World of Warships – Smith Review – Deadly Combos

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Tier 2 US the Smith, what’s good about her? Well, not much except her deadly combo attack! 😀


  1. Hiope you get better soon Chase. I got funny experiment for you! Let
    caption guy to comment a video and you become caption guy :D

  2. No ,don’t buy,

  3. For a T2, I think it’s okay.

  4. Dude i was cringing the whole time. It was painful to hear you talk.
    Seriously, try to get some rest and feel better before recording.

  5. Dude i was cringing the whole time. It was painful to hear you talk.
    Seriously, try to get some rest and feel better before recording.

  6. Robin Tilbrook (Bosun_Bones)

    A bit like the Tacky Banana?

    Get well and don’t push you self to hard!

  7. With the fastest firing guns at tier 2, they do just fine against enemy dds
    even though they are small, its a funny ship to throw my gearing or clemson
    captain on.

  8. torp range only 4 km?

  9. Don’t make videos with voice comments, unless you find someone talking for
    you. 😉
    I got the Smith with the last big even the Great Naval Battles. As I
    couldn’t get the ships I wanted I ended up with the Smith. 😀 It really is
    a fun ship and I had good success even against cruisers at long range as
    they just couldn’t hit me, or just occasionly. I made constant hits, but
    running away isn’t an option at all. Even with the boost you just can keep
    the range. I just fired 2 torps, one of them sunk the BB after I got killed.
    Buying as a collector a must, as someone just want to have fun its a secret
    tip, for normal players I would say leave it in the store.

  10. Herr chase get better soon Ze Kriegsmarine need you to review their
    glorious ships in the near future

  11. get well soon iChase 🙂 ty for the vid you really didnt need to if you were
    unwell, focus on yourself for now :)

  12. Douglas Troop (Azeiel)

    Get well soon mate o7

  13. Good review and you raise some very nice points about the Smith. Do hope
    you get feeling better soon!

  14. Gonna be a odd question but where is the infection? I had a staff infection
    in the neck twice

  15. So what is the next know your ship about

  16. Hope you get better NOW Chase! Love your vids! :D

  17. get well soon iChase, looking forward for more of your vids, take care :)

  18. iChaseGaming do you plan on doing reviews on the german battleships when
    they finally become availiable also what is your favorite ship in game that
    you like to play often when not making a video? also get better soon Chase

  19. Get well soon m8!

  20. Hey chase! I know you love your US DDs, and im just starting, so a few tips
    are always welcomed. 🙂 Im on the clemson rn, so you know. 😀 Hope you get
    better soon. :D

  21. You sound really tired. Hope you feel better soon!

  22. Have you ever considered bringing back monday rules?

  23. Great vid Chase. Feel better soon! ?

  24. Chase, have you seen the new tier restrictions with match making? If so;

  25. Hope you get well soon.

  26. Its a devastating in-fighter, the trick is to combine the guns with Torpedo
    strikes spreading out the hits to optimize the chance of serious flooding.
    And hammer away. And its cheap at $6.99 including a Port Slot. And you can
    speed boost.

  27. Get well soon m8

  28. ReverertialWalrus007

    Hope you get better soon!

  29. WaterDogZilla/MuttZilla

    Take your meds and get some rest. Heal up then come back with a vengeance.

  30. I want do old Chase back. Give him back, that cursed illness or what ever
    you told in the video xD

  31. iChase! Even when ur sick you continue to make video’s for us! Top dog bro

  32. come on chase, just go rest b4 doing any more videos…….you definitely
    needs rest.
    hope you well soon.

  33. Love your videos Chase, but seriously man, if you’re sick then you’re sick.
    We will understand if there is no video for a couple days; get better

  34. Get well soon

  35. Chase I hope you’re feeling better 🙂 Recoverying is the big thing, we can
    wait for you to get back into it :)

  36. ichase sick go lay down

  37. Get well Chase. No need to bust yourself making videos. We’ll all be here
    when you get better.

  38. Because of not playing low tier I totally missed the introduction of all
    the great looking lowtier maps. When I was doing Tier two there were like
    only 2 maps, Salomon Island and Big Race

  39. If it’s painful for you to talk, then you shouldn’t be doing this. Get
    better first and THEN do YouTube.

  40. Awch, nasty stuff mate. Hope you get better. Now as for my next comment,
    I’m not taking into account your skill as a player, in taking two average
    joes vs each other. And I would say the mikasa should beat the smith. With
    its speed and size with crap accuracy in its main guns, it seems to be a
    destroyer magnet. Which is fine! Because it secondaries make it a destroyer
    killer easily. I’ve watched too many destroyers think they can get an easy
    kill with it and then get sunk one after the other, if the mikasa captain
    knows the wasd hack. But then if you do out your skill into account I
    suppose you would win over an average joe in a mikasa.

  41. Good God man, what are you doing?? Get some rest, this fodder can wait a
    day or three. We YT potatoes can wait for our guru of the gaming high seas
    to get better feeling/cured. Be gone with ye, off to horizontal
    unconsciousness. Doctor and fans orders. You silly sailor you. ;)

  42. I agree with your POV as far as attacks. I can see this ship as a seal
    clubber. If combine with either a Umikaze or Tachibana in a Division, the
    DD effect would be deadly. The Smith would cover the Japanese division
    mates during attacks. I have found that the single torpedoes are driving
    players crazy looking for the other torps.

    You are correct on the Smith’s weakness, but as a harasser this ship stands
    out. It is a cheap ship to purchase and to use for advancing USA DD
    commanders skills. I don’t expect to be a Minekaze, however it does promote
    teamwork if the ship is used properly. This is not a YOLO ship.

    BTW, I do enjoy your videos as a training aide. I am sorry to hear of your
    illness and do wish you get well soon. Victory!

  43. I hope you feel better soon man, but how did you got that think? is it just
    a random desease?

  44. Get better soon chase <3

  45. Get some rest buddy…get well soon

  46. You’re wrong about this one Chase, Smith is great only as a torpedo spammer
    from cover, with 11 seconds reload an wide TT arcs you can lock-down a
    corner or choke-point just by camping in smoke and firing torps over and
    over. Her guns are sub-par and she’s too slow to use standard US DD
    Also I fail to see the point of training a new captain, it’s a premium
    ship, you can use a trained captain from any other US ship you have. A tier
    II ship is not an efficient trainer or credits maker, you play it just for
    fun, so why not use your best DD captain to boost her performance as much
    as possible?

  47. Get better soon Chase!

  48. Also, get well soon! :)

  49. 10 sec torp reload?
    “Hey Joe! Pick up another torpedo and hurl it overboard!”

  50. Joeseph Hunnicutt

    thanks for the review

  51. James Castleberry

    I purchased her for another 200% xp/Captain training. I found she works
    best if you follow your CA/BBs. So when the enemy engages (Detected!) he
    only sees them and doesn’t know I (DD) am hiding among them.

  52. Those guns look great for Tier II… i just don’t know if i should use
    narrow or wide spread

  53. Most premiums are quirky in some way, the Atlanta being one of the better
    examples. Some ships are “expert player” ships, such as the Tachibana and

    I think the Smith is a perfectly capable tier II DD and the torpedo reload
    rate more than makes up for the low damage. I only took mine out twice now,
    but both times I was able to be effective.

  54. I was in a New Orleans and saw a Smith in division with an Iowa. was an
    interesting game. he actually finished top on the team with base XP, having
    sunk an Izumo and burned down an Amagi. glad that he was on my team :P

  55. You didn’t mention the Torps can fire in almost 360 degrees.

  56. Smith is a rabid weasel that scratches ship’s faces and then runs away when
    shot at.

  57. I bought the Smith with gems when that was a thing in a special event, and
    I’m having fun in it. But I guess I’m not sorry for not spending actual
    cash on it. ;)

  58. Feel better and thanks for taking the time to make the video.

  59. oh wow that arc is bad, ichase try using AP under 3km when the arc flattens
    out enough for you to hit their belt armor excluding bbs and angled st

  60. Instead of handing out the anniversary ship they decided to list it for
    $6.99. What a joke of a 1 year anniversary.

  61. I play my USN DDs like that 😀 So am I doing it right ?

  62. chase would be nice if you showed the ship a little as well

  63. Hope you get better soon Chase o7

  64. Why isn’t this ship free…

  65. Get better soon

  66. “With the Smith I actually managed to single handedly gun down and torpedo
    down a Mikasa…”

    And then iChase proceeded and stole candy from a baby!


    Get well soon, Chase!

  67. It was $7 bucks…………………easy on the wallet. Why not?

  68. Thanks for toughing it out for the review, Chase. Hope you’re well soon.

    So basically Smith is more or less a USN version of the Tachibana, which I
    already got for free. I would say they probably should have had a similar
    event with this ship but they just gave us the Mikasa for free so I’m not
    complaining. Wouldn’t mind having it though I’m going to pass all the same.
    Got enough Tier 2s for the occasion low tier wackiness.

  69. oh yea, this thing, i was going to get it in the grand naval battles
    thingie with diamonds, i got the tachibana and some flags n shit, few days
    later the tachibana is in the tech tree and i wasted all my diamonds on a
    ship that i could have gotten for a few pieces of gold, thanks wargaming

  70. A deadly combo is an Atlanta and a Flint together….although my Kamikaze
    Rs 7km torps were able to kill them xD

  71. Sorry to hear that you’re ill, Chase. Get well soon. 🙁

    Also…er…yeah. Someone at Wargaming thought a tier 2 premium DD that, as
    far as I know, is completely uninteresting, is a good idea. And it’s a US
    DD at that, a ship class that is already quite complete. They put resources
    into this rather than countless other ships that would attract more sales.

    If they want to give us a joke ship, give us Surcouf or something.
    Something vaguely interesting. Or the Yorktown and Enterprise. -_-

  72. Hey chase, what are the premium ships that you think are worth buying?

  73. How to do not play Smith. Dont run into island. :)

  74. Feel better thanks for the review

  75. Thanks for the review even though you feel like shit!

  76. Get well soon chase, also will you be doing a lo yang review?

  77. Feel better

  78. Get well soon Chase! Drink hot tea with organic honey please!

  79. Hope you get better quickly Chase!!!

  80. Αρης Γαβριελατος

    somebody has to bring this to a T10 match

  81. What’s the best premium to buy for epic/fail/funny moments? I think about
    buying Tirpitz for it, because maybe I can get some good brawling gameplay.
    But Atago is a better Myoko, so I will love it. And Atlanta can be a lot of
    fun as well, after you know how to play it. So what do you think?

  82. Sad that you’re ill, hope you get well soon. FYI the ship (USS SMITH) was
    available for free as a part of the Grand Navel Battle Event in EU.

  83. Sorry for you dude. Know how it feels to be super sick like that an it’s
    never fun. Hope you get better quickly.

  84. Cyber Cyclist (Yugumo 夕雲)

    chase play some outdoor spots! =)

  85. smithy boy

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