World of Warships – Slow Burner

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Sometimes a match is just a bit of a slow burner. It takes a while for anything interesting to happen and you feel like someone sent you the wrong replay file by mistake. Sometimes they do, it happens. Not this time…

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System Specs: 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920× resolution

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  1. Scotch N’ Smoke

    Ehh, studying for midterms can wait…

  2. When someone says they’ve watched the whole vid when its 20 mins and it’s been out for five..


  3. Grasshopper Kelly

    Yes Jingles, that hydro looked very active…

  4. On second thought, let’s not go to Camelot. It is a silly place.

  5. Is this replay post rework? Catapult fighters can no longer spot torps, right?

  6. Luis Fernando Rubin

    Actually Jingles he didn’t use the Hydro to spot the Aoba torps.

  7. ‘You will note that the hydro is still running‘

    Hydro is not running lol

  8. 4 ships going after a leningrad…

    You could say they were a leningtrain

  9. ‘with the hydro still running’, well… no

  10. Jingles, do you notice a double detonation kill on Queen Elizabeth and the König? Do you saw the kill message on the top of the minimap, damn you bloody bugger Jingles

    • The team results screen shows three enemy ships with medals… they all detonated.

    • Also the enemy Yorck detonated by the friendly Yorck, kind of difficult to win if a fourth of the team gets detonated. I once detonated an Alsace and a Kronshtadt in successive 5 torp sets in the Shimakaze, I got reported for hacking, I’ve never even seen a hacker in WoWs.

    • could u post the times that the detonations happened

    • +Eli jakubowicz
      Yorck 8:50
      Queen Elizabeth 9:30
      Konig 19:12

  11. HackoXakepa… Looks like the second half of the name is Latin alphabet look-alike for the Cyrillic Хакера, which is presumably a Slavic language term for “Hacker” (Khakera)…

    • Was about to write in that general direction too…
      HackoXakepa, translit vesrion of the cyrilic НаскоХакера which is NaskoHakera
      From the Bulgarian BGNAV clan
      Anyway, great video for any low-med tier brit DD master wannabee!
      Almost possitive that it is a pre-08.00 ver., right ?
      П.С. Браво на Наско!

  12. The Jingles Chuckle is right up there with Santa and Tim Allen on Home Improvement ?

  13. Oh Jingles. Planes don’t spot torpedoes now 🙂

  14. “and there’s less than two minutes of this game left.” *checks gameclock*: 03:07

  15. you know youre playing well when some random german guy in the enemy team is complaining about you hacking 🙂

    • +DKP555 how dare you, sinking the HMS Dunning Kruger 🙂

    • Just a random Horse.

      +thederogativeworld Hey now, don’t hate on the conkek 😛 Unfortunately RN BBs are BUILT that way, their armor is crap, they’re ultra squishy and generally you want to sit as far as possible whilst spamming your best shell aka HE… Which is why I immediately sold the lion once I got it… I kinda get why people do that 20km + spam now. That said people with thousands upon thousands of matches that still don’t know how the game works are quite annoying. Took me 2k battles to start “getting good”, so there’s no reason for your comment to offend anyone to be fair. Only a salty moron does that and boy are there plenty lately – almost as if wot is flooding into wows.

    • What a suprise!
      It seems to me thar german gamers just are such assholes.
      (tho noe ples dont be offended if your german 🙂

    • thederogativeworld

      +Just a random Horse. See, the Brit AP is incredibly nasty for anything other than the Vanguard. Yes you have to be much closer to use it, but I’ve seen Conquerors with the big guns (457 I think) wiping the floor with cruisers and overconfident battleships. Same with the Nelson

      Oh, and I meant that guy was LITERALLY at max range and failed to hit anything for the first 5 minutes. Probably because he was too busy ranting in chat about bad DDs (me being the only one so obviously about me) not spotting (because i’m supposed to spot the enemy in the first minute somehow I guess?) while I blapped their Kiev in my Harekaze. I don’t actually hate the ship, she’s got her heal to make up for bad armor, I just don’t like the majority of players who let cruisers tank for them (before broadsiding half the enemy team and dying)

    • +TheDoll too We only are efficient. Some choose to efficiently blame all the others.

  16. “And that’s where the British hydro comes in, of course…”

    You mean the British hydro that wasn’t running, Jingles? That British hydro?

  17. When Hacko sees the enemy team winning, Hacko does slappo.

  18. Wierd day, Flambass uploads tank video and jingles uploads ships… What a time to be alive.

  19. 18:23 that dispersion on the rear turret…

    I wish my RNG was like that

  20. IncubusBG@WorldOfTanks

    It’s in Cyrilic, Jingles. Means Nasko (name) The Hacker. His clan is Bulgarian and so is the player. Nasko is short for Atanas (Greek etymology). In ancient Greek it means Immortal. A = no, tanatos = death.

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