World of Warships- Smaland First Impressions

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Hey guys, today we take a look at the insane TX Premium Pan-European Destroyer, Smaland, enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Neat to see you playing a Smaland.

  2. I live 20km from the real life museum boat Småland

  3. Operational Tactics

    Death by a million paper cuts

  4. Battle of warship Anas

    Why dont u show the end result of your match.It gives us a good idea on how much we and earn from this ship.

  5. I want this thing with a burning passion xD

  6. I got Smaland some time ago, as I was actually saving fxp to get her. This Clan Battle was literally my second battle in her and I was really amazed how monstrous it can be in DDs 1v1, even with my much more conservative build (my Błyska/Okran captain):

  7. Fredrik Johansson

    You can see Småland in Gothenburg it’s a museum.

  8. Great review as always. I can get 2 million free xp in 5 seconds by converting my ship xp… for roughly A THOUSAND dollars, so that won’t happen. I’d get more than 2 million free but you get the idea. Paying to convert gained XP to free XP is one of many of WG’s moronic money stealing schemes. Technically the Friesland has the same guns as the Småland, the Bofors 120mm, 84 rounds a minute when doubled barreled 42 rpm single barrel, so the actual reaload time was 1.42 seconds. Småland can be viewed irl, she’s a museum ship in Gothenburg.

  9. Enjoyed your video Sealord! In my experience the pan EU dd’s are a lot of fun but you need to be careful not to overextend as they are quite slow and you’ll be having trouble to disengage. I wonder how Smaland plays/feels in comparison to the Halland. On paper they seem pretty similar with one having more emphasis on torpedoes and the other on the guns. Though I can imagine that the radar and improved (30%) speedboost of the Smaland allow for a more agressive playstyle. Wonder if thats really true and if it makes it more fun playing it. Need to grind about 900k free xp to get the Smaland and I wonder if its worh it considering I already have the Ostergotland. Could get a Friesland and an Agir for 2 mil. free XP as well…

  10. Thx for making this video, I’ve been debating on whether or not to get it.

  11. I have one (got it with Thunderer over Christmas) and I love it already. I had fun with the Kitakaze, and this thing is even more ridiculous than it. Less pen, but the firestarting potential is absolutely insane, and you can out DPM just about anything. Pair up with, say, a Gearing, Benham, or Black (like I did in one of my Ranked qualification matches) and watch the world burn.

  12. Go Spleef Yourself

    I want this ship so bad but the cost for me to get it is just too much and I doubt ill be able to get to grind it out in time

  13. As someone who fights them quite often in my Kleber, my conclusion is this: win the early fight, or be on your way out asap. This ship needs to hit you with a bunch of small hits, that way its guns can deal their proper payload. If you know where it is, attack it on the bow or stern, so only 1 gun is usable and you force them to show broadside. Do NOT engage when reload booster is offline. Also, you’re better at range than it. If it challenges you to a 10K duel, take it on and use your agility and faster shells to make them regret it. Stay smart, and use your strengths. Don’t fight it for too long though. For other gunboats, honestly I would say try to avoid a straight fight. Wait for it to pop radar, then retreat, then get the drop on it when it’s radar goes down. But only a few ships can truly gun this thing down. Do not take this ship lightly.

  14. Been grinding for this since Paolo used my fxp for resets, and learning it was getting removed. . It didn look that interesting to me at first, but anything getting removed peaks interest. Im at 1.8+ million and still have 60 Obouro flags…and since dds are my thing, sure it will be worth it.

  15. Hey sea Lord that was a great we had there. Was the friendly YY player, and a DD main player. The radar is great was running the YY with it as well. Came in handy well running middle of that map.

  16. One thing that he didn’t point out is that the Smaland gets a speed boost similar to the Paolo Emilio’s (i.e. shorter duration but greater boost in speed at +30%). With a speed flag and the Speed Boost active, the Smaland can go 47 knots instead of the 36.8 knots without Speed Boost active for approximately 60 seconds.

  17. me needs more time to grind for it sadly, therefore I can’t get her in time ; (

  18. daniel quagliaroli

    Ah thats why you were in the smaland, probably dont remember but i was the AlaskaI in one of your games

  19. I feel like thunderer is definitely going to be in Santa crates next year

  20. I had been planning on getting a Smaland, and only had about 300k to go to get it. But then I decided to grind the EU line just to be certain I could live without smoke. With my current skillset, there is NO LIFE without smoke. I would still love to have it, but 2 million is a LOT to ask for it.

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