-tanking removes 1/2 of your DPM rather than 1/3 on Baltimore or Des Moines. This however doesn’t change the usefulness of hydro. It’s a consumable you can use to help hydro enemy torps for your BBs in the early-game as this is where you’ll usually sit. And in mid- to late-game you will have a lot of use from it in dealing with DDs that would want to deal with you pushing caps after enemy BBs are sufficiently burnt to the ground. And considering I’m one of the highest ranked Buffalo players on EU per average XP I would say your statement of playing it wrong is clearly misplaced.

      DFAA was changed with the CV rework. It now does only 50% extra damage instead of 100%, and it does not effect the spread of torp- or dive-bombers anymore. This is one of the main criticisms of the rework, that DFAA no longer breaks up the torps or bombs from airplanes, so I’m not sure how you’ve managed to miss that…

    • Herr Vorragend he actually explained he meant you could have 2 sets of 16 torps in the water at the same time.

  11. Wow this guy seems really good, I wonder if he does YouTube!?

  12. 16:40 Torpedoes launched: 188. That is disgusting and beautiful at the same time.

    • The new definition of “Wall of skill”

    • Those two hundred torps must have greater tonnage than the Benham alone lol

    • @Griffin Faulkner Think about it from a different perspective. Think about the volume of each torpedo, and then consider the volume of the ship itself. I’m not sure if there’s enough space inside the outer hull for that many torps, ignoring the minor fact of needing bulkheads, and boilers and engines and all the other things that get stuffed into a DD’s hull.

    • @crucisnh We start thinking like that and suddenly everything above a six inch gun or so becomes boring. What with ammo capacity proportional to gun caliber.

  13. The perfect Battle to watch while you wait for Red Dead Redemption to install for PC.
    *looks at the installer*
    Since when do Battles in WoWs take 2 hours?

  14. “We seem to have sprung a leak captain” “number 1 that I think is the understatement of the year abandon ship seems to be in order”

  15. When the replay started I said to myself: “Wait… I think I already saw this!”
    Yep. ?

  16. I think he might know me though. 😮

  17. “He’s already sunk the Tirpitz, what am I talking about?”

    To be fair, “underwater” is about as flooded as you can get. So he definitely flooded the Tirpitz.

  18. I would like the Moon on a stick, yes please.
    When can we get our “Capt. Jingles”?

  19. How is the enemy team allowing this to happen!?
    “This is on the Russian server”
    oh okay.

    • Well, to be fair, T10 players on EU server would play exactly the same.

    • cant argue with that, even on other game they only know 1 thing – kill anything on sight no matter what the mode is. imagine if this was a match with 4 cap on the map, none of those turd are going to cap it

    • Is Russian server PC code for ” window lickers from Chernobyl”? Cuz dayum those T8 and 9 BBs sailed in nice straight predictable courses. Makes NA server look chalk full of MENSA members

    • @cinjon smythe Oddly enough NA seem’s to have some of the best BB drivers in WoWs.

    • @onebigfatguy Not really surprising, big guns and armour are kinda a North American tradition.

  20. 9:10 Commissar executing a coward who tried to flee from the front lines (circa 1942, colorized)
    This is the Russian server after all…

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