World of Warships: Smolensk – 666666

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My 6666th battle. The ship choice is obvious – Smolensk.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Soviet light Smolensk on the map Shards.


  1. What’s the mod for the extra ports? Is it part of the Aslain’s pack?
    I’d like to see the Haven port for myself 😉

  2. This is the real SIN

  3. Satanic devision

  4. Kompat Ekkawinsakul

    “He definitely radar before I die” – Aerroon 2020 🤔

  5. Amazing that you developed so much skill with under 7K games. I always imagined you as like Quickybaby and his 56K+ games. Nice to see you still have fun with it all too 🙂

    • Well, to be fair, I played over 2500 games in closed beta that’s not shown. I’ve played >1000 ranked games. I’ve probably played >1000 test ship games too. Then add on another several hundred to a thousand on other accounts that I’ve played. Soo that number is easily much higher. What I was surprised by is that I managed to get all T10s unlocked in ~5000 games + 800ish ranked.

  6. Grats for reaching 6666 matches. A shame that that Hayashio guy still is better than you… /s

  7. Did you even took a shower after this game

  8. Honestly I hate the cruiser when it’s on the enemy team. No wonder players hate its fast fire rate!

  9. Funny no one said ” Smolensk” the whole game

  10. here is proof Smolensk is pure evil

  11. Wohooo! and awesome figure of matches.

  12. Is it worth to buy Smolensk even after IFHE and armor rework?

  13. Shell speed is unreal for those small Caliber. give it Atlanta guns drag to Balance the ship

  14. sails off to the map border and is surprised his team doesn’t help him. lmao

  15. Is that a mod or a setting to get the calm water? Thanks

  16. Having 26k battles on randoms – I don’t even remember when I had my 6666th battle tbh 😂

  17. Concealment on a gunboat – buahahahahahaha. How crappy choice it is.

  18. Im shocked about the fact that you have friends

  19. To make Smolensk more balanced, they should give it these items Radar + Torpedo Reload booster + Guns Reload Booster + Speed Booster + Defensive AA + Moving Smoke + Fighter + Spotting Aircraft + Conqueror Heal.

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