World of Warships- Smolensk and Puerto Rico, A Tale of Two Ships

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Today I discuss the Puerto Rico calamity and World of Warship’s other most hated ship, Smolensk, and some similarities and differences between the response from the community.

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  1. Basically they’re opposite sides of the same coin at this point.

    One is a cancer ship but doesn’t mean anything beyond the game.

    The other is a mediocre ship that is cancer IRL.

    Which is to say they’re both awful for similar though not the same reasons.

  2. That are now Doubling down. Legendary Modules are now being added to the Research Bureau. How is that going to help new players?

    • PickelJars ForHillary

      It makes them grind 5 tier 10s before they can get the same modules that veteran players have have for years now.
      WG Logic at it’s finest.

    • This Is there way of saying Happy Hollidays from World of Warships and were not thru with you yet …..

  3. Well to be fair , everyone right now is being blind sided by hated over the event. all in all very bad event but don’t blame the ship. Both dockyard and the ship deserves some love guys . but i support whole heartily on the hate for this event.

  4. One ship costs like aaa title or more. This is what is wrong with the whole concept of premium ships.

  5. When I get mine, I don’t think that I’ll be playing it much. Until all this dies down.

  6. People hate you because they’re jealous of how you manage to buy a $200-$300 ship

    • The Sherlock people are hating on you because you are directly supporting predatory business practices and making it more likely to have more of this bs in the future.

    • loll…spending 2-300$ in this game is not that much, if you do constantly spend on camo etc, but spending 2-300$ on a ship like this is purely fueling WG stupidity

  7. putting the image where CM is saying that it returns the doubloons of Puerto Rico.
    and on the day the port returns to stage 1 and the gold appears

  8. “Ill have a break”.
    A wild NTC 2.0 appears !

  9. PickelJars ForHillary

    You love the Smolensk.
    [Slowly draws Nagant revolver and faces it to your temple]
    Dont you, comrade.

  10. Smolensk isn’t a good ship in ranked because ships with radar has more of a impact on games.

  11. They hate you for supporting WG ideas with the grind, like everyone would hate someone who said that Hitler was good. They hate the leader, and their supporters. If you buy it, you support them, they don’t care if is for doing a review

  12. Atlanta and Helena can throw out HE at lower tiers too.
    Is the big uproar over Smolensk because it is Tier 10 ships getting set on fire instead of a Tier 6 or 7 ship?
    I have been burned by Tier 9 and 10 HE spammers many times before Smolensk arrived.
    Does Zao, Worcester, Saint Louis and Minotaur not ring a bell?
    I don’t run away screaming when I have a Belfast shooting at me while in my Scharnhorst.
    I don’t just throw my hands up when I am taking fire from a Giulio Cesare.
    Adapt to the ship being in the game and go after it’s weaknesses just like every other ship.
    Lots of people thought Jean Bart was too much until they figured out how to counter it.
    Smolensk is only this monster from hell if you are afraid of it.

  13. I’m done spending any money on a Wargaming product.

  14. You can’t tell people what to feel or how to feel it, that makes you toxic.

  15. maybe they made the grind for the PR so hard , to distract from the unbalanced smolenks

  16. In the end, I cannot justify $200 for pixels on a screen that resemble a ship, that I am authorized to play while on WoWs. I can justify playing the game..getting a few coal each day and eventually, I will have enough to earn a fire breathing dragon that opposing players dislike. I still have no legendary modules after over 8K games within the game. I just enjoy mid tiers over high tiers and don’t feel I am missing out on anything special. Hell, I would even be okay with the PR grind if it were like the campaigns..just a little bit at a time and eventually..I can get there.

  17. Smolensk is getting nerfed a bit.

  18. i was pretty excited about this, honestly i was so bummed when i found out i almost couldnt bring myself to play it. But my dumbass used my acculated dabloons already to get two of the boosters. Waste of free dabloons i guess…. dont even want this damn ship anymore. But ive already grinded so much i dont really want the refund either…. FML

    • I did the same. And it made the grind a lot easier. Still going to get it and let it rust in my docks until everybody gets pissed off about the next thing. Which will probably be next week

    • @Mark Turnbull its going to be tough to convince myself to ever take it out and play it when its literally a worse ship in every metric than any other T10 american ship.

      I wasted 14k dabloons on a fancy wallpaper whenever i go afk

  19. Way I see, Wargaming is like a bully kicking someone who is on ground, and people who bought PR are people who are giving WG money to do so.

  20. That Puerto Rico’s shots look like a knuckle ball headed towards home plate.

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