World of Warships Smoke Guide – 0.6.12 Smoke Changes

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Smoke mechanics as we know them have gone under a massive overhaul. Gone are the days where you can hide in smoke, firing with mere impunity, only fearing an occasional radar or hydro blast. Now ships have individual concealment specs when firing from smoke. These are highly dependent by caliber and base concealment. The bottom line is, if you are a BB, don’t think you’ll be able to hide in smoke and fire at ships 8 km away any more. Those days are over.

This guide give you all the info you need to know about the new smoke mechanics. Watch it and learn it. This info will help keep you afloat.


  1. Bismarck with 152mm secondaries firing is completely hidden (2km), but Atlanta firing 127mm mains have 4,6km? where is the logic in this?

  2. Thank you, I may very well have to watch this one again before I play later today.

  3. Take a shot every time he says smoke. ?

  4. Ah another DD nerf I see. Good thing warthunder ships come out soon

  5. So in other words to hell with their bragging rights about realism, now the game is just another fucking arcade game with just a toe in reality!

  6. Here is what happens now, two or more ships with smoke and torpedoes will sit in smoke near continuously and fire torps at all bb firing within range. Because now they can see you without a spotter outside of the smoke.

  7. Anyone notice that the chalk drawing of the DD looks like Bender and Fry?

  8. Another good one, Zoup. The animations really helped to clear things up.

  9. Thanks for the lucid explanation. Good job on visualizing the idea, zoup 😀

  10. I like the change but Note: if you fire then pop smoke you are still detected, which really makes very little sense…. on a side note this feels like a minor buff to BBs, who have the armour.and health pool to survive rather than cruisers who do not, and need concealment to survive.

  11. Well I guess thats me then, time for a new game. WG took one minor problem that everyone understood the mechanics of and replaced it with a bunch of new problems that most people wont even understand.

  12. playing yesterday after the patch I notice no difference with my game play lol ( Mid range battling ) only when in my BB… I was spotted as I went through some smoke and then only when I fired 🙂 so to me if you Play the game properly and the objectives be mini map aware I can’t see any problem 🙂 and my friend went out in his Belfast and MK and did just as usual over 150 K damage etc and lived in all the battles he had in those ships .
    Fair seas and good luck captains 🙂

  13. based on gun caliber atago has 6.7km in smoke 203 mm kutuzov has 7.7km with 152mm

  14. The changes are not better for the game teh changes are better for ships that dont require smoke to survive and nerf units that ARE one shoted especally when caught siting still …. The changes are for one reason only in the game. To make WGs try for competitiv crapgame esport try not a season of siting in clouds that is worse than seeing wallpaint dry. For that reason they make all random game player suffer.

  15. If you shoot outside of the smoke and you enter a smoke, I found it totally illogical that you are still detected for 20 seconds

  16. To be honest (and in my own opinion) this change is not a big change, why? main smoke campers (DDs and Cruisers) are still unaffected by this change, when a ship uses her smoke is at her max gun range or close to it, so you can still use the smoke as a offensive instrument instead a conceal item.

  17. another massive buff to battleships and a huge nerf to DDs and Cruisers that wargaming intentionally made reliant on the smoke mechanics

  18. As usual WG took the simplest route, all or nothing principle, as before it is plain stupid to implement it in such way that if an enemy dd spots your cruiser at 5 km his team BB who is at 17 km from you sees you also and can one shot you. Normal would be that only the ship which is that close to you to see you not the entire enemy team. And of course the gun caliber on different ships is also another whole topic, secondaries on some BB’S are bigger than normal cruiser guns and so on. WG should think to compensate also all who made through the grind of RN line, bought their camo’s for doubloons, or make the RN line tankier. They will probably check how many sold their Kutuzov’s and Belfast’s, and when the number of remaining owners is low enough, they buff back the smoke somehow. Like this you thin the herd of Belfast and Kutuzov, thus the chance of meeting such ship in randoms.

  19. So, smoke is just to hide and not fire…

  20. Better for the game my ass, i bet WarGaming paid him to make this shit

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