World of Warships – Slowy McSlowface

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In which I_Came_On_Your_Broadside takes the slowest ship in the world (not actually the slowest ship in the world) and makes the destroyers look like rank amateurs.

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  1. My Friday is complete once a jingles WoW replay is uploaded

  2. @CommodoreRayne.IMP.C-1824

    Some good old fashioned fattleship action. Great way to start a Friday 🙂

  3. ”… Moskva just became submarine Moskva” Hey, I’ve seen this one I’ve seen this one! It’s a classic!!

  4. Puerto Rico with her none existing citadel be like :

    • Oh it has 1. It’s just stupidly well protected. I recall people saying it’s got a THICK citadel roof and as is tradition, it’s buried in the bottom of the ship.

    • Puerto Rico : “Hehehehe, I’m a french BB, now !”

    • Part of why its gotten the nickname of “Pay To Rico” though I don’t know who Rico is and he ain’t gettin my money!

    • It’s a 100 mm of armor at the bottom of the deck, plus 27 mm of armor on the roof of the citadel, so it’s almost impossible to citadel the Puerto Rico with plunging fier, you have to pen it at directly at the water line.

      Yuro has a review of the ship.

  5. Fun fact: Senator Tillman was actually annoyed at how much money the USN of the time was spending on incremental classes and wanted to short-circuit the entire process and jump straight to the end.

  6. AKSHULY JINGLES the enemy team could have just run for it an won on points; they’d have hit 1000 before Came’s team caught up even at 2:1 points lead, *and* they’d have done it before Came entered Bravo if he hadn’t had a chance to kill anything. … wait, what are you doing with that shotgun?

    • **Mossberg 500 clack sounds**

      Its nothing personal, just business

    • @tobiasreinhold7642

      Was looking to the comments to see whether someone else had mentioned it. This basically explains why so many people fail to run away in battles. They can’t calculate that a 2:1 capcircle advantage is not enough if the enemy needs “X” amount of points to win and you need more than “two times X”.

    • @louisapenzhorn4162

      seriously a shotgun that’s amateur hour for someone like this it says currently in the combat information center of an ssbn that’s enough fire power joke over oh and the tried in nuclear missile about to fall on your head isn’t that actual nuclear methyl

  7. Even Akazuki could appreciate that twist in the tale.

  8. Broadside i think previously featured in the clan battle that had only 2 clan members and 4 mercenaries.

    Slowy McSlowface successfully completed a lap of the map

  9. I’m envious of players who can remember all of the stats of ships / tanks in a game , I can’t even remember the stats of the ship or tank I’m currently playing and have to constantly check during the game to remind myself . I went to school with the same people for eight years and I struggle to remember their names , having a good memory is a gift .

    • I downloaded a mod that labels ships that have radar and hydro so I can shortcut my own poor memory, lol

    • If i remember correctly, now when you tab to look at the players if you hover over a ship it will show you the stats (i think stock without skills don’t quote me on this one) and consumables. Makes it a lot easier to remember what ships get what 🙂

    • Akshuly jingles – Benjamin “Pitchfork” Tillman was a senator in the world war 1 timeframe who got annoyed at the incremental creep of sixe and guns and etc. leading to more expensive ships coming from the Navy, so he said to the Navy Boards, “give me the maximum ship you can”! And boy howdy, did they! Drach has a great post on it.

    • @@mitchm4992 it’s implemented in the vanilla game now, just hover Your mouse above the ship on the team list

  10. @thomasgarrison3949

    Thanks for the game replay. A great way to wake up to here in the Mid-West USA.

  11. The pre-mature “GG” is the icing on the cake hahaha

  12. I would suggest Moskva got bitch slapped by the St Vincent – there’s a clear line of sight to where the Vinnie was at the time. Also, being clan battles – radar gets used regardless of ones ability to shoot at what gets found. The boys (and girls) are using voice comms.

  13. st. vincent has the battleship icon, therefore, it’s a battleship. average WOWs gamer logic 😀

  14. “There seems to be something wrong with our bloody ships today.”

  15. Imagine taking 3/3 caps in a Vermont. That in and of itself is hilarious.

  16. Brown pants moment for the St. Vincent. Great vid

  17. That was a barrel of laughs. Even the enemy team gave where credit was due to I CAME ON YOUR BROADSIDE with that clutch kill on the St.Vincent.

  18. 16:00 hey look at that, he lived up to his username

  19. I love your grey floofy cat putting her comments in in the background

  20. That Somers must’ve been raging at the St. Vincent at the end there – he played a good game. Definitely one of the more hilarious endings I’ve seen in a long while!

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