World of Warships – Small Decisions Are Costly

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Sometimes the difference between winning losing is a of small decisions.


  1. How’s the audio quality? Still bad? Acceptable? Lemme know please

  2. The audio is alright but sounds a little muffled

  3. chase u finally got sleep?

  4. heya ichase how you today?

  5. Audio is good but a bit muffled. How did you draw on the screen?

  6. Too many only focus on farming DMG, then the team loses the match. Ok, well done, and then?
    The most of nowadays players have problems thinking and breathing at the same time, which is good for WG finances.
    Beside that, very good analysis, thank you!

    • Too many focus on surviving, thinking that’s what will make them win.
      The last glorious example was earlier today.
      A DD tucked _behind_ a CV, following him like a dog follows his master.
      I asked what he was doing.
      Answered “I need AA cover”.
      And he was full HP, eh. In line A.

    • Kevin Reed-Jones

      @Tha Ape yeah, quite frequent

  7. hey chaser <3

  8. WhiskeyMikeGaming

    I can’t judge, I’m probably his division mate. Dead much earlier

  9. I’m in his clan!!! (Red Sky) it was still a great performance but that ap may have made the difference for the win Bravo Raptor

  10. Idk if it’s just me but does that Atlanta need to practice his aim? With that gneis it should’ve been down before turning fully

  11. “Strategy is the art of making use of time and space. I am less concerned about the latter than the former. Space we can recover, lost time never.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

  12. Just call him Dave.

  13. A beeline for the A line? what?

  14. whats your crosshairs?

  15. potato rules number 1 and 2
    – never look at the map
    – dont know how to use your ship/ship type.

  16. I missclicked on the vid, I subbed to you a few years ago but I don’t really play wows anymore and the first thing I noticed is how strange your audio sounds. For me not enjoyable. I mean the comments also say it but you should change that.

  17. This is absolutely me! I can play but the little things kill me.

  18. Danie Jansen van Vuuren

    Nice game Atlanta. It’s a team sport, you can’t carry them all. As someone who used to play the Atlanta a lot, I’d have to agree with using AP on flat broadsides. GG

  19. By Neptune’s harry backside, this video just shows why I hate most BB players in WoWS…. BB’s need to push in agressively, not cower behind the CL’s/CA’s….

    As you can likely tell I’m mostly a CL/CA player and I get screwed with cowardly BB’s a lot.

  20. Fredrick Nietzsche

    love tne chalk talk.

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